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Some types of spiritual practices and methods:


self awareness; Observing one's thoughts, feelings and the effects of one's actions leads to greater self knowledge and integration.


inner listening; Living by attunement to an inner felt sense and trust in this guidance.


love; Love leads us out of a narrow sense to self to embrace a larger experience of life.


nonviolence; Choosing to be nonviolent in thought, work and action, and to avoid killing or hurting other humans or animals leads to closer spiritual connection with all life.


service, duty; Doing one's duty for a larger good. Good acts.


surrender; Surrender to a higher will as felt or proscribed by one's faith resulting in increased acceptance, allowing and detachment in everyday matters.


honesty; The truth is a spiritual path. The continual effort to be authentic uncovers and integrates heretofore unconscious aspects of one's self.


visualization, imagination; Creating images, symbols, narratives or themes that can act as a focal point for inspiration and spiritual information.


prayer, invocation; Opening to and invoking inspiration, guidance and support from spiritual levels.


meditation; Different kinds of meditation aim at quieting the mind and emotions and experiencing deeper aspects of the self. Meditation can be of: a sound, image, idea, guru, question, or formless.


worship; Acts of religious devotion and adulation of deity(s).


diet and physical regimes; Vegetarianism or physical disciplines, fasting, some martial arts, exercise are believed to be helpful.


dreams; Using the information, images or insights in dreams for self knowledge or guidance.


ritual; Through ritual such as sweat lodge, fasting, hypnosis, tantra, mantras, devotional chants and songs, sacraments, etc., aimed at inducing spiritual states of consciousness.


yoga; These are different kinds of proscribed activities aimed at union or integration of the person with the transpersonal self - hatha, karma, bhakti, jnana, raja, laya, agni, etc.


art, creativity; Creative self expression through art and music can facilitate integration of unconscious and spiritual aspects of one's self.


psychotherapy; Exploring one's conscious and unconscious to process, understand and integrate aspects of the self.


process work; Amplifying and unfolding body symptoms, discordant feelings or thoughts to integrate unconscious information.


movement; Utilizing sacred dance, Qigong, Subud, Tai Chi or similar, to affect deeper spiritual states.


divination tools; Using oracles like the I Ching, Tarot or Runes to access unconscious knowledge.


drugs; As a result of psychedelic drug use various spiritual and altered states can be induced.