The Impending Planetary Crises 

Humanity is facing a confluence of crises that are manifestations of ideas and attitudes toward life that are inherently destructive and no longer viable for continued life on earth. In fact the collective myth underlying the human drama of civilization has run its course as a vivifying archetype of meaning. This myth begins, as in the story of Genesis, with the idea of the separation of man from the ultimate Source or Creator of life. It incorporates assumptions of condemnation, of need and scarcity, of a violent battle between good and evil for survival and salvation on an earth that is to be used and mastered. Beauty, peace, love and joy are transient moments at best that give fleeting intimations of another spiritual world forever apart from the reality of life on earth, which is more characterized by suffering, hardships, work and travail. 

Our economic system, therefore, is based on the need to get and have and the legitimacy of using and exploiting one's fellow man and the resources of the planet. Likewise, there is a presumed selfish right to accumulate, have and control as much as one can even if others are deprived as a result. It's all about assumed individual rights unbalanced by collective responsibility. And corporations, fictional legal entities set up for profit's sake only, are granted the rights - and more - that trump basic human rights. The financial system set up around the medium of exchange for economic labor - money - has itself become an object for exploitation and been corrupted from its original purpose. The corruption is so bad that the banks, financial and investment industry are in effect controlling and stealing most of the results of mankind's labors. We have a world where a handful of the obscenely rich own and control much of the world's wealth while billions suffer poverty, starvation and degradation. 

In the struggle for survival, power has always been sought, esteemed and used. However, humans have not stopped with mere survival. Once power is valued, supremacy is sought by whatever means, violent or more subtle, can be found. Kings and Popes, Presidents and Potentates invariably seek to expand their domain, their control and their power, beyond any need for mere survival and well being. Therefore we have a world that has been continually at war by military, political, economic or ideological means. Of course, the powerful are loath to honestly assert their true lust, greed and selfish disregard, so they have their intellectual elites to dissemble, disguise, and distort the truth and to propagandize for them to convince the masses of the legitimacy of the wars, sacrifices, injustices and institutions that perpetuate the violence. In the present as in the past, there are always appeals to national defense, pride, and self righteous superiority against demonized external enemies. The United States, as the leading Imperial power, compulsively pursues global hegemony and is opposing any power which would not submit, but of course, misrepresents its true aims and blames the states or groups that are victimized. By definition the US is always right and doing good - so the intellectual elites in the mainstream media and their colleagues in academia, tell us.

The ecological impact of our civilization on the earth is becoming more apparent every year. We are poisoning the planet by our self centered attitudes and actions. The chemicals we create for our artificial needs are polluting the soil, water and air and consequently our bodies. Oceans and forests are becoming acidified, plants, animals and humans are becoming sick from the toxic effects and whole species are dying. We can't seem to stop our addiction to fossil fuels and are using ever more destructive methods, like fracking and deep sea wells, to extract it. Our nuclear plants are creating destructive pollution that will last for thousands of years and we can't seem to care. We could develop sustainable alternative energy technologies but our investment in the selfish profits from old technologies inhibits the changes we rationally know we must make. We have not collectively assumed responsibilities for our actions and are finding out that these are actually changing the climate and all life on earth. We must change if we are to survive. We must learn to think of the good of the whole, if the good of each part of the whole is to be fostered.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to force a change as the built up momentum of beliefs, habits, investments, fear and lethargy is too strong to overcome otherwise. As we are now facing  a tripartite crisis on the planet that is becoming more obvious every day, hopefully we will make the changes necessary to ensure the survival and well being of all life on earth. I believe that the answer is within us and is also becoming more apparent all the time. The answer is the force of the spiritual soul within that is emerging and breaking through into our awareness. This energy of our deeper self nature supersedes the energy of the separative ego that has been the basis of our present civilization. By making the shift to soul we are also able to step out of and disidentify with the conditioning, beliefs, values and attitudes of the ego and open to the interconnected holistic, livingness of the soul and the spirit as it moves through all life on the planet. We must make the quantum step to the spiritual life that has always been potential within us but which must now be manifest in the world. As we change who we are, we must perforce change the structure our our society that is a reflection of our individual identity. 

How does the nature of the soul transform the above stated crises? The soul has no need for 'power over' others or need to assert power for a separate agenda because the soul is naturally group conscious and concerned for the good of the whole. Likewise the soul is not concerned about survival issues as it knows that its life is eternal and so doesn't have a need based motivation system. The soul is about giving and sharing rather than getting and exploiting as it understands that it already has all it needs within, and needs but fully express this. The soul itself embodies love, peace, joy among other positive qualities, and is motivated to create and express its intrinsic spirit for the benefit of the larger group. As the soul is an aspect of life, so its  methods are life based and not as artificial as the technologies of today. The violence and self will of the ego will be superseded when the awareness of ourselves as souls becomes the predominant state of mind. The institutions based on the matrix of ego programming will collapse like the economic system based on them, because the energy supporting these will have diminished to the point of inconsequence. The new age, like the soul, will be based on love, sharing, the recognition of intrinsic rights, the interconnectedness and divinity of all life, and the conscious application of spiritual creativity and manifestation.

In this movement of spiritual awakening and conscious expansion, we are not alone. Unseen, there has always been a hierarchy of beings guiding and overnighting the earth, both from spiritual and extraterrestrial dimensions. That spiritual hierarchy is making more concerted efforts to communicate and aid humanity as the crises afflicting the planet cause more widespread confusion, distress and suffering. There are likewise selfish forces that would delay or defeat the destined transformation of the earth, that use forces of fear and distortion. We must see and choose the real positive opportunity of this time as an inevitable moment when the earth as a whole can shift to a more spiritual level that honors the intrinsic potential and manifests the divine destiny of the earth. Our crisis is the crisis of birth which can be made easier if we cooperate and assist in the transition and avail ourselves of the inspiration coming from the spiritual realms.

How do we make this shift, individually? The above dialectic makes it sound like a great conflict or effort must be necessary for accomplishment. It's rather easier. We merely need to be open, honest and willing to be deeply authentic. It's just a matter of listening to the heart and the call of spirit and be willing to live by its impulses and direction. If one's life had been fear based and materialistic this may seem like a big step, but really it just involves doing what one really wants, what brings joy, peace and satisfaction on the deepest level. Once one embarks on the path of the heart, one's steps must invariably lead to the abode of the soul, regardless of the seeming vagaries of the path. Anything that enhances life, health, beauty and community helps, as does moments of stillness and silence to hear one's inner voice in the noisy complexities of today's world. Living simply, appreciating nature and attuning to spirit by whatever means speak to you can facilitate that experience of inner connection. The ego thinks in terms of difficult achievements and efforts, but the soul is already there, merely waiting to be embraced. It's more a matter of accepting, allowing and being than willing, forcing and doing. Relax, let go and live and assume your role in the transformation of the planet.

Three planetary crises a year later:

A year ago when pondering the three major crises looming over humanity and the planet, I did not see any ready or realistic answers. Now possible answers are beginning to emerge and although we have a ways to go before these can be fully implemented, I'm feeling more hopeful.


The economic crisis:  The private international banking and financial system is the primary tool for the global ruling class to maintain their power, wealth and control. It is an exploitive and ultimately predatory system to enforce debt slavery on the world population and to extract an unearned wealth in the process by its operators. Affluent elite groups are well paid to promote and justify its continued existence. The Federal Reserve in the US, which is in charge of the dollar supply is privately controlled. Austerity policies demanded by international financial agencies like the World Bank are forcing whole nations to restrict socialistic policies that benefit the population as a whole and to impose what is really a harsh financial totalitarianism. The elected groups in each country that benefit are really being paid by this system to impose its will on the local population.

The answer that is emerging through such organizations as BRICS, and related new financial organizations as an alternative global banking and financial system, that will be based on a solid gold foundation and be ultimately publicly controlled. Russia and China can clearly see how the present petro-dollar banking system is working against their interests and are planning at a certain point to withdraw their investment in the dollar and the Western banking system and change to an alternative. This will severely crash the dollar and cause the other nations of the world to see the need to change allegiances. With the collapse of the private banks, it will be possible to create public replacements. With the change in the banking industry it will also be easier to change corrupt investment practices on Wall Street.

The ecological crisis: Humanity is slowly poisoning the planet and irrevocably damaging the ecosystem. The pollution is primarily caused by a fossil fuel and nuclear energy system and profit based industrial practices that place private gain above the general good. The cabal would like to pretend that there is no global warming so they can continue their exploitive and destructive practices and the political policies that allow it. 

The simple solution is found in the 'free energy' technology that is known now but being suppressed by the ruling class as it would loose its source of wealth and control if everyone on the planet had abundant free (and non polluting) energy. And if the ruling class lost some of their power it would be easier to change the laws to ecological and sustainable laws. 

The political crisis:  The political crisis can be seem most easily in the unnecessary perpetual wars that the ruling class creates. Especially today, when the world is becoming more integrated electronically, financially and culturally and where we have the technology to will allow everyone on the planet the secure basics of life, war can be seen as a tragic and sinister habit that is preventing global peace and prosperity. Of course, the ruling cabal want it this way, as fear is a means of control and war is a way to make money and destroy opposition. It's now obvious to most people on the planet that the mentally unbalanced leader of the 'free world' is emblematic of the insane global political situation and the mad compulsion for global hegemony by the US at any cost. 

The solution lies in the whistle blowers who are coming forward, the files that Wikileaks is publishing and the disclosures that the NSA and other intelligence sources can make that are and will reveal the secret nexus of clandestine power in the world. We currently have little knowledge of the secret programs and agendas of the powerful few and how they operate. When we know more we will learn that 9/11 was a false flag operation, and we will realize that the 'war on terror', like every other war, is a bogus pretext for actions to keep the population controlled. We will learn just how corrupt our politicians and media are and will be able to take collective steps to disempower the powerful and privileged and restore democracy. The internet is a powerful democratizing tool for this purpose.

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