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Some types of spiritual and paranormal experiences:

thoughts, feelings; These are metaphysical in that they can not be empirically observed. Although there is a correlation between thoughts and feelings and related biochemical activity in body these are not the same. The mind is the metaphysical aspect related to the brain, which is the physical organ.

intuitions; A sense of knowing that is different from a rational or factual sense

synchronicity; Meaningful coincidences that often seem to imply some deeper level of causality

dream experiences; These can provide information, ideas or insights and have an emotional impact.

visions; Real life experiences of things which others can not see- not a psychotic hallucination.

ESP; Extra sensory perceptions are knowing things in the present for which one has no evidence.

precognition, premonition, presentiment; Specific foreknowledge of an event that is later confirmed

clairaudience; Being able to hear things others can't. The other senses also have paranormal correspondences.

speaking in tongues; Speaking sounds felt or believed to be a spiritual language.

OBE's; Out of body experiences are not uncommon and sometimes will happen related to a traumatic incident.

past life memories; When an individual has a personal memory of something that really seems to have happened in a previous life. Such a memory can be explanatory of a person's present attitude.

miracle healing; When ,healing occurs in a very quick or supernatural way.

NDE's; There is a surprising consistency in the particulars of near death experiences across cultures.

paranormal incidents; There can be many types of paranormal incidents from strange lights, poltergeists, UFO's, crop circles, etc.

supernormal powers; Supernatural strength, levitation, bilocation, psychokinesis, materialization or transformation of objects, etc.

spiritual encounters; Encounters with individuals who may have spiritual powers, seeming omniscience, or be not human - angels, fairies, etc.

prophecy; Psychic, mediumistic or trance states providing information about the future which has some predictive value.

continuity of consciousness; Maintaining consciousness 24/7 and thus being able to remember the subtle worlds

divine incarnations, avatars; Experience and belief that certain exalted individuals over the course of history are intentional divine interventions to aid humanity.