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On the Threshold

Something cosmic is breaking though the historical, linear and separative human Weltanschauung - a Light is breaking through the walls of our minds revealing a wondrous expanse of Beauty and a larger Life.



Years ago I was happy as a child, with no cares or worries -- only just to play and dream -- each day an eternity. Then I was told what I must have and must do, what was good and what was bad, how to live and get along -- for I would no longer have everything provided for me. I didn't like it, but thought it must be so for everyone else seemed to think that way and it didn't seem that there was any other way to think. After all, the world couldn't be denied. But somehow or other I've gone astray and found that I do not know what my needs are but my needs are made known and met. That I cannot provide for what I need but am provided with everything. Forgetting what is good or bad, right or wrong, things seem as they are again. Again the world cannot be denied. But which world? Forgetting, I remember. Giving up caring, I care again. So wonderful, so joyous, it hardly seems real. Perhaps I'm dreaming still.



In the Spirit


While just a moment ago

I was feeling dull and downcast,

now my spirit soars free

and all doubts cease

about life's goal and meaning.

It's not what I do or think

but what I live that counts--

not for my sake alone

but that it be fulfilled

through me.


For a Call


Yes onward! O yet further still!

Resting only for breath to move on again.

Through lowland forests--

the growth thick, the clothes torn heedless,

the way pushed straight ahead,

the way around too long,

the time too short, the call too strong.

Through marshes damp and treacherous--

to flounder, to sink, to swim, despairing--

the night too long, the clouds, my star hiding.

Losing my way ever seeking higher ground,

over rocks knees bleeding, over vast wastes alone.

Countless dead-ends taken to start again

weary and heartsick but for an eagle's flight,

a silver ray reflecting,

a glimpse of the distance revealing,

the morning air renewing, the heart's yearning,

now more implacable with every step.

Phantoms arise in vain,

shadows but strengthen, a vision guiding.

Through countless days of trek--

the sun-fierce miles, beyond turning back,

beyond succor, or hope of shady rest in a world ablaze.

Now higher-- the wind stronger,

the night colder, the stars nearer

and the infinite in chords imbuing

a silence never heard by human ears,

preparing-- the portal approaching.

Footprints now seen give urge to hasten more--

spirit afire!

There, in a greater sun's radiance,

in a rainbow's arch a golden field extends-- transforming.

And now together, a word resounds,

even more.





It was a dream then,

something never before sensed or thought of,

unrelated to that about me,

that gently filtered into my mind

as a spring breeze might,

carrying its new seeds--

jewels of sparkling light from afar.

And as a picture unfolding before my eyes,

an image of a destined future

presented itself mysteriously many years ago,

just a moment ago.

But amid the crush of time and events,

forgotten it was, till a call was heard one day

that couldn't be denied.

And then commenced a course of years

of search and suffering, toil and travail

and travel unto this day,

when pausing, the dream is remembered.

Wondrous that which it foresaw

has come to pass,

and still presents its hope unrealized

the nearer to its source I come.

And not unrewarded, now is sensed

yet something more --



Finding My Place


The day's life,

The sounds and activity--

Yet all quiet and still.

A street in anonymity,

Sunlight bathed every place.

A day just lived now, accepting.

The moment's care reflected.

Wanting nothing special or better or different--

Just allowing it to happen.

Joy now to assume my place.

Forgetting everything I thought I knew,

Remembering only what I really want.

listening as I've learned to do,

Speaking as I'm given to do.

Life newly revealed each moment,

And the world remade.



A Prayer


The yesterday I would hold on to is gone.

Now only the wind is heard is the trees

The morning air is crisp and clear

The colors vivid--

Holding the cup in my hands

I stand in the doorway,

I know Thou art here

In all Thine perfection,

Fill me with Thy Self

That I may show Thee.





Something's coming.

I don't know what.

But I'll be there soon.

It will all be for that.

And places walked and pages read

will have their completion.

Through the door.






Let's just make everything conscious now.

Sitting here in silence,

without any compulsion to talk,

glad to be at peace together,

to meet together, always for the first time.

Wishing it to be so.

Grateful now to accept

what is given to us to share,

and what is there to be expressed

and made conscious.

Allowing this space to extend itself,

to reveal itself,

newly each moment.



To Begin


Now that we have everything,

And there's no place we need to go,

Let's not hurry so fast to talk

Or forget what we're doing.

It's been a long time coming.

We know what we want.

There's nothing else.

So let's begin.



It's Here Now


It's completely safe and united.

It's where we've always wanted to be.

It's where we've always been.

Let us open to it now

And be who we are.





O listen!

Forget yourself and listen.

Withdraw a bit and look,

and see wholly,

accepting wholly

what's being communicated

behind the surface.

Wait, it must be there.

And the reply.





I couldn't do it by myself.

I tried,

But it wasn't until I took your hand

That I could see our way forward,

All of us--

Into the light.



The Gathering Place


It lies beyond the city,

down a narrow road leading through wild hills

with sharp peaks rising unexpectedly.

Within a secluded valley, an energy,

a Silence, reverberates.

There is a feeling of intensity--

The sun is close above

And the air is dry and pure and stretched taut.

I always sense how special this place is

every time I'm here.

And now expectant, I reach the spot,

And walk up the hill.

Only an occasional bird is heard,

until faint and far-off

the sound of chimes are carried to me

and I approach where the others stand

and take my place.



When We Touch Love


When we touch love,

We touch an entire new world.

We may think we hear but a sentence 

Or see but a smile

That is an everyday thing—

But there is much more there.

A light shines through from beyond

A Joy and Peace are sounding

To an unheard music

Only the soul can hear.

When we touch love

The soul is awakened

And infuses us with itself

And we for a moment become who we are

With one foot on Earth

And another in Heaven.

‘We know what we are but know not what we may be’



Should we for a moment forget everything

And just imagine a moment of perfect life—

A spring meadow beyond care or concern

Enraptured in a bliss of love.

How would the spirit move us 

When free of prejudice and fear

When only light and joy give utterance

When our steps and words be as grace

And God shows us His own.



Giving the old away

We joy in new life

Giving attachment away

We joy in complete freedom

Giving the worries away

We joy in complete trust

Giving doubts away

We joy in the strength that was meant for us

Giving the fears away

We joy in the moment's complete safety

Giving weakness away

We realize how noble we are--

How accepting the manifested life out of space

We are transfigured--

Accepting the full cup.





Cool notes cascading down

In clear blue sky bliss,

Sparkling azure scents quickening,


From frosted pure heights,





A Herald


Warm tropical night

Moonlight glistening o'er the water

The vastness hovering,

Vibrating with a rare immediacy

Baring her inward bosom

Enfolding me,

Pulling me out of myself--

Now lost In her infinite secret

So near.

A single movement

Reflected in the clouds, the sea

A single breath vivifying


Ancient thought now discovered anew.

Forgotten mysteries waiting--

A presence heralded.





Now touched by a trailing veil,


Supernal !

And it all comes back




A Vision


Seen for the first time -- a wondrous sight! There in the distance where a sheaf of rock extended furthermost out, stood two figures. Immediately they were sensed to be completely different -- it was amazing. Where normally men would seem small and circumscribed by the earth and nature about, by the glory of these figures nature was rendered secondary. For they stood as her completion and deliverance. Under the sun and a vault of blue, a new radiance and a new world were reflected. As in a dream made real, two saints, perfected souls, were seen walking upon earth, bringing with them a new heaven and a new earth, now visioned for the first time. How I wished to approach into their presence. But a moment later they were gone.





As an eagle, lift your wings

Unto the sun, and raise yourself

Into the free spaces above--

Inhaling pure sustaining draughts

Holding aloft your soaring flight

Casting your eye now far away

Embracing the infinite.



Seven Chords Ascending


Inertia overcome

Feeling human


As the wind in the trees

The sky's embrace

Naught remains but the diamond night



Rain of Fire


We had come to the ocean that afternoon. It was warm, clear, and one of those timeless days -- all was quiet and still and the sound of the surf seemed to reverberate to the end of time and back again. Yet everything was taut and quivering with energy -- the blue expanse, the delicious air, the water fresh and alive with dancing patterns of light, with tiny stones sparkling on the wet sand. So glad to be alive that day, wanting nothing but to enjoy that moment. The others too sensed something special, together there with the cliffs behind, solid and chiseled and almost white in the sun's radiance. An ephemeral mist rose above the horizon where it stretched as far as the eye could see either way, curving with the globe. And the whole expanse showered in a billion-billion drops of light, flaming on the water. Blinding. Everything suffused in golden warmth and light -- intensifying as the day progressed. A living electric current was enveloping and pouring on everything. Asserting its undeniable presence. Bringing everything to life.


And then we knew what we had come there for. And that it was all meant to be. And we could now see where we were. And nothing else mattered. And a new day opened up on us. And we knew we had never lived before. And we knew we have always been. And we spoke for the first time. And we knew we could never cease. And we knew what was to be.



A Meeting


Hearing your voice,

I knew my years never were.

Having nothing else, I give all now.

O, such foolishness past!

Thoughts newfound, spoken openly.

Joy supreme I sing,

Weeping to have found my way






This mass of words but does conceal

the urge to touch and to reveal

the moment's secret life within.


O, speechless voice! Elusive touch!

To release thee now-- my life begin.



New Light


A new light in the north is faint

Yet clearly seen within my mind.

Notes of cooperation heard

Of planetary brotherhood.

Illumination sheds its rays

Of awareness born of truth.

Soon the time of fear shall end

And spirit accord to each his due.

Then may the earth unfold her secret

And man discover something new--

Something that's been long concealed

And through it our next steps revealed.




A Network of Light


Looking out over the lights of the city

Spreading out, pulsing, as a living organism

Humming, as a generator winding up

From a time not long ago

When in darkness and quiet

Ancient seas washed upon a primeval land

And life fought to survive

Against the impersonal elements

And encroaching chaos.


But now developing

From out of the womb of matter

And in an amazing shortness of time

The world has been wreathed

In a pattern of light

And an energy harnessed and released

By man himself.


Now the divine darkness

Has her ready instrument

And a will that has patiently waited eons

Bears down upon the swelling form

Heating up the frantic activity

To an intense crescendo

When a revelation shall occur

And man shall know

The reason for his work.



Benediction of Earth


Thought sang in my mind like a whirlwind,

Like a choir of trumpets heard on high

A call went up--It's coming!

Then clouds scurried and hid,

The wind hushed and the waters trembled--

Tara prayed to God

And wept unabashed--

And in Her thankful sob were earthquake,

And in Her tears, rains and floods,

In Her flushed rapture whole climates altered--

Verily the world shook

And then it was done.

Her divine sacrifice had not been for naught.

The pain and suffering of bearing

within Herself a sacred Life,

And nurturing It

Was forgotten in the bliss of union and birth,

And the woe transmuted to joy

In a divine realization.

Even man stopped in his travail and heard

"There is a new world born, a new way given,

And all those who are ready

can come into their birthright.

There is just one condition--

That each must love

For Love has come to dwell among you

So all that is unfitting must go.

Each will have all--but not for self alone,

All must be shared--nothing less will do".

And with this covenant there came a new world.



From Spirit Impregnate


Exploding!, expanding!

Blasting the world to forgotteness!

Thrilling through space--

Light, sound, music divine!

Spirit-clad emanations thunderous!,


Of inconceivable joy!--

Angels of cosmic design!

Rapturous vibrations

Flung straight at the heart--

O Tara!

Seeking and finding,

Releasing exultant,

Raising up on warrior wings

Bursting gloried light

Her Face unveiled--

Victory!, salvation!, revelation!--

Her Song thrilling through the heavens,

Transfixing--Her effulgent Beauty!



Spirits Invincible


Does a blaze of light fear the dark?

At dawn can there be aught but exultation?

Nay, there is nothing that can oppose--

Spirits invincible are we born

And on great wings cast our shout

Of overcoming!



The Wayshower


Let us dare to flame

The stars don't hold back--

They give up all

That life may be.

A sun burns until there is nothing left

And in the final conflagration

Is freed.

May we be able to look back saying

We have LIVED,

That we have shattered each fetter

Which would hold us

And have burnt it up

Flaring across the sky

Bringing light,

Embracing all in our wings.





O bliss to feel

the tempest's heart,

and know the sky's embrace,

when unity pervades my sense

and lights, anon, love's face.

Now the darkness is seen past,

the inward light appears,

all outer forms reflecting perfection everywhere.

As that foundation life is sensed,

all movement of itself,

my self in just transition, returns unto its source.

With separation finally gone, l am of all I see,

and now evokes the sacred sound,

and thoughts sublime are free.

Standing at the meeting place,

each call an answer found,

the ego has ceased to rear its head,

infinity resounds.

The vault above, completely rent,

and time and space no more.

And everywhere the light suffuse,

omnipresent evermore.


O that day must come, I hope and pray,

when each can speak in truth,

and all can share those freeing words,

accepted now by grace.

Redemption then upon the land.

Each soul finding his place.


Under Electric Sky


Morning, and the dry and crackling desert air has moved in,

quietly preparing in the night

the coming dawn.

The sun beating down now,

the pace and tempo increases,

movement incessant, a vapor rises.

Yet a gentle wind caresses and all is quiet.


Life extends without barriers now

embracing everything alike.

All I see is mine and part of me

and beats with my heart.

I am of them. They speak to me

and I would extend to them all, none unloved.

The greetings calls and conversation

translated to an inner sense--

one through all.

O give me words to share on this holy day.

To bless it. To proclaim it. To reveal it.

For all now one.

Electric blue overhead.

A brilliant white haze below.

Something unseen, quickening.



Not of Earth


Not of earth

A presence indwelling not of earth

Silent behind the outer activity



To release myself to it

And free my identification

To be maintained continually

To be of it

To be


The time for waking has come

Establish together

What has always been

Trust and gain all

Share all


See in the sphere of adaptation

The inner light

The impersonal being

our life revealed


Now accepting it completely

Through all

of all

Life not of earth



Reflections in a Mind


Now we come into our Self

And we are.

Now a Presence fills space

And we see.

The scene about us reflects another Light

And we remember.

Being aware, there is no question now

only Answer.

There is no need to seek

It's all here where we are.

The outer world goes on--

We don't heed it,

wanting nothing to take us from this Love, this Moment.

Now time opens up and Eternity enters.

Let us extend this lest we forget.



Through the Door


From within the petals open

Through the door I pass

Now the gift is given

Now I Am at last.



Entering the Stream


Entering the stream

I do not look back

For everything as I have known it

Has passed away

And I throw my faith entirely

on to one guide



In Service


It's always there,

one idea I reflect,

a living being

Whose awareness is interpreted through its reflection

And now all separation is gone

And what did seem so real just evaporates

Serving that for which I am 1 put down myself

And thoughts revealed I express

Each one a bridge to one self shared

All within one mind shared

Realizing I am nothing of myself

Arrogating nothing for myself

Presenting no blocks to its movement

Letting go of everything else

I find nothing but this

Each mind reflecting one light whole

Life extends itself unto itself

In redemption already done



Thou Shalt Be Given a New Name


To the white stone:

Elixir of light

Transforming moment

Silent apotheosis.



In Gaia Now


In Gaia now do children play

Caught in dreams of shadowed ways

Forgetful of their holy face

The power and purpose of their race.


How to awaken from this sleep?

How to reclaim their knowledge deep?

How to rejoin the scattered fold

And bring about the change foretold?


Quick hark now, the time has come

The call is out, hear beats the drum,

The charge is given, the plans are made

Unto each a task is laid.


Lift your eyes and see the view,

A new world coming through me and you.

Accept your role, accept your power

To create anew, to bless this hour.


Believe it so and it shall be

Live this life with spirit free.

The fabled land in fullness blooms

In Gaia now beyond the gloom.



Unto This World


In quite and reflective muse

The moment's solemn peace embued

With music of a lofty sort--

Angel refrains with noble thought,

Unspoken poems and chanted verse,

Scenes of an inner universe

Thoughts like bells that ring complete

Of timeless truth and joy replete

From far off worlds beyond compare

Now beating softly in the air.


To catch this sense and to it give,

To wrap it round and in it live

Is surely what you're here to do--

To live inspired and so renew,

Remembering things that yet are so--

Worlds more real than those we know,

Timeless lands where glory lies

Seen stretching far with inner eyes--

Fields to pick, to plant, to see,

Jeweled moments just to be.


Reflected in each flower and tree

The sacred stars are showing thee,

Shinning in each grain of sand

In each line upon one's hand

That gods we are in holy truth

And like our Lord have power to suit.

Unto this world we bring rare gifts

Unto our own we give what fits.

We offer you our hands in peace

And keys to many splendored things.