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Opening to the Possibility of a Soul Project


We will focus now on establishing a soul project -- a task given from within by inspiration that by its very nature will help further the evolution of the planet in some way. In realizing it we will likewise further our own development and create a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment in our life. The basic understanding underlying this effort includes:

1. Individually and as a part of humanity, we are a part of a larger spiritual life that has an evolutionary intention for us and for the planet.

2. It is possible to cooperate with the evolutionary plan and the spiritual agencies responsible for realizing it.

3. We each have a particular role and task in thiss time of planetary transformation that the soul implicitly knows.

4. In this process we assume our destiny as co-creators and fulfill our individual potential as well.

5. This path of realization embodies the path of independent action, based on love, that is a synthesis of spirit and life. This makes it particularly suited to occidental psychology.

6. The first step is to open to the possibility that our deep life dreams are promptings coming from beyond ourselves -- impulses and ideas that are meant to be believed in and acted on.

Each area of life or society is equally spiritual and in need of transformation and new impetuses. Whatever area one is called to is right. One has to trust the guidance of the higher self. Likewise, one's task or role does not have to seem special, important or spiritual. Doing whatever one normally does with conscious love or meeting others in a spirit of openness, love and communion, is just as important as trying to create political or financial reform.

The changes have to begin with us and be demonstrated in our own lives. We are not to be living "for" something ulterior, so much as living "in" a new centered and trusting way. Therefore our actions cannot be based on opposing anything -- that just gives power to it. They must embody the positive affirmation of the truth we are living. And truth will win out. We do not have to worry about all the false, fear based, separative and negative forces in the world that seem so powerful, we just need to affirm the positive truth as we understand it. And the truth is love, oneness, beauty and divine beneficence.

Each individual already has within a sense of his mission, longing and vision. The soul project is not some arbitrary goal that is really part of the personal agenda, but arises from a deep strata of one's being. There will likely be sequential aspects to it that will unfold as we act on it. This section is intended to help support individuals in clarifying a specific soul task and in taking steps forward to realize it. It is easier to succeed in this process if we are connected to other like minded individuals who share similar feelings and goals. Often we can let our fears, doubts, inertia or preoccupation keep us from believing in and acting on something that we really want. We can rationalize anything -- it's easy to come up with excuses why we can't take responsibility for this inner calling.

A soul project by its very nature is something we really want and are excited about. Its in the nature of the soul that is an integral part of the whole that there is a convergence between individual and collective good. This is one way to distinguish soul impulses from internalized ideas of what we "should" do based on moralistic, idealistic or idiosyncratic judgments. The latter seem to make us feel better or more important, involve more work and aren't as rewarding. We don't enjoy them for their own sake. A soul task is also open-ended. That is, as we get into it, it unfolds, life unfolds and deepens. We move into a larger and expansive world. We become bigger but at the same time really become more of what we have been all along. That is, we begin to realize our real self that has existed as a potential within us but which now is being experienced as a manifest actuality.

Even if you do not believe all the "hypothetical" ideas and theory that have been presented here, if you will just set aside enough doubt to open up to the urgings within your own heart, that is an important beginning.