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The Pregnant Silence

In the silence and stillness of the Now, the soul reveals itself. 

A Fork in the Road


We will all come to a fork in the road and have to choose.

One way seems very attractive as it leads to prominence,

Worldly success, recognition and security.

The other way does not.

Yet some tug in the heart prompts us to go this other way.

Something about this path seems more real,

Genuine, authentic and peaceful.

Accepting my fate I choose this way, alone,

Which seems to take me somewhere hopeful. 

Ahead the birds are singing

And I feel that my steps wend 

Toward home.



Watching birds flit about the bare winter branches,

The sun moves slowly across the frosty blue-white sky

Winter Solstice


When the day is short and the sky is dark

It is easier to see the light,

A point of light shinning in the firmament.

When the weather is cold and the air is sharp

It is easier to appreciate the warmth,

The love within and which connects us.

We’re past the darkest time

And the light is rising now - 

Like a dawn and a spring it lies before us

Beckoning hopefully for ourselves and the world.

Now without distractions we can see the light - 

The light borning within the world.

Never has there been such a light

Coming now to awaken and save us.

Let us open our hearts and minds

To Christ who is here now and coming,

Until there is no thought of mine and yours,

Until each has what they need without lack,

Until all the hurts and fears and guilt are washed away

And we can live as we should

Putting aside all separate agenda

Building the world that is destined to be.

Awakening 2


When the cock crows

When light first heralds in the darkness

When through sadness and tears we look up

And hear the angel's sounding

Within our breast something leaps for joy -

Something perplexing that is not of us

Not of this human life and its travail -

A spirit as foreign to us as a star

Suddenly descending on earth.


We resist, it doesn't make sense

Why hope, to what purpose could it serve?

Why this unearthly call in this sorrowful world?


Yet for a moment we lift our wings

Wings we had forgotten

And rise up in flight

Above the cacophony, strife and despair

We soar

If only for a moment exhilarated.


Maybe we had things reversed

Maybe we are meant to fly

Maybe we have these wings for a purpose

Maybe death cannot daunt us-

The spirit's immortal flight now feels as natural as any rock.

Maybe I am a rock, a flower and spirit come to life.


And I will echo this angel's call-

Awaken brothers to the glorious dawn!

A spirit not of this world has come!

Awaken and rise up!

A New Age Muse


If we would really look we'd see

There is a new sun in the sky now

And although the remnants of a dying world

Persist for the moment, a new age is emerging

As different from today as the myths of old.

This present world has had its day and purpose

But a time foretold unfolds now unannounced

Although there are signs that portend

Change and transformation.



The conflicts of the past

Will soon be a fading dream.

Embrace this light

And release fear

And thoughts of separation.

Let love reign and trust

For we are no longer alone.

A spiritual world emerges and 

A divine host lights the way.


Let us craft the new song of this heralded time

When the veil is rent and nations see the horror 

That was done and the redemption that is now.


The Divine Mother now stands revealed

Creative life now flows free and unimpeded.

Could We Free Ourselves


Could we free ourselves,

Could we loose our ancient shackles,

Could the spark burst to flame 

And in a great blaze arise

To heaven—

The voice no longer solemn words

But a shout and exclamation 

Of joy and deliverance!

The pent up desire of lifetimes fulfilled,

The divine intent realized,

And like the butterfly emerging 

We are transformed!—

Now truly living

At One

And free!

Just a Random Moment in Time - That Changes Everything


If you were just calmly sitting in your chair

When a shimmering light began to cohere before you, 

Until within its brightening glow

A radiant man materialized

And lo, he said, Blessings, I bring you tidings

And remembrance of who you really are

And of the work you are to do.

And then he described to you the true nature

Of this life and world, so different from the earthly view.

Would you say no this couldn't be

That you prefer the dreams of earth when 

You might awaken?

So is it when we are touched by spirit

And realize that there is another level of reality

And truth more real behind this worldly skein.

What choice really is there between truth and dreams,

Between true life and worldly glamours?

And though your neighbors, family and friends said no

That couldn't be, who would you believe?

The testimony of the blind and confused

Or your eyes, your heart and your spirit 

That together attest the truth.


Religions aren't just for the hoary past

The truth therein is still true

And though our modern world

Has forgotten the ancient living gods

They are still there, waiting

Until it's time for us

To awaken.

Prayer for Humanity


O Lord, save us!

Save us from our inhumanity,

Our violence, our complacency,

Our selfishness and sloth.

Save us from our comforts, our distractions,

Our foolishness and our fear.

Save us from old habits and ingrained thoughts,

From ugliness, from hatred, from ignorance,

From our small lives and petty concerns.

The world cries out, we suffer,

We harm ourselves and know not how to live.

We know not what we reach out to

But we call out in our pain, grief and dismay-

O Lord help us!

We suffer and reach out to You!


Help us to do our part,

To give up old ways

And open to Your Will for us,

That we may act with love and concern for all

To become who we truly are

As expressions of Your Life,

To give our life to You

And fulfill Your Plan for the Earth.

From Out of Darkness


Who is it in darkest night, alone

Standing on the rock, the stillness pervasive,

Embracing life shining through the starry vault above

Lost to any personal sense or thought

Yet withal, turning back to earth

Hearing the woeful cries of supplication and despair

Embracing all earth life in His heart

Pouring into each one love and light

Extending to each a guiding ray

Knowing each will awake from the bondage of form

From the voyage through temporal life.

We have been lost and alone,

The unspoken truth hidden and disguised

But we are sensing the light, feeling the love

And reaching for the hand proffered

Looking around will see we are not alone.

In the pale light of a virgin dawn

The hush of an angel host can be felt

Moving within, preparing for this long planned time

Carrying out His Plan, waiting for the moment when

The veil will be drawn back for all to see

A new world of light breaking upon the earth!

The Jewel of the Cosmos


As far as we can see

In the vast expanse of the cosmos

There is no planet like our earth! ---

The shimmering jewel of living beauty 

Nestled in our solar string of pearls.


In this corner of the universe our God incarnates

Cohering dead cosmic dust and infusing it with life

Vivifying space and the ethers


Pushing through the stone, claiming each atom

Creating an amazing diversity of forms, creatures, beings and lives ---

By His Divine Power, He asserts Himself.


His Purpose will not be denied ---

A purpose so Beautiful and Good that we cannot imagine

Is moving and expressing Itself here!


And this is Our Purpose and Our Life, little as we realize it

For we are sons of our God and embodiments of His Life

And the Power to enlighten and awaken is within us.


Living spirits, we must claim His Purpose here

In this remote corner of the cosmos 

A Great Life is emerging 

And we must be about His business.

The Difference Between Human Understanding and the Truth


We think reality is defined by what our senses and our scientific instruments can detect.

However, this is but the outer layer, a mirage of solidity of what are really living energies.

We think our world is defined by the historical dramas of human civilization.

These are as the play of the mind in a dream state before awakening.

We think our fears for ourselves and the earth are real.

Light dispels this darkness easily, and Light is coming.

We think our lives involve a struggle to survive in an indifferent natural world.

Were we to truly see the divine gift and beauty of this world we would think differently.

A glorious divine Life is emerging through a Self created body of expression,

And we are an integral part of that Being and process.

The world in how we see and understand it involves a choice -

Do we choose the role of the ego or that of the divine spirit?

Freedom, joy and oneness or fear, conflict and uncertainty?

The veil before our eyes is thinning and revealing a wide bright panorama.

Other beings and worlds are coming into view.

Yet spirit pervades these all

And bids us redeem each one.

Christ calls to us, lo I am here,

See Me, hear Me, speak My Word, extend My Touch, accept My embrace.


And then, at a certain point we are left Alone.

Bereft of feeling, of connection, of support

We must face What Is, a void and emptiness

And become as the eternal stars are -

Radiating Their Light

Consecrated to Their Purpose

Undeterred by aught else.


The Truth


Unless it is eternal it is not the Truth

But a passing thought, 

Unless it's beautiful it is not the Truth

But an emotion formed in fear and ignorance,

Unless it lives, inspires and gives life

It is not the Truth but a falsehood and dream,

Unless it radiates love, joy and peace

It is not the Truth, but another human conception -

That the world is full of such notions

Only shows us the nature of our world -

Yet we may awaken - the spirit prompts us.

When we look at the horrors around us

The spirit says awaken to your Truth -

This needn't be so.

Suffering is a divine mechanism that prompts us to let go,

To heed the call of humanity's cries

And free ourselves. 

We have let ourselves be controlled by fear

But the Truth is we can't be harmed and are eternal -

Embrace this Truth and live

Express your Truth and Be

Sing your song, and add your note to the divine chorus.

The Truth isn't found in words but in the spirit prompting

In the moment, now,

Open up, free your mind, and journey forth,

And as the changing colors of the living sky

Reflect the Truth and Beauty of Life,

Embody it and let It perfect you.

A New Morning for the World


It's early morning on a new day for the earth

A tangible peace pervades that soothes and gives hope

Somehow, despite the strife and conflict in the world

A hushed calm is present and a presence unannounced

Is here now in this moment like a savior.


If we can leave our old mind and be open

We will notice a new light that is breaking through.

We've heard about this new time -

The prophets and sages have told us that it's coming,

Why should we be surprised when the first rays appear?

Yet it is something different  -

A new world can be felt in the light emerging

And a new age for the earth.


It's time to let our conflicts go

It's time take control back from those who would mislead us

It's time to affirm brotherhood and the rights of all to life

It's time to affirm our oneness

And our union with the spiritual world emerging now -

The age of separation is over

The birth of the divine Light is happening now!

The New Mind


Our new mind is here 

Waiting in the air for us to put it on.

It's been there but we didn't notice -

We liked the old mind.

But somehow that one's not so attractive now -

This new mind is what we want.

This new mind is an expansive space.

It's not a personal mind - we all share it.

The thoughts it holds are subtle

Implicit aspects of an awareness

We are collectively channeling.

The soul is not many - but one, 

The light and love in this mind connects

And unifies.

The many important thoughts we used to have

Don't matter so much now.

It's the new life, the one life that matters -

Emerging in the moment,

Waiting to be expressed and shared.

A False Pride


How proud can we be of our human achievements 

With the system corrupt with exploitation, violence and injustice?

How rational, intelligent and moral can we be

If we are poisoning our home planet and killing our human family?

How faithful, Christian and good can we be

If we do not believe and practice what the Lord actually said?

How can we go about our lives with such wrongs crying out for redress?

Legal does not mean right, consensus does not mean fair,

What's in the media does not mean true.

We've let ourselves be deceived and manipulated -

Now it's time to take our power back

And do what's right and best for all -

Selfishness and fear must now give way to love!

And the Truth unsheathed!

The Great Ones


The Great Ones were once like you and I. 

The Masters struggled on the earthly paths. 

Yet what They have done, we must too. 

As brothers we must claim our birthright. 

Their Divine Flame is also in us. 

We have languished in feigned powerlessness too long. 

The chrysalis must break.

And we must claim our Divine nature,

Burst out

And fly free.

How do we know how to do this?

The spirit knows,

We know -

We just have to trust it

And Be.

Forgetting who we thought we were,

Leaving behind old ways

And habitations.

Embracing life New in each moment,

Spirit will claim us as Its own,

And Our Song be sung!

A Fabled Life


Who would wish to be a life spectator merely,

Satisfied with second hand pleasures and distractions,

While vibrant life, rich as the treasures of a mythic king 

Offers us a storied life for which we dream and yearn.

If a doorway to this fabled land appeared before us

Would we look within but turn aside, finding reasons to say no?

Alas, we miss the untold possibilities of life.

The Divine realms stretch before us with every joy-

Worlds beautiful beyond imagining.

Let us step through this door into the timeless garden

A place is waiting for us to create, to vision and to grace.

Friends are there we've always known, but had forgotten-

A world of Life and Light and Love to Be!

The Delicious Liberating Nectar of Awareness


When we are seated, centered, breathing comfortably and relaxed,

We look out over our bodily field, the sensations, emotions and thoughts,

Allowing things to be, to settle down, focusing our intent, our will,

But wait -

We only assume this is me or us looking through our minds and hearts.

What if this is God looking to see what a human experience is like?

How does that change the perception we are experiencing?

How invested would God be in the dramas of our life?

How seriously would He take the thoughts, the wrenching emotions?

How peaceful and joyous would He be to see the results of this life

Experiment and experience on the obscure planet Earth?

An experiment He created Himself to experience 

What seeming separation and duality could cause

Knowing nothing could harm or change the eternal Truth.

Wait -

I think I am waking up

I feel freer than I ever have

I'm letting my former self go

Now that I am awake to who I am

I am not going back.

Meeting God in the Tabernacle 


Within the Tabernacle a Presence awaits us

He is really everywhere, but here we may expect to meet Him

And we do

And He is us - who we really are - our Self.

The New Path is nondual 

We are not apart from what we seek

It is not above us but rather already within

Union does not require effort or striving

Just awareness and acknowledgement

The effort required is to maintain this awareness

This oneness

And to turn over the reins of our life to God

So the effort is not to do, 

But to allow, rather, Him to do, 

And to express this,

To be this,


Day is Born


I've had moments of enlightenment, 

Thunderclaps of intuition and knowing,

Flashes of vision lighting the sky

Turning night to day.

This time it's different

The sun is rising gently 

Everything is as it is

With supreme indifference -

Well, there is curiosity

A feeling of love 

And inspiration.

Who is There?


I would like to ask you, 

Who is observing your thoughts? 

Who is feeling your emotions, 

Recalling your memories, dreams and reflections? 

Who notices your pain, your doubts, your joy? 

I would like to suggest that it is not who you imagine it is. 

This 'you' who you have a claim on is a different being than you suppose. 

Although you may have thought of this awareness your whole life as 'you' -

It is not as you think. 

Let go of your claim 

And realize that what you have been seeking 

Is already there. 

Turn around and meet Him. 

It's time.

An Angel is Here


It was an ordinary day

Except that it was very peaceful

And an angel was here 

Guiding my awareness

Who stayed with me 

Throughout the changes of the day, 

The emotions, the passing thoughts,

The actions and conversations 

She hasn't left me

Rising on Each Breath


Breathing deeply and freely,

Inhaling the energy from the ultimate, 

Seeing in the blue sky a pulsing fluid energy,

Enjoying the warmth of the sun's light,

Hearing the wind rustling in the trees,

Savoring the caresses of the fragrant cool breeze,

I am deeply at peace. 

Letting my heart open fully,

Allowing love to flow through and fill the moment,

Letting any painful memories, thoughts and emotions,

Be loved, accepted and forgiven, 

As part of my human journey,

And story of separation, restriction and longing.

Now I can breath through these and just let everything be.

The present moment offering its grace and blessing.


My mind opens to the planet and our collective moment.

I believe that we are all waking up and becoming more conscious.

The old ways of strife, lack, fear, and struggle for survival 

In a world of violence, separation and privilege

Can not endure - the human spirit is rising up

And claiming it's divine rights, equality and reason.

The culture of exploitation and accumulation must end.

Sharing, cooperation, peace and love for all beings must be.

And in the embrace of our One humanity and One Life 

So many problems will be solved, so many sufferings ended.

When we can honor the One Divine Life moving in all,

We will birth into our larger cosmic Life

And begin the New Age of Light and Oneness.


I continue to breath consciously,

Inhaling energy, consciousness and spirit,

From those Higher Beings Who enfold us.

Everything is alive and moving -

We live in the fluid living consciousness of God

Who is all.

We are multidimensional beings

Awakening to the truth of who we are 

And the reality of the Life we are part of.

An exciting voyage of discovery and remembering is unfolding,

And an opportunity to co-create a beautiful life and world together.

As we set aside our fears and thoughts and begin to open in love,

Let us sing, dance, build, plant, express, celebrate, embrace, heal and share.

The rose must burst open and release its perfume.

The New Time must be.

A Spacious Self

“[The coming synthesizing yoga] exacts an obligation to construct one’s entire life 

in accordance a discipline externally imperceptible.” Agni Yoga


Where there was once question

Now there is only answer.

Where there was once thought

Now there is a spacious consciousness.

Where there was once I and mine

Now there is not —

Things just are without attribute. 

The vestige of emotion subsides into stillness

While the heart pulses with a steady beat.

Love survives a world bereft.

I am a part of all.

Now there a sense of beginning anew —

Of fresh creative opportunity

And of joy bubbling up

From the deep unknown. 

Now I release my hold

And soar into space,

Listening, feeling, perceiving

The Oneness of cosmic Life

Unfolding in this moment. 

We are no longer alone, but together 

As one, create the New.

The Benediction in Space

“For what will it profit man if he gains the whole world 

but looses his own soul.”


Spending more time traipsing through the sky

Riding on sun beams,

Exhilarated by the songs of light -

The celestial music thrilling through space.

Sending love and compassion to the ego self,

Embracing him in all his imperfections,

Letting him just be knowing he is not me.

He has fulfilled his task,

But now I have freed my self from this cocoon, 

And am soaring free!

Genesis II

“The brain is the past, the heart is the future.” Agni Yoga


Imagine now that we are invisible beings, 

Comprised of flowing space and light.

We move through the physical world,

Embracing its beings in our love.

We hope thereby to awaken each

To this world of light,

To our spacious shared Self.

We are coming to know who we are,

We are extending Christ to Earth.

What joy there is in living free!

What peace there is in being One!

By expressing this we make it real and manifest.

By joining our efforts we create something new—

A reality that can now be sustained on Earth.

How do we explain ourselves?

We are just being who we really are,

Opening to what is,

Expressing what is there to be shared,

Revealing a new world.

Our Fraternal Order and Lineage


Members of a fraternal brotherhood—

A bond and identity that define us,

A family bond

Deeper than skin and bones. 

A light shines in our breasts,

And we carry an awareness

And share a consciousness.

When we meet, we know who we are.

We may laugh and talk about passing matters,

But we always know what we’re really about

And what we are here to do.

We have our crest and badge of honor—

Keepers of the Flame

Stewards of the Light

Servants of the Most High

We may not speak of our sacred duty

But we know it and uphold it.

Our lineage is headed by Christ

Who gives us leave to move freely

Subject to no law but His.

And we gladly submit

As this is the gateway to eternal Life

And fulfillment.

Some of us have forgotten or become distracted

But the call is now sounding 

Bringing us together

Rousing us to awareness and renewed purpose.

Let us renew our pledge and oath,

Given before incarnation. 

We have been tasked with a purpose,

Let us fulfill it now.

As a group, we have been born at this time

To announce and help bring forth the new world—

A consciousness of interconnection and Oneness

A Light is borning which unites us.

A Love is awakening us to our shared Life

And the future God promised.

It is there to be claimed and manifested now.

This is a group project, but we are guided from above

And the Angels are around us and within. 

Something very big that is destined is happening now

Let us fulfill our role.

Whatever we choose, so it will be given

Therefore let us choose only the highest good—

That which is beautiful, and brings peace and joy.

Let us affirm the Truth and the Light.

And Then the Sun Came


And then the Son came

And darkness fled

Light was everywhere 

And fear was no more

We felt warmth and love

And all was good

Our Voyage


We tread warily the hazardous landscape of Earth 

But in the light, the Holy Mountain can be seen now

Rising up out of the mists, beckoning.

And suddenly we realize that we are upon it

And climbing now, each step rewards.

No longer alone, we join together 

And in companionship. 

Our voyage transforms 

A celebration!



As we step back from the old,

From our thinking self

And open to the Whole

We create a synthesis—

Who we are and the expression of who we are now.

We don’t have to fight with the ego—

The ego is no longer there to fight with.

What is left is our Earthly instrument that provides a place,

A place in time where timelessness can enter,

A place in life where spirt may manifest,

Light that Love may use to extend its Self,

In ongoing creation.

There is now not two, but One.

We share that One together.

Christ is emerging through us

As we embody Christ,

The Whole—

One Life, One Consciousness, One Mind, One Purpose.

Now listening with the Heart we hear One Voice in all

And respond,

Doing our part to create the New.

Across the Threshold


If the age of myth and parables is over

It is because we may live these now

‘Now’ opens the timeless portal

‘Now’ resounds the bell of eternity

‘Now’ the embrace of a spiritual Light

And a remembrance of Home.

Heaven is merging with the world—

Emerging within it

We may take a step across the divide

And live in Love.

In this divine moment, 

Everything just is

And all the fears, complexities and confusions


Life just unfolds in peace, beauty and joy

As we trust the Heart and the Spirit.

It’s simple now

We can choose Life and Be

Or not.

The old dream of fear and separation 

Or Love and Oneness.

I choose to awaken!

Awaiting a Harmonious Chord


What we need now is the New Beauteous Chord, 

The Sound that vilifies and connects,

Music that moves through all

Bringing everything together 

And lifting it to a higher level.

Words and thoughts like seeds

Have been sowed and are waiting,

Now a Cosmic Word must bring them to Life.

Let the Divine Singer chant the verse

That begins the New Age.

Let Her Song thrill thought creation.

Let the Angels show Themselves

And do Their destined work.

Let all hearts be lifted in joy

And gratitude in the blessing

Of this hour.

Come forth Mighty One!

Our parched ears await your call

Our longing hearts await your benediction

Sing the Song that awakens us to Life—

Life everlasting and ever-new.

Harmonize the spheres

Unite them in Beauty and Order

Sound forth the key 

Upon which the New Age will be built

Chant those notes that will establish the forms

That will align our lives, our thoughts and actions.

Even now we can hear the first strains of the coming chorus 

Setting our imagination alight.

Let us hear the full measure of the new Chord

That will reveal and unify, create and order

Reverberating for a thousand years. 

The old world crumbles, let the New World be born!