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Civilization changes

Our entire civilization is based on beliefs, values and attitudes quite different in some respects than the civilizations that preceded it. It’s not easy to imagine that the many national, ethnic and religious cultures in the world may have common characteristics that were fundamentally different in earlier civilizations on Earth. We take our cultural beliefs and assumptions about reality for granted and have a hard time seeing how arbitrary many of these are and how they gradually change over time, as we live for a relative few years in only one culture usually. However, in this period of history things are changing very fast and we may notice that even in a very few years, cultural norms, beliefs and values have morphed. Civilizations do come and go and we are in another transition period. This transition is an even more fundamental shift than the development of patriarchal ‘power over’ cultures which we can see today in our waring nations. Capitalism may make this less apparent but if we observe the US with its huge military budget allied with a political and economic drive for global hegemony, we will realize that these beliefs and assumptions are operating, particularly in the ruling groups. 

This ‘more fundamental’ shift harkens back to a misty prehistory when humanity collectively chose to believe, in fear, that it was separate from God. It subsequently choose to identify with a mental program of separate selfhood that it decided was who it was and which was reflected in the subsequent civilizations built on it. It’s very important that we understand what is entailed in this internally consistent ego program, because it is also an arbitrary belief system although we take it to be reality, (as it is still operative in our civilization today). This is the way the mind works — our core beliefs (those that we identify with and live out, as contrasted to more superficial intellectual ideas) are creative and shape our experiences which makes the beliefs that caused them seem legitimate. The separate ego self is built on fear, a sense of vulnerability, lack, imperfection and need that it projects outwardly, giving primary reality to it’s separate mind united to its will to control its circumstances and achieve its aims. Being insecure it projects its doubt inwardly and is prone to guilt and self condemnation. It projects its beliefs outwardly in the form of universal judgment. It feels it needs praise, love, validation and success to offset its insecurity and sense of lack and control. This fundamental belief in the fearful separation of God from mankind has been symbolized in the myths of the various religions.

The shift in our civilization that is happening now entails the increasing energies of the inner real Self or soul of humanity that is gradually permeating or breaking through the separate ego barrier and having the effect of awakening us to who we really are — and not just who we think we are. This shift has the associated effect of freeing us from the culturally conditioned egoic ideas about things that have restricted us and circumscribed our life. We can see the effects in the world now of the human spirit that is endeavoring to break free of the system of beliefs and outer related institutions that are controlling and oppressing it. This is all good and a natural evolutionary movement. What we can’t see is that it is actually driven from God and is part of the Divine Destiny and Plan for Earth that the Wise, Who have been able to achieve conscious knowledge of the higher spiritual realms, have learned about. Mankind’s voyage through the experience of physical separation was never intended to be an end, merely a stage in a larger progression and role for humanity on Earth, once a conscious connection to humanity’s inner spiritual Self was reestablished. This is happening now and can be also seen in the widespread spiritual interest that is evidenced everywhere. Many, of course, have lost religious faith as the various faiths have done a poor job of helping people understand the bigger picture and what they can do to discover their place in it. Regardless, spiritual  energy is now infusing the planet and giving everyone an opportunity to wake up. 

As we become more aligned with our inner soul, we will discover that this Self is actually One Self in humanity that each expresses in his own way. This is why Love and the Heart will be recognized as the fundamental nature of this Self, as it is Love which connects us and which creates unity. This One Self is Christ Who represents what we each essentially are and must consciously become. The Christian prophesy about the return of Christ refers to this time when this energy of Love and Self Consciousness will pervade mankind and prepare us for the next stage in Earth’s evolution. This time, we will be consciously collaborating with this evolution by being co-creators ourselves, who are not just creating based on fragmentary ego perspective but based on an intuitive spiritual knowing that is inherent in the Self. We will create a new civilization based on the nature of the Self and the Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Knowing, etc., within it. This will necessarily entail establishing different institutions, values and way of life as it will be a reflection of a different level of being.