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Soul Life's Holistic Approach to Psychotherapy

 Our work in Soul Life Center for Self Realization is broadly concerned with self-development and personal growth. We believe that the personal problems and emotional pain that psychotherapy nominally addresses are opportunities to change and grow in line with one's intrinsic urge to self-realization. We might even say that every problem hides a gift -- some undeveloped potential or quality we may realize. Therefore, what we so often consider as negative elements in our experience are an unavoidable part of our lifelong learning and growth, that are meant to be resolved -- and not endured.

Soul Life Center offers a place to get support and help in working on yourself without judgment, blame or guilt, and to find the lesson and the learning that will enable you to progress further along your own path. Problems only become problems when they are not faced. Chronic avoidance can eventually lead to a crisis that will force a change, which -- if undertaken earlier -- could have been made gently. Soul Life therapists will help not only in resolving old unproductive patterns but also in facilitating insight into one's "next steps" in realizing one's deeper life purposes.

What is implied here is the idea that since our experiences as adults are a direct reflection of our core images and assumptions about reality, and that negative beliefs create restrictive and painful experiences, then life itself automatically provides the best treatment for one's false ideas, attitudes and behaviors. At Soul Life we basically just help you to interpret your experience so that you may understand it's meaning and make the necessary changes in your life.

Our perspective is holistic in that we understand every aspect of life as having value and a place in one's experience. Everything is, in fact, interrelated. Growth is organic and must proceed in a developmental way without skipping over stages or issues. Experiences in life reflect core processes and beliefs.

We believe that each person has an inherent sense of what is right and appropriate for them. This inner knowing can be cultivated. This approach reflects the contemporary trend away from faith and belief in external authority to trust and experience in one's inner connection and truth. It reflects a movement away from an assumption of separation and a need to control life based on a sense of being vulnerable, to one of experience of our inherent connection with a unitive and supportive Life.

Consequently, we can heal some of the conflicts and dilemmas that arise from limiting belief systems and that result in frustration, guilt or a feeling of inadequacy. Our actual experience provides the means to become aware of what is within, so that we may learn what is actually causing us this pain so that we may release it. And that we may find what brings us joy and fulfillment, that we may manifest it. Consequently, our emphasis is on actual experience.

In this regard, things that seem to "just happen" to one actually indicate process and beliefs within ourselves of which we are unconscious. Thus they are projected and experienced as coming from outside ourselves. A body symptom or event can therefore give valuable information about what we believe and think. Accepting responsibility for our experience should lead to a feeling of freedom and power -- not self-condemnation.

The core assumptions or beliefs upon which our world-view is built act not only to filter and interpret our experience but also, to create it. Our experiences then seem to justify the beliefs behind them. However, once we understand the role that our mind plays we may learn to use this process to create what we really want and escape the feeling of powerlessness and reactivity. We truly do co-create our own reality and can fulfill our potential by learning to realize and live by our inner truth. It's important to know that the deepest dreams of our hearts are given to us as a sign of a destiny that we are meant to fulfill.

Psychotherapy -- working on one's negative creativity -- is just the first step and cannot be successful if the individual is also not working on opening up to soul level concerns and purposes. Merely removing obstacles in one's path is not sufficient, one must be going forward on the path of authenticity and integrity that is determined by listening to one's own inner calling. The realization of one's soul and one's consequent manifestation of a positive, productive and creative life is what the Soul Life Center for Self Development has been established for.