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The withinness of the Presence:

The unitary Self is what is as it moves within creation. It is who we really are and have always been though we did not know it. This Presence is first recognized as an other. Later we come to know this as our Self, as we gradually express it and so shift our center of identity. This Presence is first recognized as a space and energy. Later we realize that it is imbued with consciousness, love, mind and intention. It is for us to embrace this consciousness and intention and make it our own by expressing and living it. Over time, we gradually forget who we thought we are as ego and awaken and become who we really are as our Self. We become whole, fully present and no longer split. 

Jesus Christ is now here within this moment, in this Presence, within us as we open up this conscious space within. We are now connected and we may choose to accept this as our Self and express what comes from this beingness. As we center our awareness in the silence and stillness within, we will realize that we have an intuitive knowing that embodies our awareness and experience. We may express and share this and so make it more real and manifest to our Self and each other. We are now in a relationship of direct Brotherhood with Jesus. We share the same consciousness. We remember and know the same truth, are animated by the same Father and have the same goal - the manifestation of the Father’s kingdom of heavenly Light and Love on Earth, and thus the fulfillment of Christ’s Plan.

Our first task therefore is to recognize the nature and limits of the ego, which has defined our historical sense of individual identity and a civilization based on its dynamics. Secondly we must realize that the increased sense of self awareness that we are experiencing is related to the quickened energy of the soul that is allowing us to more easily transcend our habitual ego polarization and thinking. Thirdly it is helpful to understand that the religious prophecies of the return of Christ and of a New spiritual Millennium on Earth are actually in process of happening, albeit in a slightly different way than was expected. Christ is coming to humanity as a whole as a consciousness and spirit that we may each experience if we open our hearts and minds. He is not coming as yet from the outside, but rather from the inside. Silently He has just come and is now here.

He is not here to do for us, but to give us the wherewithal to do for ourselves. Or rather, to be who we really are as an extension and embodiment of Him. It is time for us to take on our divine inheritance, and choose to be and live Christ’s life as we are given that within. We are to see and experience that divine Oneness in all creation and to become conscious co-creators ourselves by sharing, ideating, expressing and living, what we feel, vision, desire and know. This requires that we shift our identity from who we thought we were - and the world associated with that - to who we eternally and really are in the infinite and timeless realm of being. We are not alone in this process. Jesus and the spiritual Brotherhood of the Self realized are inwardly united with us, and supporting and facilitating our shift to Freedom, Light, Love and Oneness.

The key is Love, the doorway is through the Heart. The time is now and the place is the sanctuary within. When we adjust our eyes to the Light, we will realize that we are not alone, and that a spiritual Presence is here awaiting our awareness and acknowledgement. This Presence within is your destiny, your hope, your redemption and your real Self. In its movement as the spirit within, it will transform and carry you to a splendor that you have forgotten is possible. But first you must chose it, listen to it, express and live it. Together we may help to create the New country and destined future. There are no limits on our imagination of what possible. What is our greatest dream? Our most beautiful vision? Our timeless love and hope? 

Every moment offers a new beginning, a fresh look, a renewed connection. Each moment offers us a chance to get out of heads and our stale thoughts and into a living Presence and heart centered experience. Each moment offers us a new awareness of the unknown and a creative challenge to express it and give it form. What is stretches like a vista extending into the infinite. We get a sense of what is before us but can hardly imagine what is ultimately possible. As we take a step forward, the road itself unfolds. The sense of the Oneness within all and of inward dimensions of timeless being become more acute. Love pervades all. A larger life and whole embraces us. And we naturally want to share this with one another, to reinforce this by our collective assent and to create the appropriate forms to manifest it and make it real on Earth.