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Waking Up and Moving Through the Day 

Everyday we may wake up twice. First, of course, we wake up from sleep. And then we may wake up from our identification with the persona. The process of doing this involves awareness, Love and will. First we connect with the heart centered soul and then direct love towards the ego, allowing him to have whatever imperfections he has, and to have made whatever mistakes and taken on whatever pain or ideas that he may have acquired. We can do this because we are now aware that we are not him, and therefore nothing about him applies to us or can have any impact unless we choose to let it. And now we can choose not to. Because we now will to wake up and thereby free our selves from the past and the world’s reality. 

Now that we are aware as the Self, others appear differently. As we have freed ourselves from the ego, and are feeling much better for it, we realize that others might want to do this too. And it’s so easy. It just involves taking a step across a small gap which results in a totally different view on the world. And a much more peaceful experience. How can there be conflict if we are not invested in the ego or what any other ego thinks? Some of it is mildly interesting, but most of it is not as it pertains to a world built around the ego, it’s survival, gratification and expression. We are now more interested in looking around in awe at the unnamed, unknown reality that we can experience. 

The third step is realizing that we can’t fully wake up by one’s Self alone. This is because we are part of the same Self, so therefore exist only in relationship and must express our Self in relationship to fully manifest all that we potentially are. So therefore we imagine not only waking up together, but how we might share the One Self together. Imagine being in a large room where everyone is in this same One Self space. Of course we would be happy and glad to admit that we loved everyone, and glad to feel the joy and beauty of life lived at One. There would be a lot of positive feelings coming up. Then think of the wonderful implications of what the world would be like if we all lived from the Self and our vision and life began to coalesce around this idea.

So that the next step would be to take this awareness, Love and vision out into the world, to share and extend it. To do this we must live and demonstrate it as well as talking about it. ‘It’ is what ‘is’ in the Self’s experience. It is life lived in Oneness above or beyond the ego and the world of separate personalities. And as we share it, it becomes even more real and manifest. The implications for life lived as the One Self become thereby more apparent for the many areas of living. Sharing and love must pervade every aspect of life. Every thing, like every person will be liberated, and being liberated serve the good of the whole. Seen from Love and Oneness, there is no basis for fear for everything supports everything else in Oneness. 

Choosing Oneness invokes divine memories that replace old perceptions and that then allow us to be an agent of healing and peace in the world. Through the prayer attitude of choosing continued Oneness we are continually answered by the Creator and then need to continually respond and thereby co-create, and do our share to extend the Kingdom of the Soul on Earth. To do this we must recognize that the Creator is within all in every moment. Each one is an extension of the Creator, whom we may recognize and honor, even if they do not consciously realize it. Each moment is an opportunity to Be Who we really are and to share this and thereby make it real to ourselves as well as others. 

(Technically we maintain a focused awareness in the heart center in the head - the ‘cave’ - aligning with the buddhi consciousness of the soul, and use the eye and throat centers to create and speak what we are given to know.) 

In the peace that comes from choosing Oneness with the Self, we are given all we need and need to share. We needn’t choose the conflict implicit in human experience or fear that we are missing something important. Choosing the resurrected Life and consciousness of Christ as the body of Christ, we can extend and manifest the knowing that is integral to this Self and create the New World that is the Father/Logos’ will for Earth. Heretofore, Christ manifested temporarily through individuals, now Christ will manifest permanently through that portion of humanity who choose this. It will happen by sharing this consciousness together. We will recognize in the other the same Self and will express what we are given to know from this place of heart centered Oneness and inner listening. The mind then gives form and idea to our response to the Creator. Mind/Light and Heart/Love become One.