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Glossary of Terms

archetypal: Life is qualified by primordial energies that have a determining influence on modes of apprehension and development, inclinations and experience.

boundaries: One's basic rights integral to one's integrity. Boundaries can be asserted in response to disrespectful behavior or to communicate what one holds to be right, needed or valued for oneself.

causal body: The body of the higher self. It exists on a mental level.

causation: As the outer is a reflection of the inner, what we choose to identify with as real is precipitated in our experience. The greater the investment in energy, the greater the effect.

chakras: The centers of energy in the vital body of any existence. The main ones in man exist up the spine and in the head and have an outer correspondence in a particular gland or organ.

core images, assumptions or beliefs: Are those that we are identified with and therefore live in and express our lives through.

Christ, oversoul: The one unified soul consciousness within all life.

co-create: One's thoughts and beliefs are empowered and manifested by the power of the spiritual Self. Aligning with one's soul makes one an agent of planetary evolution.

creating: The thought forms that one is invested in are precipitated in experience that directly reflect them. The core images we are most identified with are the most powerful in determining our life experience.

creation: The divine creation of the eternal aspects of life and human nature. (The soul is a divine creation, the body an evolutionary product.)

desire: Ultimately, a manifestation of the urge of separated life to realize its source and its potential. Although it becomes connected to discrete things, and causes suffering thereby, it may be redirected.

dreams: Dreams are of several kinds. They can reflect the contributions of the subconscious and be a compensation to our normal conscious state of mind. Or they can represent information from the superconscious or soul. They may also be a memory of an actual experience on another level while we were out of body.

emotion: A sentient capacity of being characterized by a polar quality (liking or disliking, attracting or repelling, etc.). The emotions that we experience are currents of energy that exist outside of us that we may choose to identify with.

eros: The physical force of sexual attraction that can allow an individual a first taste of the possibility of a transcendence of the separate ego state, that is attained in love.

evil: Anti-evolutionary energy and influences toward materialism, separation, fear and ignorance.

evolution: The physical development of life on the planet, influenced by a divine plan for its destiny.

God: The all encompassing whole for humanity. The Creator manifesting through and in the earth.

holistic psychology: Psychology that sees all aspects of human life as interrelated and embodying valuable parts of the whole.

hylozoism: The metaphysical perspective that all life is part of an endless chain of being. Each unit forms an integral part of a larger whole as it, in turn, is made of smaller discrete lives.

identification: The ego is enmeshed in fundamental mental/emotional conceptions/perceptions of reality. These are unconsciously assumed to be valid.

Intuition: Refers to the faculty of synthetic apprehension of Reality inherent within the soul.

law of correspondences: Everything outer or physical corresponds to or reflects something inner. The inner is the cause, the outer the effect.

love: A reflection of the oneness underlying all things and an attraction toward realizing that oneness.

manifestation: The capacity of Spirit and soul to effect matter brings the outer world into alignment with the inner. This is part of the interrelationship and interpenetration of spirit and matter.

meditation: Linking the ego and the conscious mind with the higher self and the awareness therein.

metaphysical: The existence of states, levels of reality or being beyond the physical and what can be empirically corroborated.

Mind: A universal faculty inherent within the soul.

mind: The inner thinking faculty. The brain is its outer reflection and instrument.

negativity: Any thought, emotion or behavior that ultimately blocks or distorts the expression of the soul.

parapsychology: Psychology of the psychic capacities potential within humanity, which is not normally actualized.

persona, mask: The image we hold up to the world of who we are and should be.

projection: What we deny or are unconsciously identified with, we project and experience in the world or as happening to us and independent of our control.

Reality: Refers to levels of transcendent, eternal being that one apprehends through a higher faculty than the mind.

reality: Refers to the physical level and normative interpretations that are projected on to it.

Self, higher self, inner self, soul: The real immortal individual whose center is the soul.

self, personality: The outer physical person whose conscious center is called the ego.

Self-realization, individuation: The process where the personality integrates, embodies and expresses the consciousness, potentials and purposes of the soul or higher self.

separation: The assumption and perception that one is apart from what one is actually integral to -- or that one's reality exists on the level of form rather than essence.

sex: The urge to unite that comes from the experience of separation inherent in dualistic manifestation, and the urge of each sex to unite with its source and realize its wholeness. What one unconsciously feels separate from is projected on to the other sex.

shadow: Repressed psychic material reflecting what one has judged against as bad, wrong or inferior.

Spirit: The one divine life within and behind all things.

spirit: Impulse and energy moving through one and impelling actions.

spiritual kingdom, hierarchy: The next higher kingdom above the human kingdom and a group on the inner side working to further the intended evolution for the earth.

subconscious: Awareness that lies below the threshold of our normal everyday awareness.

super-consciousness: Awareness implicit within the higher self.

thought: A creative capacity of being that establishes forms that determine the nature of the particular life manifested on the physical level. (By the forms of our experience do we know our core beliefs.)

synchronicity: How the inner is reflected in outer experience through specific events or coincidences.

transcendence: The inherent capacity to attain the awareness of the soul and thus rise above our normal conditioned consciousness.

transformation: As a result of going deeply into our experience so that the inner self is invoked and involved, negative elements are transformed and our outer sense of who we are is changed. The personality gradually becomes a clearer expression of the higher self.

transpersonal psychology: Psychology that includes a spiritual or metaphysical aspect.

unconscious: Not a specific thing but a catch all term to mean what we are not conscious of.

vital or etheric body: The energy body that interpenetrates the physical body in which exist various channels of energy and qualified centers or chakras.