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Christ Self Dialogue Blog 

Jesus, in A Course of Love, says that we can now directly access Christ without need for any intermediary and that we may now live from the Heart of Christ and so extend His - and our real - Consciousness on Earth. We do this by sharing or dialogue with one another as we inwardly know the same thing that we may support each other in realizing.

Let us endeavor to open to, align and center in the One Spacious Christ Self that is our real identity in truth. And then from this place let us share and extend what we are given to know, and what we desire, intend and imagine. We know that we love each other and are part of something momentous happening now that is integral to the plan of our God/Logos. Let us move forward without fear and create what needs to be realized and manifested now.   I would like to invite anyone to participate in this dialogue who is moved by this spirit. 


In love and trust, Don Turner.                                                                 Dialog compilation - free ebooks