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Requirements for Spiritual Advancement


1.  Non-violence:  Violence has been a scourge on humanity and it has been all too easy to justify it. We must take care to avoid it in our everyday actions by avoiding angry acts and words. When we need to address something that is provoking anger in us we should so in a calm reasonable way.


2.  Non-judgment of others:  The tendency to judge and then project our judgments on others is in itself a violent act that is negative and furthers unwanted separation, egoism and ignorance. Condemnation of social ills should emphasize the good that the negative situation is blocking.


3.  Avoidance of intoxicating substances:  The body cannot absorb higher spiritual vibrations if it has been degraded by intoxicants.


4.  A healthy moderate diet and physical self care:  Spiritual development requires the self discipline of moderate healthy habits so growth can be consistent and progressive. A chemical free vegetarian diet is best along with fresh air, pure water and mild exercise.


5.  Spiritual study, reading and reflection:  This is opens our mind and realigns it with energies and concepts that more accurately reflect our true nature and that then allows us to express that self nature more transparently.


6.  Selflessness:  Is an awareness an attitude based on the understanding that we are all part of the same being and life. And an endeavor to embody this universal brotherly love.


7.  Regular meditation and prayer:  This involves stilling the mind and emotions and invoking a deeper spiritual connection and realization. In time this becomes not just a momentary act but an ongoing at-one-ment.


8.  Compassionate service for the greater good:  Service is really about giving and being one's true self in some arena - personal or social. It entails coming from the heart and embodying one's highest self and purpose.