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The path to union with the soul

The integration of the personality and the soul is a very important subject and deserves more than the few passing remarks. This integration is what we are really working toward in our aspiration to spirit, Christ and the Hierarchy. Leading up to this is the effort to integrate the personality - will, mind, emotions and physical body - into a unified instrument under the individual self will as focused in the mind. Therapy can assist here and aid in resolving emotional wounds, negative beliefs and unproductive habits so can we can come into alignment with the positive energy of the soul. 

When we begin to aspire to the higher self or soul we unconsciously assume this will proceed by a similar process of integration and therefore endeavor to bring the soul into the personality or spiritualize the separate ego. We open up to love and inspiration while maintaining a personal identification. We do this by aspiring to spirit while maintaining our polarization in the separate ego mind.  It is natural to have this dualistic approach as we and our culture have lived within and reinforced assumptions of separation. Even the consecrated aspiration toward the Infinite in Agni Yoga is a response to this dualistic state that has been our reality. 

However, at a certain point we realize that spiritualizing the ego is ultimately a hopeless endeavor. What we need to do is leave the ego by opening up to the spiritual soul that is already whole within us. We realize that this higher self is who we really are. We don’t need to realize a mental ideal, we merely have to attain an awareness and experience of who we really are as the higher Self or soul and live from this place of wholeness and connection. We stop thinking that we are apart or separate from what we are striving for - which gives energy and reality to that assumption - and find the place of unity within, which is the Heart. We stop going to the mind to define our reality and control our life, and live instead from the Heart, which we soon realize has its own intuitive knowing that surpasses what we have intellectually known. 

The Heart or the Self, embodies a different reality than the separative personality in the world and living by it implies living by a different law - the law of Love or Oneness. We find that everything is actually an extension of this same Self although each will express this in their own way. The experience of time is different too as instead of linear time, everything unfolds in an eternal now. 

Therefore, instead of the integration of separate individual aspects into a whole, synthesis or the realization of the underlying Oneness which the soul expresses happens. The outer personality merely becomes the expression of Oneness in the world and the means by which - in relationship with others who are also becoming Christ centered - that realization is experienced. The Agni Yoga aspiration to the Infinite becomes the ongoing effort to live in the Infinite Heart. Therefore the experience of the duality of the personality with its surrounding reality is resolved. I believe that DK’s laws for group initiation and white magic refer to the individual once soul or Self consciousness has been established. 

So, of course, the question becomes how to achieve this union with the soul for it must be harder than it sounds. I think it begins by realizing that the Heart is actually a portal we can walk through in consciousness into another realm - the realm of the soul. And the way to realize this is through experience. A meditation I like to do for this goes as follows—

Get in touch with the love in the heart by remembering an important experience of love.

Visualize that energy intensifying and the love expanding until it complexly swirls around you, encompassing you in a portal of loving energy.

Notice that your mind is now vibrating on the love wavelength and no longer thinking the old thoughts.

Notice that you can now look out through this energetic portal into the infinite expanse of loving energy that interpenetrates all life. 

As you focus on this space of love and this vibrant energy, become aware that this space is imbued with mind, love, intention and consciousness.

Realize that this space and energy is an extension of your real Self.

Realize that you can center your awareness in it and intuitively know what the soul is aware of.

Realize that you can live from this place of Oneness and know what to express and do.

Realize that this Self is actually the same Self within everyone. 

Realize that you want to maintain this Heart awareness in daily life and choose to Be who your really are all the time - and you can.

Now you are on the soul’s path and living and being your real Self.  

We merely choose to stay at one with the Heart space within and to live from there. I think a common mistake people make when initially having this experience is to believe that the ‘nothing or emptiness’ of this space is really nothing or our imagination as we are so used to the forms of the mind or the emotions. However, we will find this Self actually offers everything that we really want.  Therefore there is no longer need to become spiritual, better or enlightened - we merely need to become whole and be as we are, as an expression of our shared Self. 

Integration to synthesis; 

Mind to Heart; 

Separation to unity; 

Aspiration to embodiment; 

Personality to soul; 

Time to Now; 

Outer to inner; 

Powerlessness to co-creative conscious power; 

By achieving this state, we are actually in communion with the Hierarchy and Christ and telepathically in synch. What we are given to say and do expresses our role in the externalization of the Fifth Kingdom on Earth. Christ is externalizing through us as we embrace and express this One Self. Master Jesus has suggested some ideas to help us do this in A Course of Love. In this book He puts emphasis on the Heart and the direct access to Christ that is now possible as the Second Coming has begun.