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The garden Sanctuary

Nothing but simple divine life

In December’s pale light 


When December’s pale silvery light colors the sky,

When the sun, now low, casts washed pastel hues 

On the soon dimming day,

Then after a walk in the bracing air, 

When the door has shut out the cold and dark, 

We are we glad to sit by the fire with a drink 

And share soulful reflections,

Glad for the warmth 

And the companionship. 

And then the sun came


And then the sun came

Bright Light all around 

Enveloping us in warmth and Love

Everything forgotten—

Only the blessed now is—

The birds singing 

The breeze caressing.

Surely many are blessed like this

In quiet moments unexpected

Not noticing the Angels

And the doorway before us

We rise up renewed

But miss the chance to pass through

Heaven’s gate. 

It’s here before us—

Eternity resounds

May we pass through 

And begin to Be.

Lord, loose my tongue 

Lord, loose my tongue 

Let me share love

And the awareness of the moment

That we love one another just is

That we need to share our Hearts

Is to be human

Help me find the words

That express what IS

Help to stand in the Silence 

Without fear

May my words express the Self’s knowing

May my words express what we together know

The Truth is One

You are the Truth.

Rising into space


Arising from sleep we soar up 

Like the lark, into the free space above,

Light filling us, glinting off our wings,

Exhilarated by the vast expanse

And the air around us, breathed deep, vivifying.

Like the bird, we have broken out of the shell

And fly free in God

We can now see far, new lands beyond the horizon 

And everything is good, Divine and alive

As it has never been before — 

Love Divine is all.

From beyond the grave


From beyond the grave does true love call

Feelings that forever more shall be

Like a star above, inshrined in me

As a compass through life’s stormy seas.

Love that in life’s busy din

Was oft ignored for ‘better’ things

Now with time I hear the call

And wish I’d known it early on

Touched by love I finally see

That all is lost save loving thee. 

From the Divine You


Eternal Love this moment seen—

Life and Light beyond the seas

Of time and space revealed.

What Power and Force to hue through Space, 

Linking now the world beyond

In a golden bower of timeless Love.

The Love you wield is a magic Power

Awakening us from sleep to Life

And bringing Joy and Peace from strife.

The Love you share is a gift from God

From the Divine you are

That’s Living now.

In your Light does Day begin

Is Life now sweet

And all hurt healed.

In your Love is fear removed

And Union felt

With all that’s Real.

In the sunshine of your Love

In the sunshine of your Love

All is fair, beautiful and joyous.

In your timeless summer land 

Life is a song sung in a divine chorus,

A treasury to be explored and shared.

In the heaven seen in your eyes

Each moment is a blessing

And a rapture of Love.

Now Heaven moves into the world

An inner realm from beyond time

Now are we all set free

Awakened from our sleep

We are moved to dance and shout

Words we’ve longed to speak are spoken.

Wake up beloved


Wake up beloved,

For I'm giving you a good morning embrace.

In your eyes shines the same Love

In your Heart is the same Being

We are waking from a dream of separation 

Into a new day of Divine Life.

One Self pervades the world

And a remembrance of who we really are.

Now we are Free and can dance in harmony

And Joy with all life.

Now we can truly Be

And bring forth the Kingdom of God

That we now live within.

The sun is shinning, the birds are singing

And the world is transformed in Love.



I dreamed I was a bird soaring through the clouds above

I dreamed I was a giant with strength second to none

I dreamed I was a deer running free through forest fair

I dreamed I was a fish splashing in the river clear

Then I dreamed I was a man laden with worldly care

And suddenly things didn’t seem so glad or fair 

From youth I toiled and never knew why

Until I woke up one day and cried — 

It was just another dream I’m glad to say

Now I’m back in Heaven where I intend to stay!

Her petals open anew


When jaunty April, 

All wreathed in cherry blossom, 

And green shoots opening to the sun, 

Offers at last invitation in the perfumed day

To feel new life that now blooms all around,

So love too blooms in the heady light 

And opens her petals and shielded joys

To thoughts long hidden by winters repose,

Everything alive freshly made

And the moment newly born.

Now do the bees seek the flower

And humankind a mate.

Eyes sparkling with new delight

Feelings arise from where they had lay

To burst forth into flower.

Dreaming in the sun 


Sitting in the bright blue sky April sun,

Cool breezes thrashing the branches about

The chimes ringing excitedly in the warmth

I feel nothing could be better—

The day is mine without distraction

Everything is at peace

Directing my mind wherever I choose

Friends here and there send their thoughts

And I dream undisturbed.

Beyond knowing, there is a Realm...


In the bowered moment, 

When embraced by Her Divine arms, 

And all world seems like a fairy tale come to life, 

What could we want that is not given, 

That is not part of our Love complete? 

Life is a wonder and a mystery— 

A divine dream that has come to life. 

And everything that we can conceive and imagine 

Is as the dew on a magic realm impossible to know. 

Opening like a flower


When the day unfolds like a flower in spring

Where the fairies dance and the sylphs doth sing

When life’s scents bespeaks another world

In blissed gaze magic now unfurled 

Then will I and thou plight our troth

And speak the words long schemed

Remembered, another life upon us

Awakening from this worldly dream

Speaking Soul


What if we did only speak in verse

And every conversation did proclaim

Beauty, grace and harmony each hour,

Noble thought and love’s sentiment

With power to bring forth worlds

From far away now breathed into form

Minstrels and poets, bards and all

Gathering in joy at life’s behest

Glad to be and share together

Spirit’s blessings, Divinity embraced

Speaking song


Prose is too dull, that’s very plain. 

Logic and judgement — the spirit’s bane. 

The Heart is nourished on beauty and love,

Imagination and vision from above. 

Let joy speak the words, let light fill the sky,

Let each share their song, let none be shy.

Giving all honor to She who creates,

Who gives life to Love and opens the gate. 

Let each enter surely, let none decline,

The realm beyond, is really a shrine.

A land for the dreamers, and poets of song,

A magical realm where all are now One.

Each will be welcomed, all will be loved

Leave bags at the gate and meet your beloved.

Only Love


Such is God that the Power that creates the boundless cosmos 

Breathes hushed inspiration into our Heart’s. 

Unbeknownst, the Power that spins the galaxies 

Looks tenderly into our sleep, sprinkling stardust into our dreams 

So that they sparkle with visions that will guide our lives. 

How can we realize the hope of these intimations of the divine, 

Where Love and Light Supernal reign? 

What purpose is served by these dim heavenly refrains?

Only Love provides an answer 

And a way to resolve our longing. 

When summer comes


When summer comes and in fullness blooms

My love and I to the meadow will go

And there to lie in each other’s arms

While the sun shines down and the flowers grow.

There to dream and sweet thoughts to share

While embraced by God and her living brood

Wrapped in mystery and from time removed

In a livingness of life love hued.

Joy is the robin that sings in the field

Joy is day that is that is passed without care

Joy is the thought that comes out of the sky

And lights up our way on the heavenly stair.  

So much is unknown we must honesty say

Like on a cloud or river we move each day

From where to where we do not know

But carried by love, it’s come what may.

Finding our cause


As we touch the divine in us

We cognize what moves us —

That divine idea that we give life to

That guides and gives purpose to our lives.

What is that idea that is who we are?

That defines our warp and woof?

Which Angel are we paired with?

Who gives form to our formless spirit?

Our spirit is of God and has a dream to live

We must find it ere we die, and give it voice

And form to bring it into life.

Nearing home

At this point along the path home, 

memories fade into the bright light of day. 

A loud peace resounds 

and a stillness that fuses the moment,

The inward life becomes predominant, 

I am not walking alone.

Soaring in the Infinite:


Soaring high in the sky, 

a white bird sails with the sun. 

Lost to all but the Infinite, 

it will keep its mission inviolate, 

trusting the winds 

and an inner sense guiding,

feeling that exquisite bliss 

that comes from total surrender

to the Spirit carrying it 

to some end as yet unknown. 

Like a dream its evanescent life, 

crossing the vast sky 

and many miles before land. 

Sunlight glints and the free air exhilarates 

wings lifting above all Earthly care

as sounds like hymns lift it gloriously higher. 

Eyes scan the horizon where land turns to vision 

and all merges in light divine. 

To what end this call? 

Space seems but the chamber of a divine Heart 

we are soaring in, Angels accompanying, 

Love embracing, 

going Home.

Coiled within


Coiled deep within us

God waits,

Waiting until we have suffered enough,

Waiting until we don’t care anymore

About fear or the world’s judgement.

Waiting until our spirit can’t stand it—

The confinement, the lies and the dull death.

Waiting for some spark that will ignite us

And set us off

To where, we don’t care —

But Lord it feels good to embrace life,

To live free

And Be. 

We’ve left the old life and comforts

And can hear the song of life again.

Take Her Holy hand


When we have tired of war, and pompous vain glory, 

When have tired of death, pain and suffering, 

While the birds sing to life and joy, 

When we have seen the horror of hurtful words 

And vehement thoughts, in our absurd battle 

To be right and best, 

Maybe we will put down our swords, 

Open our hearts and minds, 

Listen and really see.

There in silence, a maiden stands open armed

Offering succor, Love, and release

And a dream of life we’ve longed for.

Let us take Her Holy hand

And follow.

Surrendering to spirit


What is more beautiful than a soul 

consecrated to its transfiguring spirit. 

Surrendering to that which is greater, 

means taking over and becoming that spirit. 

Something is given up for something more. 

Consciousness ascends on the updraft of Love. 

We are multidimensional beings. 

We have a choice where on the spectrum 

of consciousness we will be. 

However, to ascend we have to release 

the weights of fear and attachment. 

We have to demonstrate our priorities in life 

by what we give preference and greater reality to. 

When we hear the call we must respond. 

This is tested in the crucible of life. 

Spirit is a fire that burns up all the dross. 

Not for the self, but for the Whole.

God now


Now that the sky is blue and all the brown twigs of winter are warmed in the sun, 

I take the day to my breast and embrace it in love. 

Pain and worry are soothed in the balm of this moment of light. 

All the complexities of thought are reduced to a calm space of light and Love. 

The Presence of God is sufficient. 

My muse


My muse is as bright as a sunbeam, as diaphanous as a fairy—

A maiden formed of light and love, 

A living angel from above materializing in my sight. 

Now the air is sweet and life is rich

Of treasures suddenly revealed,

Now a song is sung

And music rung to make my Heart peal.

Joy for the dance of life

And quiet sharings of feelings together

Joy for the moment new

And the daylights ramblings of Love forever. 

Sowing Truth


I dreamed today of a world at peace and lo, so it became. 

I dreamed some more of a world as one, and one it now became. 

I dreamed that Love filled every heart and joy filled every day. 

No sooner was the thought released than so it all became. 

Amazed I paused to consider how such power was mine to own.

I realized that the Truth of God is ever fruitful sown. 

Though you might see abundant pain and flaws under the sun,

God sees only eternal Truth, and so it will become.

Each has a gift


The wren that flys about is part of me

Her care in finding seeds is plain to see,

The rose in flower gives joy for all to feel

Releasing her perfume in thankful peal,

The clouds that freely sail across the sky

Show love divine that’s not afraid to die,

Each creature has a gift they want to share

We learn from each, their offering a prayer.

Finding the way within


We’ve been on the outside of life 

long enough, believing we were separate 

and creating that experience.

However a new day is borning 

and a gate is now open 

through which we may pass 

and begin to really live. 

Feel the Love and joy 

and surrender to the spirit 

that would take you Home 

where mystery and magic live. 

We shall greet each other 

in a grateful homecoming here 

and begin a new time, a new Age together. 

Here is nothing but to be 

and express all that love is. 

Now one with each other and life. 

Spirit unfolds a divine moment ever new,

Living in beauty, 

consecrating all to Her who is Life itself.