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Some Sources in the New Dispensation

of Revealed Teaching



H. P. Blavatsky, A. Besant, C. Leadbeater, et al

        Theosophical Society, (TS online Library)


Francia A. La Due

        Teachings of the Temple


Helena Roerich

        Agni Yoga


Alice A. Bailey

        Lucis Trust and the Arcane School


Lucile Cedercrans

        The Wisdom


Geoffrey Hodson

        Collected works


Eva Pierrakos



Eileen Caddy, Dorothy Maclean, David Spangler, R.O. Crombie



Helen Schucman

        A Course in Miracles


Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer

        Orin & DaBen


Neale Walsch

        Conversations with God


Gina Lake

        Radical Happiness





Bruce Lyon

        Shamballa School


Mari Perron

        A Course of Love