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Poetry and Short Story

On the Road Poems

Once we step upon the open road, our life will never be the same, for that road ever leads on, away from the known and into the unknown and the new.

Poems of Love

Love, the greatest force in the universe and the consciousness within all life, ever leads us beyond ourselves and into wider vistas of life, joy and experience.

A New Time

A new energy and consciousness infused the planet and many awoke and began to live and build a new spiritual and holistic planetary culture.  The 'counter culture'  is all about love and liberation and a new way of being in Oneness. 

On the Threshold

Something cosmic is breaking through the historical, linear and separative human Weltanschauung - a Light is breaking through the walls of our minds revealing a wondrous expanse of Beauty and a larger Life.

The Pregnant Silence

In the silence and stillness of the Now, the soul reveals itself. 

A New Day

Now after a long night, a New Day begins in Peace

The Garden Sanctuary

Nothing but simple Divine Life

Some Stories and Legends of Other Worlds

The Universe contains many worlds - ours is but one of many realities.

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