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About Soul Life Center

Welcome to the Soul Life Center website. We hope what we offer will be helpful in taking you further along your path. It's obvious that we live in a time of unprecedented challenges and opportunities for us individually and collectively. It's easy in these circumstances to feel very much alone, powerless, overwhelmed, confused or even depressed. Or exhilarated.

Soul Life Center endeavors to help individuals deepen their understanding of what's happening and get more consciously integrated with the new energies infusing the planet. There is a higher plan for the earth and spiritual agencies guiding evolution that we can cooperate with. We hope that through your work with Soul Life Center you may be helped to consciously realize your inner connection and purpose and the important role you have to play in this creative process.

On the soul level that we are now collectively awakening to, each person has unique qualities and gifts to contribute. Inwardly, we are each already part of a particular soul group that has its own concerns and intentions. On this level we know what we want and what we're here for. Our initial job as personalities is to open and align ourselves to our inner self and to gradually become what we already are, in essence. We don't have to struggle to be what we "think we should be", rather we open and allow something that is already there, to be. Then we assume our place in the evolution and salvation of the planet. We hope, at Soul Life, to facilitate that process. Then joy, love and unity will supersede the separation, fear and confusion we may have heretofore experienced.

Having personally spent a number of years in spiritual pursuits as well as working as psychotherapist in private practice and in the mental health field, it's my intention that Soul Life Center provide a place for the synthesis of psyche and spirit -- where the knowledge of psychology leads to a deeper spiritual realization and where spirituality is grounded and integrated psychologically. "Living the life" that is envisaged by the idealistic or spiritually inclined is made more effective by rigorous psychological examination. Therefore our holistic program allows all aspects of one's life experience to be embraced and integrated leading to more profound realizations and more useful service. That also hopefully makes what we offer valuable to anyone whether or not one has spiritual beliefs or ultimate goals beyond the needs of the moment.

Our basic perspective is that we are living in an exciting time of planetary transformation that affords us the opportunity to come to a more profound realization of ourselves individually and collectively. This entails a consequent convergence between creating a life that manifests one's inner potential and also actively initiating life projects that further the constructive evolution of the planet. Our basic understanding is that we are part of a larger spiritual whole and that we can begin to shift our identity to align with this life and avail ourselves of the intrinsic capacities that herein reside. Soul Life seeks to help individuals move beyond limiting and self destructive ways of thinking and to help foster one's authentic interests and calling. Soul Life seeks, therefore, to help individuals become empowered by their own self, spirit and knowing.

There are four primary areas of focus for individual work in this web site:

Section I. Resolving one's problems, negative patterns and painful experience. As adults, we create our experience based on the core images we hold about ourselves and the world. Frustrating, negative or dysfunctional patterns ultimately derive from false assumptions that do not reflect the deepest truth of one's self or life. These need to be brought to awareness and changed.

Section II. Working on oneself in relationship. Issues or problems that manifest in relationships are effectively explored and resolved in that context. Relationships offer probably the best place for facing, exploring and developing one's self.

Section III. Gaining a clearer and more articulate awareness of one's intrinsic nature, qualities, concerns and purpose. We cannot create a fulfilling life unless we know what we really are and want -- not just what we "think" we want or need.

Section IV. Opening to and shifting into more of a soul identification. This may entail creating and realizing a specific life project that is an expression of one's deepest self. This entails both fulfilling one's individual potential as well as acting for the collective or planetary good. 

Individuals are free to peruse this site, read the articles and to do whatever preliminary self-work they are drawn to, using the worksheets in each section. We suggest that, although the positive creative focus in Sections III. and IV. are more fun than working on the pain and frustration in one's life in Sections I and II., that one's overall development will be limited to the extent that there are issues, false and negative assumptions, conflicts or pain that have not been processed and resolved. In the course of examining core individual beliefs and attachments about reality, it's necessary to also address cultural assumptions that we may unconsciously take to be true but that may falsely restrict us. One's development will be limited by the existence of any false assumption that we live our lives by that we take to be true even if we are unconscious of it.


Our perspective may include some elements of counseling or psychotherapy, in essence our overall approach is more an educational one that is not primarily focused on human problems but on empowering human potential. We have endeavored to create a space and structure where you can work out your path for yourself.

 Don Turner, Soul Life Center Director