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Soul Life Perspectives

Soul Life's holistic approach to psychotherapy

Dysfunctional characteristic

Types of fallacious thinking




Healthy family characteristics

Faith and ideals and their challenge

Education -- the need for change

Transcendence or transformation?

Eastern and Western psychology compared

Channeled teachings


Transpersonal psychology in a cosmological context

Transpersonal assumptions

The path of the heart

Varieties of spiritual experience

Some spiritual methods

Contemplative reading


Mindfulness assumptions

Meta mindfulness

The creative mind

Requirements for spiritual advancement

Self realization

The impending planetary crises

Civilization changes

Evil in the world

The ego’s violent culture

A spiritual rationale for socialism

An argument against secularism

Science and eschatology

UFO’s and ET’s

Reflections on the events of our times

Problems with conservative Christianity

The Sacred Heart

Jesus is now here

From mind to Heart

Quadripartite humanity

The path to union with the soul

Phases of the new Wisdom

The Sixth Ray and Synthesis

The nature of Self consciousness

Glossary of terms

The Great Invocation

Free downloads of PDF ebooks

Essays in Spiritual Psychology

Reflections on the World

Esoteric Reflections: A Group Consciousness

Christ Self Reflections: An Ongoing Communion

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Christ Self Reflections II: The Emerging Divine World

Christ Self Reflections III:  The Divine Self