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From Mind to Heart, Intellect to Intuition 

One of the interesting ideas presented by Jesus in his latest message, A Course of Love, is that we are moving away from the time when our civilization placed primary importance on the mind to a time when we shall go to the heart instead for our reality. This time of the mind, which correlated to a time of emphasizing learning, also required a necessary role for the Holy Spirit, Who is the agency and intermediary to connect our separate mind to spirit and higher knowing. Now, Jesus says, because of the spiritual energy that is increasingly available to us, we may connect directly with Christ. Christ embodies who we are essentially and potentially are, so connection with Him entails being able to connect consciously to our higher Self. And live from and be our Self.

He says that the medium of connection is the heart, which is the center of our being and consciousness and the portal to it. This is not about emotion, but rather that Love which is the ultimate Reality of Life that Christ is the conscious embodiment of. Therefore, the new way of being and life in the New Age that is upon us will require that we live from the heart by trusting the intuitive knowing that is intrinsic to the heart. Instead of having to learn and think things out, we merely access the inner knowing of the heart that we already have in the soul. We get in touch with or remember what we already intrinsically know as spiritual beings. We then use the mind to merely formulate and express this wholehearted knowing. 

This is a different kind of knowledge than that the ego-mind has emphasized. It doesn’t concern a separate reality of objects, but rather concerns itself with the interrelated reality of being and life. It isn’t oriented to discovering facts so much as discovering what the spirit knows that is part of the Divine Reality of God. And it is concerned with making that Infinite Divine intention and Purpose known, expressed and manifest. This, first of all, must require helping one another wake up to our true Self and function as soul, rather than separate personality. Because we are each an expression of the same soul or Self consciousness, our collaboration and service to the whole is really for the group consciousness that we each express in our own ways. 

Our civilization will be very different when it is no longer based on the appearance of separation, but rather on the reality of the inner Oneness within the separate outer forms and expressions of life. The world of separation was based on fear for survival, but the world of Oneness is based on the joy that comes from creatively extending and manifesting Divine Life. It is a world and reality of Light and Love that is an extension of an Infinite Cosmic Life and Being. So we shall open our eyes to the spiritual universe and the Beings and Lives that compose it that have ever been present but were unseen to the eyes of separation and the ego-mind. 

The Transformative Power of Love—Recognizing the Angel from beyond

Those who express love often don’t appreciate just how powerful that love is. It’s not given the recognition and stature in society that physical or mental accomplishments are given. And yet love has the power to transform our experience and our life like nothing else. Love can instantly transcend space and time by establishing a connection and unity where there had been separation. Love can reach us and draw us out, inspire us to speech and action and heal. Love, if we would be honest, demands our honor and homage, for within its expression is something divine that we don’t fully recognize at first. We take it for granted as we might the warm feeling of the morning sun without realizing we are meeting a divine guest in an earthly disguise. Let us consciously acknowledge this visitor from beyond bringing love that is being offered.

Love’s desire is always for more than it seems. It is like an invitation to enter a palace in a kingdom of supernal and timeless beauty. And yet we become so enamored with the individual who greets us at the gate that we take only a step and don’t go further. It is like a treasure that vanishes if we try to put it in our pocket, but which can enrich a multitude if we give it away. Love is like a song that reminds us of our long forgotten home. Love is like a magic kiss that awakens us from sleep and to life, the likes of which we dream. It is like a dream or vision brought to life that exceeds the life we have known in every respect. It is a power that allows to soar above this earthly world to bless and redeem it. From an eternal place far beyond any conception of beauty or goodness comes a spirit called Love into this world. It is here now to be known, embraced, and lived to transform this world. 

So when we encounter Love let us not be so quick to grasp the form it comes in or the person. Let us look more deeply and see what Love is really about and what it is asking of us. Love is an invitation. Where would it lead us? What would it have us do? How should we accept it and live by it? What should we say to give it a voice? If we would see with the eyes of love or speak the word of love we are choosing to unite with this spirit and allow it to be expressed through us. To embody this to become whole. As we meditate on love we open a widow to eternal life. As we live love, we walk through a doorway into that life. This spirit isn’t aloof — we may sincerely commune with it and discover more. At first it is just observed in others. Then we feel it’s touch and embrace. The more we are willing to express and embody it, the more we are One.