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Reflections on the signature events of our time

I’m sitting in the back garden this morning and reflecting on some of the signature events that have influenced and defined my generation. I think, after the victory over the Axis Powers in the Second World War, the West had a reprieve where happy concerns of peace, prosperity and progress predominated. There was increasing affluence, hopefulness and rapid technological development. Of course there was the Cold War with Communism and the specter of nuclear war, but these seemed quite remote from everyday life. This was the 50’s.

The 60’s brought some influences that were unique and that put an indelible stamp on my generation and the world. I believe the Earth was inundated by new cosmic energies that lifted consciousness to a higher level. This is the only way to understand some of the changes that occurred. These energies were characterized by the qualities of love, freedom, and the sense of a new holistic way of life and being. Culture became electrified, consciousness expanded, and the world’s preoccupation with fear, war and materiality was lessened. There were new Eastern and spiritual ideas and a sense of needing to get back into harmony with the Divine in nature. This was the beginning of the New Age of the Soul. The Vietnam War united a generation and raised awareness of the Imperial nature of US/Western foreign policy.

This new energy washed through the planet and then receded to a degree, leaving people to endeavor to integrate it into their lives and in society. Popular music, which had been an avenue of revelation, reverted to traditional issues. New styles were coopted by commercial interests. There was a backlash by regressive forces against some of the excesses of the 60’s and the power structure, which had not been touched by the widespread political dissent, retrenched and found new ways to increase their power. However, movements for increased human, racial, sexual, animal and minority rights continued as did the environmental movement. This was the late 70’s and 80’s.

After the collapse of Soviet Communism in 1990 and the transformation of Chinese Communism to a more capitalistic economy, the West had an opportunity to reduce its military budget, change its policies and establish a more peaceful integrated global civilization. Instead, the US increased its efforts to attain a global hegemony and New World Order for the transnational capitalistic cabal that it embodied and enforced, revealing the true nature of the capitalistic system. On 9/11/2001 happened the event which has changed the course of subsequent history. This is what it was designed to do - create an enemy that would be a pretext for further war and domestic repression. 

It's very important to realize that the official explanation and conspiracy story of the Muslim terrorists who are trying to destroy the US and democratic, freedom loving West is bogus. 9/11 was done by elements of the evil powers who have ever ruled the earth, and who are making yet another attempt to gain world wide power by taking over the US and creating more war and oppression. The nineteen Muslims hijackers were merely patsies set up to take the blame. This cabal has gained a large measure of control over the US Congress, the banking and financial institutions, the media, and the Intelligence services, like the CIA. Our constitutional democracy has been totally corrupted by money, and is in the control of the monied interests.

Please read up on 9/11 and start with or David Ray Griffin’s books if you don't understand what really happened and why. There are many good books, videos and movies, but it's all being completely suppressed in the government and the MSM. However, it's not all bad. The brazen power grab and subsequent actions are allowing many people around the world to see that the ‘emperor has no clothes’ and realize that the self proclaimed idealism of the the US in particular, is a hypocritical lie. The latest US President, along with the Administration and Republican Party that he represents, has incited world wide resistance by dangerous and extreme words and actions. He is threatening more war, furthering inequality and taking no action to forestall our environmental global destruction. 

However, there are new positive possibilities that can now be seen that indicate the beginning of a new era.  The war mongering, hostile belligerence and threats by the US have pushed Russia and China into a defensive alliance and their plans to create a new gold based monetary system will take the power away from the present dollar based financial system and reduce the power of the US as well. It will be an important step away from the predatory private banking system and world debt slavery this has created toward making banks public serving utilities. 

The information provided by Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project is very important. In the US all information about UFO’s and Extraterrestrial’s have been rigorously suppressed. However, since the 40’s the US has had secret programs to extract the advanced technology from the UFO’s it has acquired. Many technologies we now take for granted from printed circuit boards to fiber optics have been reverse engineered from downed UFO’s. And we also now have anti-gravity and free energy technology, although these are in the possession of undisclosed secret organizations beyond the control of the US government. 

Tesla predicted the possibility of deriving energy from the infinite energy in the universe, and some patents have been made along this line, although the information was subsequently repressed. Free energy means a small box sized device can supply all the non polluting energy needed for a homes, cars, factories or offices. And it means the end of polluting fossil fuels and nuclear power that are destroying the ecosystem. This technology has been suppressed because the controlling cabal would loose the profit and power they have from the current fossil fuel system. 

The presence of the Galactic peoples in their UFO’s indicates as well that humanity and Earth are on the verge of a New Age or Millennium as has been prophesied by Religion. Their presence is a sign that indicates that despite the current crises on Earth, a new beginning is imminent, a new cycle, and a wholly new spiritual civilization will soon be born through the pain and suffering of this present transition. Communications have been coming from the spirit world for some time (that are also being devalued and dismissed by the MSM) that corroborate the meaning of this time and that provide understanding and guidance for humanity in this epochal moment. 

Civilizations have always come and gone, so why should our present civilization be any different? Science, which is establishing knowledge of the material world, has far to go in gaining understanding of the multidimensional metaphysical reality we live in. Spiritual sources tell us that currently non empirical levels of reality are gradually becoming more accessible to consciousness and allowing humanity the capacity to shift more to the level of the soul, with all this this entails. The materialistic, selfish and violent forces that have controlled the outer Earth for so long, will soon be overcome, as prophesied. This is their last moment and vain attempt to prevent what is Divinely ordained for Earth. 

So we live in a singular and exciting historical moment that foreshadows the end of history as we know it and the beginning of the Age of Light. The human spirit is rising up to resist the Trumps of this world and reclaim the power given to those who have ruled. New information is breaking through that shows promise of change - spiritual and technological. The Galactics will not allow nuclear annihilation. The Forces of Light are allowing evil a bit more time to redeem themselves or be removed from the possibility of further life on Earth. Christ and His Brotherhood prepare for Their imminent reappearance and the establishment of the prophesied Spiritual Age. It's all in process.