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The Sacred Heart

In images of Jesus and Mary that reveal the Sacred Heart, they are pointing to it to indicate that the Heart is the key, the Way and the secret. They are not pointing to the head yet we continue to try to find the answer with our mind. Jesus epitomizes the Consciousness of Christ, Mary, the Love of Christ, although both are of the same Self. Mary is Immaculate — symbolized by the lily — in that Her Love is without thought of separate self. The thorns around Jesus Heart indicate the resistance and pain that is experienced in the expression of Christ Consciousness and Love in the world. We too will encounter resistance to sharing and being our Self. The roses surrounding Mary’s Heart indicate the natural ease and beauty of Her expression of Love and which all women have. The twelve stars around Her indicate that She is the actual Heart center of Life. Jesus’ cross symbolizes the redemptive purpose that Christ has in the world. Mary’s piercing sword symbolizes the pain experienced in humanity’s rejection of salvation. The Fire and Light emanating from the Sacred Heart symbolizes that the Heart illuminates all and burns up all, which transfigures and transforms our lives to reveal the eternal Spirit within. Let us evoke and cleave to the Sacred Heart.