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Evil in the world

On our dualistic planet there is a basic conflict between good and evil. Good means conscious evolution toward light, love, spiritual integration, freedom and our divine destiny. Evil means forces violently inimical to the good that are materialistic, fearful, destructive, and selfish. And just as there is a God and spiritual beings guiding humanity to our positive destined future, there have been evil entities on earth who have endeavored to control, enslave, and exploit for evil. Fortunately, these have been recently removed by God preparative to our planetary shift into the New Age. This just leaves those human beings who have aligned with evil and the mechanisms in our global political-economic system that allow them maintain their influence, which we need to change.

Evil has three essential elements: A will or intention that is intrinsically selfish, separative, cruel, and violent; A mind that is innately deceitful, destructive, deluding, devaluing, and corrupting; And an emotional fear inducing energy that incapacitates and confuses. These elements are often subtle and hidden and not obvious as evil often works in darkness and in secret behind a facade of seeming normality.

Evil energy impacts us all and confronts us with a necessary choice. By doing so it highlights what is good, true, beautiful and evolutionary and thus serves a higher purpose. If however, we choose evil, we ultimately learn through suffering, that we have made the wrong choice, and are are thus moved to choose good and life instead. We can recognize those who are choosing evil by their sociopathic nature. However, sociopaths can be outwardly charming, intelligent, attractive and successful. It may not be obvious how they obsessively misuse their power to exploit, destroy, appropriate and control others and create institutions that allow them to further their aims. Ultimately this is predation.

This is where collectively humanity must now make some needed changes to transform societal institutions, laws, and practices that have been built into the system that perpetuate evil and unnecessary human suffering. Just become something is traditional or legal does not make it right. Just because something has an ostensible good end does not make it right, for evil excels in rationalization and justification and bogus appeals to seeming reasonable motives. 

What are some of those problem areas where evil has insinuated itself? Firstly is humanity's tragic history of war, violence, domination and murder institutionalized unto today by appeals to 'national defense', some 'glorious ideal', a 'religious' call or 'justice'. Even today, from capital punishment, to drone assignations, nationalistic military incursions and nuclear threats, we justify and glorify war and violence. It fills our news, our movies and TV, our amusements and our culture. Of course it's only the 'good' violence against the 'bad' aggressor but this is easy to rationalize in our media. Violence be it by the individual or an institution and power used for selfish purpose is evil.

Secondly is the almost universal rationalization of the legitimacy of exploitation. Most all cultures have allowed the powerful few, to exploit and use and take unfair advantage of the unfortunate many, and to justify this by appeals to tradition, law, survival or religion. Millions have been enslaved in the past and today we have debt slavery. Our interest based banking and economic system keeps billions of people destitute and impoverished, while the few cream the profits of the labors of the many to gain their obscene wealth. Capitalism incorporates exploitation. Our stock markets and financial institutions are rigged to give control and power to a few at the expense of the good of the many. This causes widespread suffering and is evil. Nature offers her bounty to all, equally - we should do likewise.

Thirdly is the use of the mind to justify and facilitate the above activities. In the old days evil was done by appeals to fear, power, authority, and tradition and the denial of a higher truth and today it is no different. The media is filled with fearful stories that cultivate a sense of powerlessness and refuse to report on positive solutions or higher truths that would give a fair and balanced presentation. It's ironic that one of our news corporation's motto is 'fair and balanced' which is exactly what their propaganda is not. As in this novel, '1984', the 'truth' as presented is almost the opposite of what it really is. 'Information' serves profits which serves power. The intellectual elite are paid to promote a system which institutionalizes evil. And we are so indoctrinated that we are largely unaware of the circumscribed and biased assumptions and attitudes we hold.

Further ramifications of this can be seen in many areas of life. Religions which are meant to awaken people to their divine nature, have been used instead to keep people suppressed and dependent on the religious prelates who live off them. Science, which posits an open mindedness and an inductive approach to reality is being used to deny the larger spiritual reality of which material reality is but an aspect. Profiteers and pornographers are justifying their debasement of the human being by appeals to free speech and the free market. Business is poisoning the land, air and water and the ecological future of the planet while lawmakers look away because it is profitable to them. What is called justice is a biased system of retribution that perpetuates the injustice of the larger system it serves. Journalists who are supposed to report the facts and find the truth, are instead assigned to write pre-scripted stories on predefined issues that ignore relevant facts and context.

The US pursues its militaristic imperial compulsion for global hegemony, creating war and insurrection, and justifying it with the false a priori assumptions, promoted through the media, that America always stands for what's good. However, torture is legitimized. The IMF and World Bank enforce international compliance with the totalitarian dollar and banker dictates that destroy national sovereignty and the general good. Local oligarchs are paid off to do transnational capitalism's bidding.  Drugs are imported that impair the general health and unhealthy food sold just for profit. Money corrupts and those who make the laws look away so long as they are paid. And there are many other such examples. The evil mind deludes, distorts, deceives, distracts, defiles and destroys and tries to make it look normal, 'realistic' and 'common sense'.

However, we are eternal spiritual beings who are incarnating as temporal human beings. We have been given free will to a degree and the evolutionary opportunity to choose to create, manifest and realize the Will and Plan of God on earth, if we should choose to do so. We should, for it is only in this way that we may really be happy and fulfilled, individually and collectively. We need not feel guilt about 'sin' or 'mistakes' we have made for we have been programmed to learn and grow through experience. And no act can change who we essentially are as souls. We have an obligation to ourselves and the planet, however, to free ourselves and our societies from the longstanding influence of evil. A transformation is in process now that is bringing the old separative, materialistic, fear based and evil ways to a point of awareness and collapse so something more holistic, positive and revelatory can emerge. It's an exciting time to be alive.