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Poems of Love

Love, the greatest force in the universe and the consciousness within all life, ever leads us beyond ourselves and into wider vistas of life, joy and experience.

Something About You


Something about you caught my eye--

Something shy and quiet and undefiled,

As if you'd arisen pristine and pure

From some deep dream into the world.

Your secret was with you still kept--

Forgotten knowledge inviolate--

A way which you alone did know

That you might show though none would own.

And when I looked into your eyes

Speaking the words my heart conspired

The love I felt was shining there--

Lo, mystery, and beauty rare.

Apostle of Love


Barefoot angel--

Giving all she has for a dream--

Blind men scoff

Proud men come and kneel before her



Cold clear night.

The stars are very close.

White crests of waves are forming

Row after row out of the darkness,

And crashing before me.

The wind blowing right through me--

Fresh salt air--

Alive! Every nerve tingling,

Life roaring in my ears,

Pulsing in my veins.

I extend out over the abyss,

Joy and delight in the unexpected now,


To walk to the house--

Trees thrashing,

branches clamoring on walls and windows,

Patches of white moving quickly overhead,

Thoughts of seeing her--

Not knowing what I will say.


I Wanted


There are many things I could have said,

Would have said,

Wanted to do,

And share together.

There were many days I wanted to give,

I wanted to live,

Flying free in the sky

Like birds together.

Melancholy Air


Perhaps it's meet that we did part

And travel on our separate ways

Yet oft betimes I think of you

And wish your waist my arms entwined.

Upon the bough a bird doth sing

Its plaintive call heard in the wind

And far away this weary day

Another heartfelt call replies.

If we but knew our final day--

No more the sun to rise above,

Would we let sweet time elapse

Without the embrace of our love?

This timeless road we all must go

And find the way thereon alone,

But still I'll wonder to the last

Why couldn't we together pass?

To Joy Unrealized


You know I never had any base intentions.

Oh, maybe to hold you in my arms

and share a kiss now and then,

a gentle touch when the heart pulls.

But not to linger or to grasp.

I don't want this of the body

or to see you as a woman even--

but rather to see you whole, perfect --

a soul equal and alike.

with no desire to possess or dominate,

respecting your autonomy,

supporting your integrity,

accepting all you are

I will not ask that you be other.

Within the inward heart is a moment

golden and eternal,

where all we are and hope for lies waiting forever,

to be entered into

to be realized.

But this sacred moment is denied--

a secret hidden.

Yet it lies behind our dreams

and asserts itself in our tender moments

come and gone so quickly--

and maybe years and years between.

It's still there, always.


My whole life I've been waiting to meet one

with whom I could be one

and share all in love.

Life only then to begin.

I was hoping it was you.

Felt it to be you.

Prayed it might be so.


And more-- that that between us

might extend beyond us to others,

ever inclusive, bridging, reaching,

releasing safely,

untangling gently,

establishing irrevocably

that inward space made real--

a moment ever-fresh lived and shared together.


That's why it must be pure.

Having no part of base indulgences

and identifications separate,

of power and personal aims illusory.

But now without barriers-- of a larger life

accepted solely-- the rest looked past.


Now being completely honest.

Trusting in the love enfolding, perfecting,

sharing all we have and are,

knowing nothing can affect

what eternity has vouchsafed,

we find opening to the inner life,

the spirits prompting, nothing heavy

or wrenching-- no denials or sacrifices costly.

It's like the sun on a warm morning,

rising calmly,

bringing a new day.

Ever and Anon


Busy is the day's forgetfulness,

And the sunlight warms and brightens,

But when the sky tips to violet and rose

The shadows deepen around me

And within my chest is an ache.

Notes of music fall flat on ears unlistening,

The moonlit air hangs listless and empty

And all is dead save thoughts of you--

Living now in my heart.

Languid Summer Moments


In the evening under the broad leaved trees

The air moving as if by angel wings 

In the hush of a blessed peace

Love filled, timeless remembering 

Like so many other moments from long ago 

As if the heart within all

Can be felt beating

And all thoughts rendered futile

Save love

To Love Eternal


When you said you loved me, I never realized

That your words would reverberate forever.

When you showed me yourself in love

I never realized that you were revealing the Truth

And Life, as my eyes were closed.

I sensed your Beauty and the Precious

Being that you were - and are,

But I was not fully there then

And was preoccupied, with I don’t know what.

Now I better realize that each moment is a gift,

A doorway to a Holy place we may enter together

Through love.

I stand in the doorway now

And take Your hand. 

Embraced by Love


In the busyness and dramas of our daily lives, 

we are embraced by love. 

When the mind is caught up in thought, worry or projects, 

we are embraced by love. 

When happy, sad, satisfied or distracted, 

we are embraced by love. 

When all alone or with others, 

we are always embraced by love. 

In the crowds of the city or in the quiet countryside, 

love is always there embracing the moment, infusing the space, 

lighting the sky, whether night or day. 

What is this love that is always there, watching, 

holding us, gently exerting its presence? 

Can we look up for a moment and notice? 

A luminous Presence now enfolds the planet. 

A Life and a Consciousness is here awaiting our awareness. 

Something truly amazing and wondrous is quietly emerging, 


Let us open our ears and eyes.

Love is now here!



Becoming an apostle of love, one must share this elixir -

To extend it, to extol it, to reflect on it and bathe in it. 

Love is a mystery, a beauty, a healing balm, a revelation, 

A consciousness, a life and a purpose. 

Love is our essential need and the answer to our deepest prayer. 

For with love comes everything that is good, meaningful, true and lasting. 

Love frees us to be who we really are and shows us who we are. 

Love is a dawn in Spring with bird song heard in the fragrant breeze. 

Love is the drenching fullness and heat of life in Summer that encompasses us. 

Love is the heart song of Autumn, felt reverberating 

Through every falling leaf and passing moment throughout life. 

And love is felt in Winter's eternal touch, revealing love's timeless and never ending embrace. 

Love is the Beneficent One Divine Life, the Whole Which graces our life 

And entreats us on to explore the untold riches of the infinite cosmos contained within it. 

Love is the One Truth, the hope and the salvation, life and Life more abundant. 

Love shows us the Way and is the Way. 

Love is the great river that we merely need to release ourselves to, 

Which will then carry us to our heart's dream. 

Love awakens, transforms, liberates and completes us. 

Love is moving in our world now until it will shine out from every cell and creature, man and angel - Until Earth itself is a sun of radiant Love bringing Light to planet and star. 

In Love's Presence


Perhaps she was talking to her beloved --

Her eyes sparkling,

She smiles and moves, animated,

But within herself.

No one sits across from her to hear her words

Or understand her laugh.

Beauty shines from her

But no one is there to be enthralled

Or to hold and caress such a precious girl.

Someone does, however,

And looking down from Heaven

Embraces her in Love

And in a Peace and Stillness not of this world.

Go where thou wilt

I shall always be there for you --

To give and guide and protect.

And do not fear to look about you either --

I am there too --

All is Me,

There is nothing to fear.

For Just a Moment


We live as on a floating cloud--

the dreams, the hopes,

the days and moments so dear, so quickly past,

the joys so elusive -- flecks of light

playing amidst the shadows of sorrows.


For a moment we touched,

and I, weary and confused, reached out

to you in love.

I will not take for myself now

or try to grasp and hold -- only to give.

Accept all I have.

O, I want you to have everything.

For the sun fills me to tears.

And the stars beckon.

Till I Met You


I am thinking of you as a dream I had

when I awoke from the dream

I was living

and remembered what I was living for--

luminous are your star filled eyes

and the freshness of the morning plays

about your hair--

though I live all the days of my life

I have never been

until you

In the Night


Along the road at night

The air is cool and filled with earthy scents.

The moon's light plays eerily

Amongst scurrying clouds,

While a soft wind lulls to dreams

A countryside in deepening shadows.

Now the night spirits come out

And everything is strangely alive!


Knocking at your door

I am welcomed into a warm light--

A fire blazes up as night birds sing,

Casting an enchanted spell.

Now let's leave all care behind

And gather by the glowing hearth,

Sharing in a magic mystery--

Ordained moments being born!



And when I looked into your eyes

A torrent of thought streamed out at once

And after I talked the river dry

I went back home to sit and wonder

In Your Debt


For all the thoughtless things

that came out of my mouth,

that I never wanted to say--

you never said a word against me.

You've won me over.

Now I'm grateful to confess everything,

and express all that I really feel--

knowing it doesn't matter.

For My Beloved Sister


Thank you for sharing your dream with me--

So luminous and joyful,

So imbued with peace and harmony!

I saw you then as you truly are--

Daughter of felicitous desire,

Of all that love seeks unknown

That's best and right.

I saw your consecrated heart

And your simplicity and devotion.

I see the inextinguishable font of your love

And the beauty of you--

Giving yourself for a vision,

Nurturing it from your own breasts

And bringing it to be--

Bringing noble creation into the world.

Child of the Blessed One

Humbly accepting your place and life,

Living in just harmony with all life.

Would that I could soothe your troubled cares

And give that you might flower

Radiant your full-blossoming life.



Through an open window a wind brought

Your scent vividly to me somehow,

Wafted with the fragrance of fruits

And scents of tree branch and shrub,

With stone and earthen smells and flowers

In the air from byways and backyards

and ignored places of passing quiet.

Down the old streets,

Along the damp and unkempt walks

Past the shops and empty lots--

I walked with you there

And we were together

And life revealed its secrets.



Sitting by the open window

Savoring morning tea,

Across the cluttered table

A friend's face glows before me,

Sunlight pouring in,

Voices softly heard in the silence,

Now a bird sings.

Dream Idyll


I hadn't dared to hope.

I tried not to think of it.

I imagined your kindness to me

as just the way you are.

But you were so kind and thoughtful!

Living there with you in that idyll--

Such hospitality is beyond belief!

I remember the train ride out--

The glorious feeling of traveling together

In that new land.

The house was cold at first

But by the end it was warm.

What can one say about life?

What can I say about the beauty of you?

It was joy to walk together hand in hand,

And share together the daily life--

Freely sharing my love with you,

Experiencing the benediction of your kisses.

How could I not love you

Laughing at my poems or criticizing me?

It was just more of you to love!

Standing in the kitchen on Sunday evening

I had never seen you look so beautiful,

Knowing I had to leave,

How could I not be grateful?

Now images of you toss in my brain

Like a dream I awake in.

Life Ebullient


Sometimes I don't know where I am--

Long travels I made before you

But I remember them not--

They didn't matter.

Now far from you,

I walk with you still--

The places transposed.

What is here, is not,

What is not, is.

Such a mixture is quite confusing!

But the birds aren't confused in their singing

Or the warm spring in it's fragrance,

The moment palpitates as my heart does

Being with you.

A lot can happen in a few days--

A touch, a word can conceive a world.

When you said "we", my heart flared

to heaven

And burned as a comet through space

and time.

How else could we have just finished planting together,

Sitting in the shimmering twilight

as in long ago?

Sipping tea and the air like wine--

Drunk on life, on love divine!


* * *


I didn't mind waiting--

I was amazed that you could fill time

So completely!


* * *


In the store buying groceries together

Even the clerk seemed to be in love!

Opened Heart


Now my walls are shattered

And my isolation gone

My life is no longer just my own--

You express it somehow and are part of me,

And I cannot help but love you,

Open to you,

Embrace and accept you.

My will is set--

To experience but one Life

To affirm but one purpose

To work for the liberation of all mankind.

Therefore I liberate myself

From all that wants to possess or use,

From all that would separate or limit,

From everything save the good of the whole.

I identify with that whole

And welcome the opportunity to embrace it,

And see you in it,

Releasing you

Though I would hold you to my heart

And have you only for myself.

Fly free in the Infinite love

And you shall be as an angel to me,

That from you light shall shine

As from a revelation on high.

And when I seek my innermost heart

I shall find it in an embrace of infinite space.

A Joyous Dance


I never undervalued you--

Your charm so vast,

Your thought so true.

Nor could I utter one reproach

For imagined lacks or imperfections.

Perhaps, I could pretend to tease

About this or that if it might please,

But honestly my heart it knows

You're nature's art--

Balm to my soul.

And yet I must admit regret

Which now and then disturbs me--

That joyous day so glad begun

Would not now cease the dance,

The fun.

Now that the Word is New


Now that the world is new

Now that only love is here

Now that we are conscious 

Of who we are 

And what this moment means

Now that we may speak from our hearts

And share our dreams

And live them together 

Now that we are on the other side

Beyond time and uncertainty 

Now when the glassy sun pours

Into every cell

And sweet life sings

In our ears

Now in this new morning of the world

Let us say only what is true

Do only what is good

And create only what is beautiful 

And what will be forever.

See only Love


See love in all that comes to you

And you make it so.

See the gifts in all that happens

And claim the treasure they bring

Give thanks and be grateful for all that’s good

And evil will not touch you, though it would.

Choose what you will see and live

And your faith and belief will make it so.

Love Is

—for Natascha


Love is like a boat

Carrying us onward

On our voyage through life

To beyond.

Love is a journey—

An adventure together

As we awaken each day

In new song.

Love is a moment 

We share in together—

A timeless land

Where our hearts live as One.

Of Blessed Elysium


I dreamed last night of a wingèd stead

Who bore me over a crystal sea

To a land ever spring where my heart found rest--

And found you there next to me.


No more cold night on the dusty earth

Of travail and longing free,

As a dream I awoke

and was there no more--

And now you were here with me.


Clothed we were in a different way

Wondrous things so lovely did see

A story we live as in fairy tales--

Yes, you in it too with me.


No longer longing or lonely

Here we have friends by the score

Children, kings and all manner of beings--

Kindred most purely adored.


In bliss we stroll scented arbors

And laugh and kiss in the sun,

In pastoral lands ever morning,

All is as it should in this realm.


Pure is the light of the inner sun

Ever new is the day and the peace,

An enchantment does weave

together all things--

Leaving nothing that's not glad to be.


Colors here shimmer as though alive

Music thrills in the breeze

All life now resounds

with Love that's all-round--

Pulsing through you and through me.


From experience comes understanding,

From faith, new life that is true,

From confusion and pain to a heavenly reign

Where each is rewarded his due.


In the past we lived not from our being,

Or was all that we knew of our own,

But a moment we'll find

when a door's passed behind

Remembrance of our inner home.


O as magic is love that lives freely,

Like a song it is just to be,

And though you return

to some everyday room--

Even now I am still here with thee.

Along the River


I walked along the riverbank

The river flowing to the sea

And like the river I was flowing

And being carried unto Thee.

I stopped and saw an eagle's flight

Soaring high above the ground

And like the eagle I was soaring

With the Infinite all around.

I heard the murmur of the water

I heard the buzzing of the bees

I felt the sun come all around me

And fell unto my knees.

And there upon the riverbank

The river flowing to the sea

The angel gave her love and blessing,

And for a moment I was free.

For You


I've trusted in You

And did not doubt.

And when You bade me go

I went

And when You led me far

Beyond what I had known

I took refuge in You

And the winds and stars

Were my friends.

The earth, my mother

Soothing and nourishing me.

When You bid me be silent

I listened and did not speak--

I could not

For I knew my words were useless.

I anguished, longing,

Bit daily You brought me gifts--

More than what I could have wanted.

You knew my need

And never was there lack.

You bid me open my eyes

And I saw,

And in their face Your beauty

Was revealed,

And behind their words, Your thought,

In their embrace,

Your touch.

I loved and could not help myself

And give all that I have

For You.

Hymn To Her Most Beautiful


O Most Beautiful One!

O Most Beautiful One!

O Most Beautiful One!

O Purest One!

O Purest One!

O Purest One!




To You Most Divine Love Immaculate

All adoration!

All adoration!

All love!



When words are too much

When thought is a burden

And the mind suffocates, 

I seek solace in Her arms

In Her love

In the moment’s ever-new life.

Breathing in Her perfumed breath

Feeling bubbles of joy arise in me

Wings spread I am lifted in flight.

The world below now transformed

In beauty!