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The Sixth Ray and Synthesis

Initially, we are told, the First, Second and Seventh Rays formed the nucleus of the new Synthesis Ashram which is carrying the new Synthesis energy to Earth from the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis evoked by Christ. This Ashram and energy will eventually encompass and incorporate all the Rays and Ashrams just as all planetary Rays are subrays of solar Second Ray of Love Wisdom, as the Solar Logos is the Heart Center of the larger Cosmic Life we are an integral part of. This energy will allow the entire Earth to shift up to the next level.

The Sixth Ray is now integrating into the One Synthesis Ashram as its idealistic focus is no longer directed toward the realization of personal ideals or mental aspirations but toward the Planetary Shift toward the One Life, One consciousness, One Mind and One Being within all the outer forms of life on Earth. Humanity is the vehicle for the Avatar of Christ Who is us, in Truth. Synthesis unites the separate form and the consciousness of the One Self as poles in one consciousness. This is Christ manifesting in that portion of humanity who can embody Him.

As we are told, Synthesis Energy resolves apparent conflict by creating a new manifest condition of the One Life. Duality is really only apparent to those polarized in separation, in the ego. As we choose to identify with the One Self, we will thereby gradually transform everything into the new world that is destined and waiting to emerge. We must co-create it, extend and manifest it. By so doing we fulfill the divine Will of the Logos and the Plan of Christ to consciously redeem the present world by consciously uniting with the One Spirit within it. The Sixth Ray now directs us to the path of the Heart and union with what is there within and Real rather than what is ideal or mental.  Just as the Sixth Ray solar plexus energies have to be lifted up to the Second Ray Heart Center in the process of integration, so do we have to move through the heart portal to shift our identification to the unitary space of the One Self within all that we share. We can then live from love and what is rather than what we think should be, trusting in the flow of spirit in the moment.

As we are all an expression of One Self, this group consciousness can only be realized by sharing it with each other. Initiation is no longer individual.  We open to, align and identify with the Synthetic Self through the synthetic Heart and buddhi and then live from there, seeing and relating to this in all. Then we help to bring this awareness to consciousness in others. The mind then becomes the agent that allows the experience and extension of the Will and Consciousness of Christ. And the creation of the New World/Millennium that is destined to become real. It already exists as a seed but we must give it form. 


Making the Shift to the Soul — Incorporating Jesus’ Teaching

Those in the esoteric community, and I count myself as one, have a great appreciation for the Theosophic Wisdom given out by the Trans-Himalayan Lodge through various individuals over the last 150 years, in particular.  I consider this Wisdom as representing in symbolic form the scientific understanding of the inner and metaphysical realms, just as our present day science is a formulation of the laws of outer empirical reality. The Wisdom could only have been formulated by those sages who in consciousness have been able to transcend the ‘three worlds’ of human experience, as this is not a speculative and intellectual creation, but a direct representation of what is ultimately the Divine Truth of the One Reality.

The early Theosophists emphasized the new esoteric knowledge they were announcing and the necessity for individuals to live more spiritual lives. Later esotericists, like Bailey and Cedercrans emphasized the more precise psychological integration necessary to assimilate this new knowledge. However, the emphasis continued to be primarily mental as befits the mental emphasis in our Fifth Root Race civilization. Anyone who has associated with the esoteric community can readily notice what a heady atmosphere it has with all manner of eastern, occult and esoteric concepts discussed and bantered about. These ideas which we are incorporating allow a more transparent connection with the reality of the soul and therefore allow us to express our inner knowing with more accuracy and sophistication. 

However, there is also a natural tendency to just stuff the ego mind with these new ideas and to stay stuck in the ego, in separation. It is a natural and unavoidable tendency on the spiritual path to at first endeavor to spiritualize the ego, because that is where we are identified. It’s only later that we realize that we need to release the ego at a certain stage in making shift to a larger identification, if we are to continue to progress. The esoteric emphasis on manas further adds to the difficulty of making a jump to living as a soul as it intensifies our mental focus, on learning, on placing primary reality on the mind for our experience of reality. As a psychotherapist I’ve noticed that idealists can have a difficult time with integration. There is so much focus on one’s wonderful ideals and ideas that it may take many years to realize that there is an unresolvable discrepancy between these and one’s actual experience. Integration will not take place in the mind but through the integrating agency of the heart that leads to soul and buddhi. Although the laws for soul/group life and white magic and the path ahead of planetary, solar and cosmic initiations have been articulated, yet most of us are still struggling as personalities to learn and apply it all and make the shift to the soul.

Although Jesus is admitted to be Lord of the Sixth Ray by the esoteric community, His recent Teaching has not been given much acknowledgment or emphasis by esotericists. Yet He has transmitted Teachings through a number of people in recent years, such as Helen Schucman, Paul Ferrini, John Smallman, Gina Lake and Mari Perron. His Teaching doesn’t use the esoteric terminology—and maybe is thought to be less profound as a result—but focusses on the need to understand the separate ego so that we might release our identity with it by living by the Heart and surrendering to the One Self. This is the nondual path of buddhi. And in this age of synthesis, this Teaching can help us move from our wise egos to the living experience of the soul, and from separation to Oneness. Esoteric concepts are then experienced as aspects of soul awareness and seeds of knowing that we can draw upon to express our Self.

Other people like Eckhart Tolle and the Nondual Satsang community have also articulated the need to release our attachment to our thoughts, emotions and personal identity and open in the Now and the Stillness within to what is. It can be difficult to release our attachment to the ideas of our accumulated cherished wisdom, and our ego focus, but nothing real can be lost, and in the experience of the One Self we will attain the experience of the reality that was symbolized in form.  As I see it, we must endeavor to stand in our being as souls now, and trust in the truth as we experience it as we live by Love. As Jesus says in A Course of Love, the time of learning and of the mind is over. The time where we each can directly access Christ and rely on what we intrinsically are, and live from the heart has begun. We must now be who we really are by shifting to the soul and synthesize the path of the mind with the path of the Heart. And by doing this have a greater impact on humanity. This is the Second Coming of Christ which is beginning now. Christ will be externalized by that portion of humanity who can be who they really are as soul and embody Him.