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Some thoughts on Self Realization

I think, in our reflections on life, the essential issue is not the correctness of the thoughts, but is really the nature of the thinker. Who is the Self who has awareness of the thoughts? Is it the separate self, the ego who is identified with the thought, emotion or sensation that comprises its stream of consciousness? Or is there a transcendent Self that has its locus in a metaphysical level of being? We marvel at the beauty of living nature, but what is this consciousness about that exists within life? What is its meaning and purpose? Who are we and why are we here? Is there some intrinsic compass, some answer to these ultimate questions? And if not, how do we we choose to live?

We can understand and realize who we really are. Our true Self is an aspect of the Creator. And we can consciously realize this Self if we know that in the moment our awareness really has its origin in the soul. We can choose to identify with this Self and thereby disidentify with our ego and the nominal assumption that we are separate and limited by our worldly conceptions. We are the Word, the energy of the Creator in action. When we claim our Christ Self, those aspects that we had identified with will seem to oppose it. Even these are aspects of the Creator in form. Everything is a manifestation of consciousness. Our experience is based on our what we give reality to. Everything is in accord with our true Self although it may not seem to be. The ego assumes the false fearful belief that we have sinned against God and are thus guilty and condemned. Yet our divine nature remains unblemished regardless of what the ego thinks.

We are not the ego, the separate personality. We express our Self through it but are more than it as the divine Self. So we really don't have to worry about perfecting the ego - the Christ Self is the perfection and completion. The divine Self is not limited by the natural imperfections of the ego, and can work through these inherent limitations. We can't be judged or held by anything the ego is or has done because we are not the ego as we awaken to our true Self nature. Every interaction we have is an opportunity to claim and affirm our identity as the divine Self, by releasing our attachment to our old ego patterns and identity and claiming, listening to and expressing the Truth of the One life within us. 

The answer is not a concept or ideal, but an awareness of the larger Self consciousness transcendent to the ego, and the acceptance of this locus for one's Truth. This requires releasing habitual ego patterns of thinking, perceiving, feeling and doing, and adopting a receptive attitude, waiting until the felt sense and intuitive knowing of the Self is clear, then speaking or expressing this Truth. To be in Truth on all levels, aligns you with the Self. As the Self, we don't have worry about the imperfections or shortcomings of the ego, it's fears, self doubts or agenda for happiness, because we are not the ego. We can regard the ego that we thought we were with compassion, tolerance and acceptance. 

We have a choice to release the perception and judgements of the ego, and to chose to have the Christ see through us to see the divine within the moment. The Christ knows no fear and sees only the action of the Creator in all things. To see the divine Truth, invokes the loving action of the Creator. Ask the divine Self how you may best attend the need of the circumstance, and you will be shown, as an embodiment of a the Word. As we bless all that we see as expressions of All That Is, we lift all. Bringing light to something, is healing. Blessing something brings the light and the action of the divine to it to transform it in line with the blessing. 

We are more than the separate personalities or egos who we think ourselves to be.  We have within, a higher self or soul, which is our true immortal spiritual self that the ego is unconsciously an expression of. Psychology is nominally focused on the ego and it healthy functioning, even where an effort is made to access and realize the potential latent in the unconsciousness. 

Esoterically, the soul is said to be the middle or consciousness principle and just a stage that bridges our spiritual essence, which we share with God, with our outer temporal form as a human being. Esoterically, also, human development is also just a step in our larger evolutionary process and destiny that leads from the human to the spiritual kingdom. This path was exemplified by Jesus in the five discrete events he went through — birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion, and resurrection or ascension. These stages demonstrate that process we must all experience in we trod the path from personality to soul.

The path of self realization does not mean becoming a more successful person, but rather involves loosening our identity as a separate personal ego, and living from a place identified more with the whole and the greater good. This endeavor is the concern of an increasing number of humanity now as a result of the new spiritual energies infusing the planet that are allowing more and more people to become sensitized to the possibly of awakening to themselves as souls. Likewise, the energetic structure of the planet is changing as we move into the Aquarian New Age. These changing energies upon which our civilization will be based we require a complete change in our approach to life, our values, beliefs, attitudes, institutions and actions.

The soul by its nature is identified and concerned with the whole and has a unified holistic consciousness. Our shift to living and being souls must entail a seismic quantum shift away from our linear historic 3D world that has been based on fear and separation, to a consciousness and experience of the loving, living interconnected world of the soul. The soul naturally is one with the divinity within all life and seeks to foster that life. It is characterized by love, peace, joy, an intuitive trust, beauty and creativity that expresses the divine potential within life. It recognizes the multidimensional nature of life in a living universe filled with multifarious life. 

The path to this self realization of the soul can either emphasize the left hemisphere of the brain and higher mind or emphasize the right hemisphere and non dual consciousness. These will eventually synthesize.

Positive affirmations are a first step - releasing attachment to negative and fear based ideas, emotions and identifications and instead affirming positive beliefs that better reflect the real truth of your Self.  This helps one feel better about oneself and more confident about trusting and acting on the feelings and impulses that come from that Self. This builds a healthy momentum of expressing, being and realizing one's Self and one's potential.

A second step would be stepping away from attachment to the mind and beliefs altogether (truth isn't found on the level of the mind) and through heart centered awareness opening to love and life. One opens to loving relationships with others where you are freely yourself. This is accepting and validating - not being anything other than exactly who who are in the moment. This step out of the mind can seem scary if one is still holding one to expectations of judgement, rejection or other fearful ideas. However, it is really just a step into love, peace and the joy of being.

A third step after this kind of loving relationship would be to open to the loving embrace of life itself as the Self experiences it in the ever new moment. This is an unfolding moment where we cross the bridge to spiritual being by extending it from our heart. We co-create our path of return. This is also our service to the world, by which it is redeemed. 

The difference between being in the ego and being conscious as a soul is a very small gap. To bridge this gap breathe deeply in the heart. Take a moment to become aware of the living awareness and space within this moment that connects you to an inner sense. Realize this space in the silence within this moment. Feel the sense of peace and the freedom from the mind's judgements, ideas and compulsions. Now things just are, and there is no need to do, to think, to fear or to control. Breathe deeply enjoying this sense of connection, this heightened awareness and peace. Now allow yourself to sink more deeply into being, into this heart centered sense. Feel what this is about. What concerns and interests are within this moment? What qualities color it? What are you drawn to? Center yourself in the living moment and realize it is breathing you. Let go of your separate sense of identity and feel life and spirit moving through you. Realize this same soul life is within everyone whether they realize it or not. Take a moment to honor  the one life. Realize that your life purpose involves opening to, living and fully embodying this emerging soul life. As you listen and attune to it you will find it holds the answer to your questions. Try staying centered in this space as you open you eyes. Let your words be spoken from here. Let your actions be an out flowing of this energy. Let your love flow unimpeded out into the world, blessing it.

Detach from the ego, thoughts, emotions, sensations -

    Our beliefs and what we give reality to, determine our perception and experience.

Choose to identify with the one life as the nature of your awareness -

    Affirm and claim your reality as the Word, Christ, the action of the Creator.

See this in the world, in what seems to oppose -

    Anything you see, you are responsible to attend to.

Allow your truth to be expressed to lift up and redeem - 

    The divine does the work, for of ourselves we can do nothing.

All glory is given to the Creator Who calls us forth to offer ourselves in service.