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The precipitation of the new spiritual Wisdom in three phases

The spirit worlds and the inner Hierarchy of the Self realized who are consciously working to further God’s Plan for the Earth, have ever provided guidance and direction to humanity and have actually seeded the human mind with most of the evolutionary concepts that have moved our civilization forward. In the last 150 years, in particular, the Ancient Wisdom has been disseminated in new forms to help humanity understand what’s really happening on the planet now and to make a harmonious transition to the destined New Age. This new dispensation has been released in three phases. 

The best place to start is with DK as he is rightly regarded by most esotericists as the authority on the nature of occult Reality. In Bruce Lyon’s Occult Cosmology, DK says that there are three phases to the Wisdom Teachings that he has been instrumental in disseminating. The first phase is Theosophy which is a distillation of the mental illumination of the East in the form of a third person objectification of the inner nature of Reality — the processes, structures, cycles, lives and qualified energies, etc. This objective mental approach which brought out the underlying unity of various religious and philosophical systems of thought is in synch with the objective scientific attitude of occidental consciousness. The second phase embodied by Roerich (MM), Bailey (MDK) and Cedercrans (MR) (interestingly from the three Masters constituting the new Synthesis ashram) articulated how the psychological integration of this Occult Wisdom might be realized by the process of gradual evolutionary conscious expansion into ever more subtle dimensions of the Theosophically described Reality. This phase emphasized psychological integration, initiation and the antahkarana just as the first phase emphasized the enlightenment of the mind. The third phase, emphasizing spirit, Shamballa and the life thread or sutrama, is the nondual path of radical awakening or Self Realization. This is the path of the Heart that Jesus offers, of identification beyond the mind with Christ and the Absolute Self. The second phase is dualistic— the personality feels separate from what it seeks. It corresponds to the development of psychology as a nascent science. The third phase is nondual — everything is already realized to be within and part of one, whether that be the Self, Christ or God. Rather than expanding, we contract to the central point that hologramicly contains the Whole. This has its correspondence to the dark matter of a Black Hole that is integral to all in a unified field.

The reason Jesus has emphasized teaching about the ego as a prelude to this Heart Path in his recent communications, is because, ever since at least Atlantan times, humanity has functioned from the internalized ego program as its self identity. This false separate identity was created by fear of the Whole or God and a belief that one was separate, identified with the body, threatened and doomed to die. From this identity in the concrete ego mind arose a number of implied assumptions and attitudes including: a belief in lack, self doubt and anxiety, an inclination to judgment and the projection of one’s thoughts on to outer reality where they are experienced as real, a continual struggle and will to realize the beliefs and ideals of the mind, a felt need to use and control life and circumstances for survival and happiness, etc. At any rate our entire civilization on Earth has been an externalization of the ego. As it is more difficult to overcome something if we don’t know what we are caught up in, awareness of the true nature of the ego has been recently emphasized. A problem also arises when we have endeavored to integrate the Wisdom. The concepts become invariably internalized into the separate ego mind and can actually increase our sense of separation, rather than our oneness with others and life. Likewise the related endeavor to develop spirituality means that, at least at first, we unconsciously try to enlighten or spiritualize the ego. As the mind is naturally separative, its development can strengthen the separative ego. In the transition that the Earth is now in the midst of, the fundamental change regarding humanity will be our shift out of separate ego identification to identifying as a soul which is naturally group conscious. And the New Path of the Heart leading to Christ is offering us a way to do that which avoids many of the issues and delays of the mental path of initiation for those that are inclined to it. I say ‘New Path’ because the Heart is no longer just to be perceived from the ego’s point of view as the organ providing love to the ego, but the Heart can be experienced as a portal to the nondual One Self in all and thus Christ Consciousness. 

I think the Mahachohan’s explanation in Cedercrans’ The Nature of the Soul, of the need to reverse the steps taken in becoming incarnate when on the path of return can also be helpful in providing a useful meta understanding. Those incarnational stages are: 1. The Word pervading a discrete etheric form. 2. The creation of a mental body. 3. Taking on an astral body. 4. Incarnation in a physical body. On the path of return back to Source and Oneness, the steps are reversed and related to the initiations. 4. The First initiation marks the beginning of the process of return. 3. The Second initiation marks the dominance of Love over desire for self. 2. The Third initiation marks the consecration of the mind for the good of all. 1. The Fourth initiation marks the success in overcoming identification with the separate ego mind by identifying with the Word or Spirit. The relevance of this to the path of the Heart taught in Jesus’ A Course of Love, is that by understanding that the Heart is actually a portal to a unified dimension of Being from which we may live intuitively, we may more easily overcome identification with the ego mind and become One with the One Self in all, or God. We may understand in this, the need to leave even our precious Theosophical concepts as we leave attachment to the mind and traverse the boundless Light of buddhi/Christ Consciousness (primary matter ensouled by the Word) guided not by our thoughts but the intuitive Knowing within the Heart. 

A Fourth phase may be presumed to happen when Christ and the Masters are in physical presence and the Mysteries are restored — when we not only have the Presence of Christ in the world, but have that Presence embodied.