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Jesus is here now

Not only Christians, but Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and other religious believers understand that history proceeds in cycles, and that humanity is now at the end of one age and is transitioning to a new age that will be quite different from the old. Christians believe that Jesus will return in this new age but they should also understand that He is even now emerging and can be reached in our minds and hearts. He is not yet here physically, but has been sending out his messages and His spirit to the world and many people are hearing this communication. There are many books that have been already published that articulate His thoughts on how to adjust to and live in this new time.

Science, of course, cannot understand how this could be because it can only know the material universe, and not the spiritual metaphysical universe that is causal to the physical. However, as spiritual beings living in human form, we can know this as we have a consciousness that transcends the human form we incarnate in. This spiritual consciousness is called Christ and is what we essentially are. The essence of Jesus’ new messages is about helping us to be able to shift our identity from the separate ego which our present civilization has been built on, to living as Christ identified souls. And the essence of this process involves releasing our attachment to separative ego beliefs and opening instead through the united heart and mind to our inner self, Who is Christ. And then expressing this.

Many believers will not believe in Jesus until, like the apostle Thomas, they can see the physical form and are convinced by consensus thinking. But if one will listen to one’s inner knowing as that is given by spirit, one may intuit the one truth given out through the many people who are hearing and channeling Jesus’ thoughts now. In this time of turmoil in the world, the sooner one may understand the nature of the changes happening on the planet and align with the positive potential that exists now, the sooner one may move into the new reality of oneness, joy, peace and creative life that comprises the state of being and the new civilization that awaits humanity.

There are many signs in these times that indicate that we are in an epochal transition. The Earth itself cannot go on with the pollution and exploitation  humanity have imposed upon Her. There is increasing acceptance that there are UFO’s observing us in the skies and letting us know in various ways that we are on the verge of a new time and an enlarged understanding of our place in the universe. The old civilization with its continual wars, global injustice,  disparities of wealth and human suffering, can be seen by billions of people around the planet to be unsustainable and untenable for the future. The flaws of the few who control the system can be easily recognized by the masses of people who can recognize the selfish compulsion for power, acquisition and domination. 

We need a fundamental change in our thinking and way of life. Fortunately,  Jesus is offering us such a change that is destined to be embodied by humanity. We may begin now by realizing that the age of the ego — of separation, fear, lack, violence, and ignorance — is ending and that we may leave it now by opening to the new spiritual energy that is already infusing the planet and allowing each and all to realize that they have a real and ongoing connection to God and Christ within. This begins by shifting our focus from the ego mind, with its conditioned assumptions about reality, to the heart, which connects us to the larger life. It is through the heart consciousness, with its inherent connection to all life, that we may learn to realize and consciously express that One spiritual Life that moves in all.

A few of the people in the US who are publishing the communications from Jesus that they have received:

Helen Schucman.

Tom Carpenter.

Paul Ferrini.

Gina Lake.

John Smallman.

Mari Perron.