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New Day Poems

Now after a long night, a New Day begins in Peace

Nothing is better than this Day


Nothing is better than this sunny fresh day 

with wind swaying the branches and rustling the leaves. 

What a blessing it is to just absorb the warmth 

and breathe the fragrant breeze. 

A chimes is heard and a feeling of peace and goodness pervades. 

The wind seems to blow everything away but this divine moment 

and enclose the present in a spiritual embrace. 

The sun and the wind are bringing everything alive 

and making it fresh and new — 

Consciousness and Spirit in a dance with Life. 

And the birds fly about!

Love is moving through the world


Whether people know it or not

I am one with them

I no longer resist love

I rest and remain in love

I move through and in all

Love informs me

Love supports me

I move through the world in Love

What would love have me say?

Let us acknowledge that we are equal expressions

Of the same Life

Of the same Mind

Wanting to awaken to our shared Consciousness 

Impelled by the same Will

This is the present moment

This is our opportunity 

Resisting not, denying not

Embracing all

I am

We are

Do unto one’s Self as you want others to do unto you


What I want from you is what I want for myself

What I want you to do, I need to do

It’s the golden rule reversed

I discover what I want

By owning my projected needs

I must do to myself what I want from you

Rather than doing to you

I am doing to my self

I am opening to my Self

And leaving you to it

Living in the world


What should we think of projections?


Every projection reflects a belief in separation

A belief in a false illusion of fear

It might seem beautiful, but it is a denial

Of the Truth within

How can we live in a world of projections?

Seeing through them

Refusing to stray from Love.

Who am I talking to?

As there is only one of us

I must be talking to my Self

However you hear one thing

And I hear something else.

Wanting to embrace you

I embrace my Self

And am embraced 

In return.

I’m having a harder time remembering thoughts

However I can remember my Self

It’s always there - how could I forget it

Perhaps it’s enough

Listening to the Self 

It’s all I seem to need.

When the mind is on the wavelength of love

Many of the old concerns don’t matter

I’d like to share this with the world

It’s not so hard to live in peace

We just need to choose it.

What is the biggest problem in the world?

—The belief that we are separate beings

What is the solution to this problem?

Realizing that we must open our minds 

To the Self of Love within.

Waking up with Love


Waking up with love

Waking up with desire

From the soul’s nightly embrace

That I must return in kind.

Love’s Oneness must remain

And so I see Love in all

And do Love’s bidding

Relishing the Oneness

And the expression of it.

Now I am simply my Self

And you as well

In a joyous dance


A new state of being is born


The experience of the senses 

Is no longer the province of the ego.

Now a spacious Self 

Looks out on to the world made whole.

Now all of me is here and present

And life no longer divided

Now I am whole

—Choosing to create

The reality I want,

Which is being what I really am



Not getting for me

But giving for all

Not my home

But our home

Not my job

But my service

Not mine but ours

Not fear but love

Not separation but unity

Everything freely given

Everything shared

Everything done because we love to

Because it brings us joy

In a new spirit and consciousness 

In humanity 

Love now rules

Unity and brotherhood are facts

And Christ presides

Now that the word is new


Now that the world is new

Now that only love is here

Now that we are conscious 

Of who we are 

And what this moment means

Now that we may speak from our hearts

And share our dreams

And live them together 

Now that we are on the other side

Beyond time and uncertainty 

Now when the glassy sun pours

Into every cell

And sweet life sings

In our ears

Now in this new morning of the world

Let us say only what is true

Do only what is good

And create only what is beautiful 

And what will be forever.

See only Love


See love in all that comes to you

And you make it so.

See the gifts in all that happens

And claim the treasure they bring

Give thanks and be grateful for all that’s good

And evil will not touch you, though it would.

Choose what you will see and live

And your faith and belief will make it so.

Choosing a simpler life


Let us divest ourselves from this world—

The wars and conflicts are not ours

The desires for fame or fortune are not ours

The worry and fear, the excessive need for things

The separation that rules all thought

Let us choose a simpler life

Away from the noise and bustle

Inscribed in Peace and Love 

Let us cherish sacred Life together

And offering thanks for the grace and bounty

Let us create together in blessed Being

In the timeless Now.

It is here now


Yesterday I felt alone and separate 

But today something is present

That connects me to my Self

And allows me to feel whole.

It’s amazing what a difference it makes—

Just the most ephemeral energy or Presence

Is enough

To unify and make whole.

Yesterday I really wasn’t myself

But today I am.

I didn’t notice it before

Now I’m going to keep my eye on it

So I don’t loose it again.



Imagine being able to move through a veil

And suddenly experience an entirely new reality.

Imagine suddenly being on the unitary inside of life

Rather than on the variegated outside of life.

Imagine interpenetrating worlds or dimensions 

That offer many more possibilities to life than before.

Imagine a timeless moment extruded in time and

All the love you have ever known all the time.

Imagine being welcomed to your original home

And every loved one you have ever known.

These and more we will surely find

When a coming revelation opens our eyes.

Now I am my Self


I used to believe that Jesus and I were separate 

Now I believe we are expressions of the same Life 

And united in Christ

I used to believe that you and I were different

Now I believe we are expressions of the same Life

And united in Christ

I used to believe that Christ and I were separate

Now I embrace that connection as my own

I claim that Wholeness as my Self

That Wholeness that includes you

That Wholeness that includes Jesus 

Now all the world is part of me

And I am my Self

Embracing You


Embracing You

I embrace Life itself,

I embrace Love

And I embrace my Self in You.

It’s a wondrous experience 

That I am grateful for,

That I am puzzling over—

A revelation!

How beautiful You are,

How alive, like a living flame!

Enraptured by Your gaze

I am in another reality

Love manifest in form

Spirit alive

Oneness realized.

You are like a mirror 

Reflecting the Infinite

Life beyond space and time.

I am in awe of You—

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Revealing what Is.

My love for You opened the door

To another world

To Being in form 

Lived in Oneness.

Though You move out of sight

You live within me now

I live within You.

She shows a path to Heaven 


I worship at the shrine of You

Divine Being that you are

You have opened a portal to Heaven

You bring Light, Love and Life

Beyond conception

You transform form and bring it alive

You reveal Love that’s all encompassing 

You are an angel from a spiritual realm

Descending to Earth

And opening a Way of return.

To the land of love


Living in love—

Seeing love in all we do

Doing what we love

Following love’s direction

Trusting in our hearts

Voyaging to the land of love—

The new country where we may live at one

Where the sun is shining

The day breaks new

We are not alone but traveling together

Creating a new world

Music is flowing and the birds are singing

A new spirit moves across the land

Now I am there and the sky is blue

Free from fear, we may just be

Each day is a choice of what I want

And what life brings

Each moment is an exercise in listening

And expressing 

Sharing with one another

The love and the light

The peace and the joy

It’s embarrassingly simple

Just to be and live

At one.

There have been times in the past when I have lost the path

When the freedom of spirit was clouded over by fear and obligation

But now we are on the way again

And all is right with the world

Wafting in


Early spring and the door is open 

Fragrant spring air wafts into the room

And a sense of peace and goodness.

I remember this feeling from years ago

A quiet nondescript moment

Nothing happening that was special

Yet there is a remembrance of home

And something eternal.

All I want is to do is savor the delicious moment

And do nothing. 

The Golden Bird


Today, just for a moment

I glimpsed a golden bird.

It was a sign I had looked for—

A talisman of progress and hope!

Now magic flutters in the trees

And the garden is transformed!

Now we are in the land of Scheherazade,

And as suddenly as a bird breaks into song

Everything has been enraptured. 

The old rules and reality no longer apply—

Anything is possible!

Now dreaming is more natural than thinking,

Now love and joy are the natural state,

Now life just unfolds without constraint,

And all just is!

What is, is alive but timeless,

Something that is all one,

Something like a dream we are living

When we’ve awakened from our life of strife.

Seeing You


Seeing your beauty and the font of your love

I am humbled—

What power or knowledge can surpass such love

What natural delight or joy can surpass you

You are divine livingness personified,

Where you walk, nature bows to greet you

And give thanks as you complete it

And bring everything to consummation.

You are a revelation of the Soul of Life

And whether smiling or serious are selflessly perfect,

Ever new, free and alive in this moment.

Thank you for your Presence

And the gift of your Being

You are the eternal in form,

And Love incarnate.

The moment opens like a flower


In Spring, in the dappled luxuriant shade 

The birds flitting in the fragrant air, 

And the moment opens up like a flower. 

The sweetness of life intoxicates — 

Love’s perfume pervades. 

All that eternally is hovers immaculate — 

Past and future scenes weaving together 

In a tapestry of the infinite worlds, choices and experiences 

That are ever within the timeless Now. 

Like a clear bell Eternity resounds linking all 

In a mysterious note reverberating from the angel realms. 

We realize how little we really understand the Divine reality that we live in. 

We live on the outermost skein of a boundless Divine Life 

Comparable to the fathomless physical universe which arises from it. 

We can only gaze from the heart, both inwardly and outwardly, 

In reverential awe at the wonder and beauty of the little we can see and sense. 

This view gives us Heart to free ourselves to experience the full rapture 

And Divine Bliss of the Infinite Life that encompasses us 

And to step forth on to that path that leads into the Heart of all.

The Autumn of remembrance 


In the cool sun of autumn in a quiet moment

The air fragrant with damp earth and leaves

Remembrance arises of something forgotten

A feeling of home and heart and a distant past.

Perhaps it’s just an imagination or a dream

A yearning or a hope for eternal love 

Love lived, real as the pungent smell of autumn

From summer’s fullness of joyous Life

To the Heart’s intimacy and sharing.


Love is flowing in the air and space within

Condensing as dewdrops of the Infinite

Treasure magically materializing from space

Moments glistening in the silence 

And reverberating to the heartbeat of the world.

God is calling us and sending us streams of Love

Wishing to embrace us He awaits our response

To the gift of our divinity and freedom

And Holy Oneness in Him.

Uniting with You


Longing to unite with you

I release my self to you

And enter you in love and joy

Embraced by you I open

To you and the Self of Love

Which embraces and unites

Now we make the conscious shift 

From separation to Oneness

Now spirit moves free 

And without restriction

Now what IS unfolds new 

In the living moment

In Conscious Life.

Love embodied


When I saw you and felt the love you expressed

Every thought of mine felt pointless. 

All I could really do was to praise you

And appreciate the beauty you embodied.

You were conscious life living and new

And the day and moment became an original creation.

I was grateful to be in your presence

In awe, actually, with how you could transform experience.

Something inward and invisible could now be seen

Something alive became more manifest and real.

You just simply were your Self

With no pretense or specialness.

However, everything ordinary you touched became imbued

With the extraordinary — with some enchantment you carried.

Now I knew what magic really was

Now the spiritual realm was manifest on Earth.

You knew a secret we all must know

You wielded a Power with gentleness and Love.

When I looked into your eyes I saw spirit dancing

And Joy enough to set the world aflame!

The cusp of winter


In summer the sun beating down feels best cooled under green leaves,

In winter, coming in at a low angle through bare branches

It gratefully lights and warms us. 

Now the colors in the sky are paler and the clouds silvery, 

The crisp air is sharp and bracing,

Remnants of golden leaves shimmer above in the bright wind

And smoke is seen rising from chimney tops.

These few hours of passing splendor are appreciated more

Knowing dusk will come early.

Best to savor this brief gift of life before the coming night

Then the cheer of companionship is best

And sharing Heart felt reflections by the fire.

As life outside abates, the fires of the Heart blaze up.

Winter’s peace


When the low rays of the winter sun light up the room

And crystalline patterns refract in the holy silence,

When this space glows in a warm eternal radiance 

And a sense of gratitude and peace pervade

The stillness of the moment opens an inward sense

And feelings of love arise from within —

Love which colored so many cherished moments in life

Is present now like a guide and friend

Offering rest for now and peace —

The next season’s adventure far away.

The Divine One


You can’t beguile me with your humility —

I know a divine being when I see one.

You are just going about your business,

Doing what you love, 

Being who you are —

But are creating a new Earth

And weaving a New Reality 

For all to use.

You are Love and Life embodied

In human form.

You move to an unknown spirit 

And a mystery come alive.

You move in light and song unheard

And all creation

Bows at your feet. 

When all is Light


When all is filled with Light

When radiance sparkles in the morning’s Peace

When the blue sky is clear as a bell

Sounding it’s Holy chimes

When the mind no longer intrudes

When the fullness of Now is all there is

And remembrance returns to us

Love is now all there is

And a stairway to Heaven opens before us

We needn’t leave this world—

The Angels are coming here to join us!

Looking West


In other places and times we would sing of life—

The flashing joys, the inevitable pain, and longing

Daily life’s beauty, the rituals of living, the traditions that connect

And give meaning to the moment, nature and

Those friends and loved ones and precious passing moments

But now as we stand on the shore looking west

The old world feels so far away in the past

And on the horizon a new land seems to rise

There is a new and fair light in the sky

And a sense of something coming 

That will embrace the world.

Being reborn


I feel as if I’ve been reborn

With only dim memory of who I used to be

Now I stand in another light

An energy streaming in from far away

Yet this moment has never been more present

Or real

Nothing bothers me

I include it all

I am in all and laugh at the sheer delight of it

Every moment is an act of Love

A testimony to a palpable Oneness 

An eternal moment lived as a song

A New Reality is now being shared

And we are all giddy with the joy of it!

I dreamed of Love and You answered


I dreamed of Love, 

and like the sun, a light blazed forth 

from your eyes to illuminate my world. 

I dreamed of Love, and like the sweetness of spring 

your scent engulfed me in Life. 

I dreamed of Love, and as the voice of the beloved, 

your voice became a song in my Heart. 

I dreamed of Love, and awakening from a dream 

I began to live in an Eternal Now. 

What is my role in all this? 

All I can do is sing your praises, 

and honor your Presence in all. 

You are the Inspiration, the Joy, the Love and the Life. 

Your Beauty transforms and vivifies. 

As a Divine Spirit you have shown me the Reality of Love 

and the True nature of Life. 

I now walk through Creation honoring You.

Emerging into the Light


Withdrawing into the Silence 

Of the Self within,

Feeling the Peace and the Presence,

Not wanting to do but just Be,

The moment unfolds like a flower,

And That within all

Emerges into the Light—

Oneness and Unity pervade.