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Meta Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation has gained increasing use personally and in healing centers. Derived from the Vipassana Buddhist tradition aimed at gaining insight into the true nature of reality, it encourages practicing detached observation and awareness of one’s stream of consciousness. This is centering and relaxing, allowing us to step back from our automatic identification with our thoughts and emotions, compulsions and desires that can cause stress and confusion. This detachment also allows one to more clearly intuit and sense a deeper knowingness beyond the conditioned ego, with all its emotional reactions and internalized ideas of what it needs to do and be. 

Cultivating a detached witness awareness of one’s thoughts and emotions is good. However there is a further step that I call 'meta mindfulness'. This is the detached witness awareness of the entire human personality who wants to practice mindfulness meditation for various reasons and who, over the course of his whole life, has had various struggles, disappointments, ambitions, longings, fears, successes, uncertainties and other human experiences. This meta witness not only observes the life as a whole, but also exerts a conscious will and effort to accept and love it all - even the so called imperfections, failings and shortcomings, which are, inevitably part of the human drama.

This observer is the real Self or soul who stands outside of the ego's temporal separate life, and can love the personality because:

The soul’s nature is love.

The soul knows that nothing the ego does can effect it or change its fundamental nature. 

The soul is grateful to the personality - it's instrument and reflection - for providing a way to experience life on the physical plane, and thus have the opportunity to consciously realize God in manifest form and participate in the Purpose of this collective Divine Incarnation.

Meta mindfulness allows us to realize that we are more than the particular personality we have so identified with and thought of ourselves as - the ego with its insecurity, desires, felt needs, ambitions, fears, hopes and dreams: The ego who is trying to use meditation as a way to cope with the stresses, demands and uncertainties of life; The ego with its particular life story, its script and characteristics, its family, friends and affiliations. Meta mindfulness allows us to step back and view it all from a transcendent perspective - a view that also is an expression of the conscious life that has always been within the moment, but which we have misinterpreted and taken to be personal. The Self looks through it all, but without attachment or identification.

This implies that we are more than finite temporal people with our unique life stories, but really have and are a deeper and eternal Self. This Self is really the 'I' that the ego claims, and the life which gives the ego the power to be. Practicing this meta mindfulness helps us free ourselves from the confinement of the ego and move into a freer and more spacious life. This is the Divine Life that we name Christ. However, meta mindfulness just aims to open to what ‘is’, and the realization that this underlying reality is a Conscious Presence of Light and Love, is discovered in the experience of it.

The key to making the shift to the meta level of the soul is realizing that the ‘I’ awareness that the separate ego takes to be its personal self possession, is really part of a transcendental Self. This Self is actually a collective consciousness that each person takes to be unique and personal because it is experienced through a separate unique personality. However, it's nature on the spiritual level where it has its existence, is a unitary beingness expressing through humanity as a whole. This is Christ, Who is the conscious embodiment of our essential and Divine Self, which is also the Son or conscious aspect of God.

In consciously realizing who we are as living soul(s), we also realize that we have a role to play in the Plan of God, in Whose Life we have our being. We begin to intuit the Will, Intent and Purpose of our that Larger Divine Whole, beyond just realizing Self consciousness. We begin first, by seeing the One Life in all the multifaceted lives on Earth and realizing that we have a role in liberating and redeeming the Spirit of God that moves within all things. We are here to serve the Larger Purpose that our Logos has for Earth in a solar and cosmic cosmological context. The future will see us acknowledging and embracing our role in the larger living universe.