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Quandripartite Humanity

Despite the obvious problems in the world, the crises, the suffering and the threats of greater calamity, there is a greater awareness than ever before by many that we have no choice but to solve the problems of our civilization if humanity is to survive. It is that critical. And many people are devoting their lives to propose the solutions, educate the public and make the changes needed in our beliefs, values, laws, policies and institutions. These people realize that we cannot wait for someone to save us — we must save ourselves as our problems are self created. Many of the issues stem from the fact that we have an outdated global political and economic system that is based on the rule and exploitation of the few over the many. This is a system that sustains itself by violence and by institutions like the capitalistic banking and financial structure that legitimize predatory exploitation and imposed inequality and division. The solutions are already apparent and just need to be embraced by the general public so that they might regain control over the system from the global cabal who are desperate to maintain their power and privilege. The world servers from every country can be recognized by their concern for the general good, for the sustainability of the Earth and the One humanity, who are equal in their rights and value. These world servers are spiritual agents of light and love whether or not they have any religious affiliations. 

This spiritual energy, light and love infusing the planet now provide a test that some will not pass. As has been prophesied, the Earth is in the midst of an epochal change and is in process of being transformed to a more spiritual level. Those who remain identified with materialism, violence, hate and service to self over the general good, will not be able to continue to incarnate on this planet. They will be transferred to a world(s) appropriate to their level of development. They will no longer be able to impede the evolution of Earth. This includes many of those powerful and rich now, who care only for themselves and in their false entitlement and selfishness turn a deaf ear to the cries of their fellow man. Those who are happy to enrich themselves at the expense of others and who are only too happy to use any means to do so will not be able to be part of a New Millennium that will be based on Love and sharing. 

The third group that will become of increasing size and importance as time progresses are those human beings who are willing and able to accept their Christhood. This entails the Fifth Kingdom of souls, consciously manifesting on Earth. This group will not will not work to reform or change the world, but rather to bring a New Reality, Consciousness and Life. They will express, demonstrate and live life in the Oneness of Christ, fulfilling the Plan of God/Logos for the evolution of the Earth. This group will not be the spiritual personalities of the first group, but will be exponents of the being of the one Soul of humanity. They will not be preparing the way but will demonstrate the Way. They will not be concerned with the mental world of the civilization of the past, but will bring forth from the One Heart the knowing that will create the New Age. Each will have a direct connection with Christ that will allow them to know, speak and act as an expression of Christ. This is the Second Coming. It is happening now through us, not to us. 

And of course there is average humanity, sound in heart but struggling and confused in the turmoil of the present day. As the lines of choice become clearer and more compelling, humanity will choose the good, the truth and the beauty which beckons and holds the promise of a sustainable world where all can be happy and fulfilled.