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 The coming Age of the Soul

We live in a moment of history where the energy of the soul level is being quickened and as a result we are collectively awakening to our real identity as spiritual souls (the immortal or Higher Self). This transition marks the end of a historical period characterized by an experience of separation, materiality and the fear associated with a purely temporal and personal sense of self. As new energy infuses the planet and human civilization, the forms, institutions, attitudes, ideals, and values of the past must change so that these are based on and embody this new wave of energy. This new dispensation has a synthesizing effect, both individually and collectively. Globally, human life is becoming quickened and interconnected. Old exploitive and violent assumptions, attitudes and politics must change to those based on sharing and brotherhood. 


Individually, the average man or woman may realize what only the few were able to attain in the past - a realized Self and a soul identification. To begin, one must open in the living moment to a space, an awareness and consciousness that is already here, within. We can begin to be aware of this consciousness and live from this focus. In the process we realize our potential as co-creators and white magicians, cooperating with those beings who are of the Kingdom of God, and Who are working to externalize the Plan of God on earth.

The soul in a cosmological framework