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Stories and Legends of Other Worlds

The Story of the Dreaming Stone

Once upon a time, an old man and his wife sat, as usual on a winter eve, by the fire together. The old man thought to himself, while this is nice, I'm sure that the fairy, who lives under the roof, could take me on a wonderful voyage, if I asked her. So as he knew she could read his thoughts he called to her and said, 'beautiful fairy, I know you have magic powers, can you take me to Shangri-La tonight?, I wouldn't need to stay long'. The fairy said she would do as he asked, on the condition that when he returned, he would forget he had been, as otherwise he could not bear to be away from it. 

The old man agreed, as he had no choice, and no more than a moment later he somehow found himself strolling through the scented arbors, glades and courtyards of that timeless and fabled place. Everything was sheer perfection and beauty and yet so natural, one felt immediately as if one had returned to one's original home, so familiar, welcoming and warm it felt. The architecture was classic and ageless, harmonious and at one and interwoven with flowering nature. Everyone was likewise dressed elegantly yet simply, and were, without exception, happy, relaxed and friendly. Greetings and hospitality were offered as if he were an old friend. The food and drink were so delicious and tasty, yet very simple and wholesome. Never had the old man been treated with such kindness as a special guest and beloved friend. 

The old man was awed and asked them about Shangrli-La, 'How do you live here? Who rules you?' for the seeming absence of the usual problems of life perplexed him alongside the magic of the place. The people were very happy to explain that their Supernal King created this land that they might also learn to create beauty, express love and foster life. And they were not alone, but one of countless but different lands, worlds and cities where people explored the infinite bounty of life and created wonders beyond imagination, in cooperation. They knew somehow, that he was from earth, and he could feel their compassion. 'Your Earth too will be reborn like we are, and you will awaken to a new and better world, like ours.' He wanted to believe it, but Shangri-La was so different from the Earth he knew.

He wasn't sure how long he had been there, but knew the fairy would be coming soon to take him back. He remembered her conditions but wanting to find a way to remember somehow, picked up a beautiful crystal that caught his eye and put it in his pocket. As the old man sat by the fire with his wife, he felt something in his pocket. 'What can this be he thought as he pulled out a wondrous gem, and gazed at it. 'Where did you get that?' his wife said. 'I don't remember picking it up' he said, 'but look how the light shimmers in it!' Later they would call this the dreaming stone, for gazing on it somehow brought on imaginations of beautiful timeless places just beyond remembering. O, the old man thought, if only there could be places like in our dreams.

A Story of Inner Earth.

As I spent some years traveling around the world, when I was younger and eager for adventure I often heard of legends and tales of hidden passageways that would take one to other worlds, even here on earth. Naturally this is mysterious and perplexing as our scientists tell us that this couldn't be. However as science is continuously being surprised with new and astounding discoveries, and these legends have persisted in varying places, I should like to believe there is something to them. In fact, I met one man who assured me that these passageways exist, and that he had even entered one in the Mato Grosso region in South America. There, among the native peoples, such stories are widely believed. These are also known to exist in Tibet.

Around Mt Shasta in California there are also tales of secret passageways into the earth and of the strange people who appear mysteriously from these. It was there that I spent some weeks, hiking in the woods around the mountain, several years ago looking for one of the hidden doors. I was told that these are places where the veils separating the dimensions are 'thinner', and through which one may pass if the conditions are right, to an inner dimension of reality. It might be considered a Lewis Carol looking glass in nature. Of course it helps to believe in the possibility of such things, like a dream world that has its own reality. Or like the realm of fairies, gnomes, and fawns which exist in their own dimension of life, although we can't usually see them. 

Anyway, there are some methods that one can use to put oneself in sync with these vibrations, so that one may intuit where these doors may be. I tried various meditations and rituals and had about given up when I noticed a shadow between some trees that felt different and made me feel a little unsettled. I had been looking for caves and crevices on the mountainside, so I wasn't prepared for this vibrational aberration. However I walked up to it and then through, for it was, indeed, a doorway. Immediately I felt like I was on the inside of life, as compared to our usual experience of being on the outside, and only aware of the outer forms of things. And now, being in a different sphere of life, the landscape was altered, and felt more alive, malleable and sentient. I could see a passageway, too, that I hadn't seen before, leading straight into the mountainside. 

As I am contemplating the newly revealed passageway and before I have a chance to enter it a man comes up to me from within. His expression and manner are friendly, but his attire is unusual - a cross between something futuristic and Middle Eastern. He introduced himself as Sevos, who is an inhabitant of the domain I had entered and he says he was expecting me. He said that I was not permitted to venture further, but that he would confirm the existence of the peoples and worlds within the Earth, that have existed there for ages. They did, in fact, live in a different dimension of being, that totally gives them a different experience of reality to humanity on the surface of the planet. Because of this, they have regular interactions with various Galactic people's, who are as yet only furtively seen in their UFO's on outer Earth. 

We must have talked for an hour, when he said he must go and escorted me back to the entrance. I had hardly time to thank him when, before I knew it, I found myself alone in the midst of the trees, in the late afternoon dusk. It was a bit like waking from a dream. However, as the sun had sunk below the mountain, I decided that I needed to get back to my camp. The following day I returned to the same place, and repeated the ritual that had seemed to cause the doorway to appear, but it never did. I finally went back to town and on my way with the belief that I had been granted a special experience by some power beyond my control, so that I might keep the legend of the secret passageways to the kingdoms of inner Earth alive.

I'm sharing this tale, like the previous one, with the belief that there are parallel universes and realities that exist on another dimensions of reality that we can use our imagination to connect to, to a degree. By extending a line of light in our imagination, we have a path and a connection. As we believe it, like a child's belief in Santa Claus, it becomes real and magic even.  Let's not overlook imagination as an important tool to bridge the gap. 

The Legend of Shamballa and the King

In the East, since antiquity, there exist many legends and myths that live in the psyche of the people and of which we have little awareness. In recent years, however, researchers and writers who have spent time amongst the peoples of Asia have begun to tell us about some of these. One of the most important is the Legend of Shamballa and of the King or Being Who presides there, for He is no mortal but a living Eternal Being. 

In our Judeo-Christian culture, we believe in God the Father, and He is portrayed by artists uniformly as an old man with a long white beard, who symbolizes this conception. As we have not met Him, this presentation makes sense. However, in the East, the Sages and Yogis who have realized their psychic powers, have been able to transport themselves with angelic help, to the Father's Kingdom, which they call Shamballa. There they have met Him Who Jesus referred to but Who actually looks quite different than we imagine.

He is called the Eternal Youth or Sanat Kumera and appears as a golden haired young man of about 18, but Who is an eternal Being radiating a power and glory that are otherworldly. In his blue eyes one can see into infinite space. In His Presence, with the heavenly strains of the music of the spheres, one is in an eternal and timeless realm where everything is perfect, beautiful and good. In the wondrous city where he resides, called Shamballa, are other spiritual beings, angels and celestial visitors from other realms. The Buddha is now there. Humans may visit only briefly, under special chaperoning as the vibrations are too powerful to long endure.

Shamballa, although otherworldly and like a dream, is in fact very real, and the King and the spiritual Beings Who preside there are the inner Life and directing Forces behind everything happening on the interpenetrating worlds which comprise Earth. He is the Creator and everything, little as we realize it, is spun out of His Mind as a Divine Dream made real. His Spirit permeates all, as a timeless song dreamed to life that we are living in for only good. This place Shamballa is the living eternal essence of life, and as such is more real than anything on outer earth, which is a transient imagining of life by comparison.

As to where Shamballa exists, scientists are only now beginning to realize that most of the universe is composed of 'dark' energy which is of such high vibration that we cannot see it by any means. We only notice it by its effects on matter that we can empirically observe. This 'dark' energy not only exists within the black holes that we now know are in the center of every galaxy, but this also is contained within the earth, as a dimension of life, that is as real as our physical dimension is, even more so. 

So within the inner worlds or spheres that comprise the living Earth in its entirety, is the place of highest vibration, and the place where our God resides called Shamballa in the East. And He has established His capital city, so to speak, as a physical etheric place so that He may determine that His Will will be fulfilled in the worlds He has created. He has vowed to stay with us until the end of time and His work is complete. This Legend is becoming more widely known now, as soon the Earth will be raised to a higher vibration, and it will be easier to imagine and sense the spiritual worlds that now are invisible to us. 

A Visit to Heaven

People say that no one ever returns to tell us what heaven is really like, but actually this isn't true. The experience called a 'near death experience' has been noted in the past in various cultures, but today, whether because of the internet or for some other reason, more testimony is accumulating that many people have had a very uniform experience of heaven - even those who are or were atheists. Scientists and doctors corroborate that such experiences are associated with one's actual clinical death. Then, somehow the person returns to life, and relates their story of what happened to them while they were 'dead'. If this just occurred to a few people, it might be easy to pass it off as some perplexing and not yet understood latent neurochemical activity,  but the consistent stories many people tell of their life changing experiences in heaven, have the weight of reliable evidence that something more is occurring. And that people of religious faith who believe in life after death, have that faith for good reason. 

Each story begins with the person's testimony of their often untimely death, which may be from various circumstances. The person may or may not then have an 'out of body' experience of their leaving their physical body and seeing it beneath them along with their death scene. They may then meet other departed ones who escort them through a tunnel like transition to heaven or they may just travel though this alone. However, on the other side, in heaven, they definitely meet guides and beloved departed who greet them lovingly and help them to understand what has happened to them. They may then have more experiences in heaven that are convincing of the fact that it is indeed a real world - a place with its own laws and reality - although different in some respects from earth. 

Heaven, as described, is a beautiful natural world with grass, flowers, trees, birds, animals, water, buildings and a sun above, yet is also different in some respects to earth we know. Everything just feels more loving, peaceful, beautiful and harmonious. There is nothing discordant, ugly or troublesome. There are people going about their lives, who may be dressed in various attire, but everyone is at ease, friendly and happy. People who have had near death experiences have described different aspects of life in heaven, as we might if different people all visited the same country yet had unique experiences. There are places of healing, relaxation, and learning and homes where people live. People there go about their lives as we might, if we did only what brought us joy and satisfaction. There are some different technologies, but on the whole everything seems simpler and more natural. Eating is optional - one can continue to eat and drink, if one likes - but of course, one doesn't have to or worry about getting sick or dying - one is already 'dead' so to speak. Clothing is also ones choice. One can continue wearing the types of clothes one wore on earth, but usually after a while people prefer simpler heavenly robes in various colors. Transportation is easy. One can walk, of course, but for going longer distances, one just thinks of the place one wants to go and one is automatically transported there.

When first arrived in heaven one may be in shock and recovering from earthly trauma or illness, so often one stays at a healing center, where one is gradually nursed back to radiant health. One finds that people typically get younger as well, if one died when old, as if one has a soul age that somehow exactly personifies them and that they then automatically grow to. One technology used for those who first arrive allows the person to review his entire life and not only read his thoughts and emotions, but to witness the effects that he had on others. It can be difficult to realize how thoughtless, selfish and hurtful we have behaved at times. However, there is no blame, everything is for learning for the greater good in an atmosphere of compassion. We understand that human life is about growth toward goodness. We also realize that heaven is more familiar than we thought it would be because we have all been here before as we have all lived on earth in many lives.

We become aware that there are those more spiritually advanced and less advanced in heaven as well. However, in heaven there is an an ongoing connection with the teachers of humanity, and those individuals that each religion has looked up to for being exemplars and leaders. There is an understanding too, that there is a hierarchy of worlds and dimensions, and that there are those spheres beyond the earthly heaven from which the more spiritually evolved may come and go. Everything is ordered, just, balanced and harmonious. The cosmos is much more multi-various than we realize on earth.

Eventually those having a temporary experience of heaven realize that it is not their time yet to stay there and that they have unfinished work left for them on outer earth. This may be some responsibility or learning that is unfinished or some important duty central to their life purpose on earth. People invariably learn that our life on earth has is purposes although while alive we may not fully realize what these are. Indeed we often think matters important that in heaven have little merit, while some passing interactions with our fellow humans, family or friends become more significant from a heavenly perspective. Just learning to be kind or forgiving can be the most important thing we can accomplish in life from a heavenly point of view. This perspective is eye opening, for everyone has skewed priorities on earth with the materialistic culture we live in there. At any rate, a conscious trip to heaven offers many gifts that can be life changing to one that returns to life on outer earth.

I Meet a Man from the Future

Sometimes really unexpected things happen. One morning, for no reason that I can determine, I awakened to see a man in radiant shinning blue standing at the foot of my bed looking at me. I immediately determined that I was actually awake and not dreaming. And that by his vibrations he was not from earth, although he looked human except for his extraordinary presentation. I noticed that I was also not afraid at this wondrous sight, but was more dumbfounded and curious than anything.

Before I had the presence of mind to ask him who he was or what he wanted he immediately started talking to me as if his visit was deliberate. He said he was from 'the future' and was proceeded to tell me about it. All I could do was sit open mouthed and stare as he described the future as a world quite different from the earth of today. To begin with, the future was without the many negative conditions which have characterized human civilization - there is no want, fear, violence, disease, or suffering. 

He said that in the future the laws which govern life are enlightened and divine. The world in the future is no longer separate from the rest of enlightened worlds in the cosmos - the veils of separation are gone that have hindered our sight and we will know that we reside in a living cosmos. In the future human life is dedicated to the fulfillment of its creative potential, to joy, beauty, love and truth. The natural world will be just as real only also more healthy and harmonious and without the pestilence, extremes of weather or natural disasters that we now experience. 

One fact that impressed me was that, by what he said, the future was somehow existing now in another dimension or time. He seemed to read my thoughts and told me that, yes, in the Mind of the Divine Creator, Who creates only perfection, what we will become has already been created, so that outer life is merely the unfolding of a vision of life already preordained. This truth seemed to be the essence of his message to me and the implication that humanity could choose to align with the Divine Will to move joyously toward this blessed future or continue to resist and suffer. 

Once I realized this, he immediately said farewell and vanished and I have never seen or heard from him again. 

Once upon a time: 

In an age long ago, the world had come to a sad and dreary place. It was a time when people placed great emphasis on their minds and created all sorts of invention, but this mind was as a prison that had few open doors into joyous and free life. The body was everything, appearance, wealth, fame, power and comfort defined the values and goals. Sickness was an anathema, yet the people were sick and couldn't escape their fate of illness and death though they pretended to be young and carefree.

The wall around this world was so thick, that little spiritual light could penetrate. Of course people still knew some of the old myths and religious notions, but these had become like a child's fairy tales, and totally divorced from their everyday life, except as empty rituals to most. The dark ones ruled the world, slyly keeping the people in fear, dissimulating doubt, distracting with specious entertainments, denying any higher truth, and maintaining control through their stewards who were rewarded with wealth and status. 

Finally God had enough. An earlier flood had cleansed the world, but the dark ones had regained control. Now the structure of the world would be changed, so it would no longer be possible to deny the spheres of light and love. He knew His people were suffering despite all appearances, for He could hear their silent cries. His angels knew this moment was coming for they knew God's Mind and the glorious destiny that was planned for this world, that would not be gainsaid. 

Messages were given out from the spirit world to all who would hear - prepare yourselves for the change that is coming! The world will be transformed and all who cannot love will be removed so they can no longer hinder life. Light will break through the walls of your minds and love will awaken your hearts. You must change your world to one which shares and honors the one divine life in all. Fear, want, ignorance and violence must be banished. The Brotherhood of Light will once more emerge and guide humanity back to God's destiny. The Earth will once more become a garden and a place of beauty.

Then a miracle occurred such as in the books of old and God's Face was seen in the sky. His Angels appeared and a great sound. As if the sky opened up and Heaven could be seen, a revelation transformed the world and everything that had been thought possible or real was changed in an instant. People suddenly realized that they had been living in a dream world of illusion, for now they could directly experience a higher reality. A new light broke on the world, revealing the larger cosmos that Earth was part of, and the many worlds and civilizations that occupied it. 

When dazed mankind finally came to their senses it was as if they were awakening from the dreams of a long and troubled sleep. This new light was a daylight to the darkness they had been living in. The Saints, Masters and Angels were like one's parents gently assuring that one's nightmare was just a dream that is over, and that one is now safe and the world good. Now it's time to get up and run free in joyous nature, to greet one another in love, to play and give thanks for the beautiful world and day God has given us.

This 'once upon a time' is now, of course. We are living in God's dream of separation and birth. It's a timeless story of good and bad, life and death, sleep and awakening. It has a happy ending, of course, as all true myths do. We may look around at our fellow actors, and congratulate them on their wonderful performances - they really put themselves into their roles as if they really believed it all. It was a great script with countless subplots. The dark ones played their part with a gusto that made the suffering seem so real. Let's all take our bows. No wait, their is yet one more act to play. Perhaps I've let out the secret too soon. Oh well, we can all pretend that we don't know what this is all about. 

The Story of the Magician 

Once upon a time there lived a magician, who was sorely distressed that most people he saw were half asleep and so missing the real wonder of life. He determined to wake them up and although he had magic powers, found this was not so easy.

First he conjured up his magic and produced many miracles to show his power. Then he taught them what they must know to wake up and truly live. The people were awed and wrote his words down, repeated these and glorified him, and even put up shrines to him. But not many actually practiced what he taught or woke up from their somnolent lives. 

He gave up and went to another town to try a different method. He realized that people lived in fear and insecurity so he thought, surely if they were freed of all care and given everything to be happy, they would be free to wake up and truly live. So using his magic powers he manifested for the entire town, a bounty of all the beautiful and worldly necessities anyone could want. At first everyone was ecstatic of course. But over time, although more content, few actually woke up.

The magician mused “How can people wake people up if they don’t realize that they are asleep?” He decided to describe to them a treasure that they would greatly desire but that they could only get if they woke up. So he related to them the legend of the eternal beloved and how this love was the greatest gift that the gods bestowed. As everyone already had some understanding of love, it wasn’t hard to arose them to search for divine love. And awakened to the power of love, many soon awoke. 

And so has God done, by creating the two sexes and the feeling of love which binds them, which has kept man from being content in his separation. He will ever strive for love and completion in the other and by so doing gradually wake up to who he truly is.