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A spiritual rationale for socialism

As a Christian, Theosophist and Socialist, I have been surprised and frustrated by the seeming difficulty of religious and spiritually minded progressives to establish a compelling political platform that reflects their faith and that has a wide impact. As most Americans consider themselves to be religious, one would think this would be easier. We have many specific political agendas, proposals and ideas on the Left, but to my view, these aren’t as powerful as they might be if they were integral to a holistic spiritual vision that defined life. A spiritual understanding and some political ramifications that derive from this, could clarify a rationale for the progressive and socialist movement.

First of all, I think it is helpful to understand that we live in a time of transition that can be explained by a shift described a number of interrelated contrasts—

Separation to wholeness:  Our civilization has been based on the assumption of separation of ego from Self, from each other, from God and from Nature. We are experiencing the energetic  dissolution of these artificial walls which have created separation, and life based on survival. Its becoming more apparent to most people that we are one humanity, growing ever more interconnected. The underlying spiritual fact that is causing this is that the energy of the soul within all life is increasing and permeating the outer forms of life to establish an integrative conscious energy field.

Mind and belief to heart and experience: In the movement to wholeness, we are moving away from our historical tendency to place primary importance on the separative mind and are moving toward affirming the importance of that connective center, the heart and the authentic experience integral to it.  Theology must be grounded in one’s actual heart centered life as it is lived now.

Fear and violence to love and life: In a threatening world where we are separate and struggling to survive, fear and violence might make sense but not in a world where we are all brothers, who must foster the life of each other and Mother Earth. Seeing clearly the effects of our selfishness and ignorance we have no choice now except to choose love and life and to cease war and violence. 

Exploitation to stewardship: If we are all one family, how can we let capitalistic exploitation continue or the poisoning of the planet on which we depend on for life? How can the health of humanity be established if a small group is allowed to own and control most of the Earth while the majority is deprived and suffer?

Outer authority to inner knowing and empowerment: Trusting in our actual heart centered experience will allow us to move away from giving our power to others. This implies asserting and expressing our innate truth and relying less on those who would create a false dependency and thereby use us. We can’t be victimized collectively, if we believe that we have access to the truth within and don’t give away our power. 

Specific political ideas and ideals that stem from this spiritual and humanistic vision must articulate—

Establishment of universal rights and entitlements that include; basic income, housing, food, health care, education, non discrimination, animal rights, etc.

Minimums and maximums to income and wealth. Everybody cannot have an adequate amount if some people, as now, have most.

Abolition of the predatory keystone of the capitalistic system - the private banking system and fraudulent Wall Street investment practices that allow wealth to be acquired by what amounts to theft. Banks must become public utilities and Wall Street investment practices reformed.

Eliminating the influence of special interest money in politics. The corruption of democracy by money must end.

Ending war and militarism, armament sales, weapons stockpiles, and police state practices. UN diplomacy must substitute for force.

Establishing all environmentally sustainable practices and abolishing fossil fuels. Developing sustainable energy technology.

Removing all governmental secrecy and establishing a completely transparent and assessable government. Secrecy contributes to the abuse of power.

Establishing international programs to improve the quality of life in all countries, and enhance education and investment. All countries must be healthy, if the world is to be.

Remove the media from the control of private corporations that serve special interest agendas and that now provide circumscribed and biased news. 

incorporate an increased emphasis on creativity and inner directed study that honors innate knowing in education.