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About Soul Life

Soul Life Center online offers an interactive psycho-educational program that: fosters increased understanding and self-awareness; helps resolve problems and blocks; facilitates realization of potential and meaning in one's life. We advocate conscious evolution informed by intrinsic spiritual purpose for both individual and planetary good.

Working on ego

Our programming creates our experience. Understanding this process is essential for self empowerment and integration.

Working on relationship issues

We live in relationship, which offers the opportunity for awareness, growth and fulfillment.

Clarifying one's potential and purposes

We all have untapped potentials and it therefore behooves us to become more aware of all that we may realize and what our heart yearns for.

Self realization

We are more than the separate person we think of ourselves as. Entering the Age of the Soul, new spiritual opportunity presents itself individually and collectively.

Christ Self dialogue blog

From our identity with the One Self, let us share our vision, our desire, our ideas, feelings and intentions and so begin to create the new world.

Soul Life perspectives

Some thoughts related to psychology, spirituality and metaphysics.

Soul Life poetry and story

The voice of the heart can express the soul directly, without didactic analysis. 

Resources and links

We are beginning a new chapter on Earth and new spiritual teaching is manifesting from the spirit world to help humanity navigate this transition.


Email us if you have questions, concerns or related needs.

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