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The need to share for Self realization

Jesus, in A Course of Love, exhorts us to share as a necessary part of the process of realizing and extending the Self and participating in the necessary creation of the New World. Christ has been expressed individually on Earth, but now is the time when a large portion of humanity can begin to express Christ together and so anchor that Life, Consciousness, Will and Energy on Earth. This is in effect, our God or Logos extending and manifesting Himself on this most dense sphere and taking full control here. Outer Earth is becoming a sacred planet and thus the time of dualism, conflict and control by the material forces is ending. This is part of the Second Coming of Christ which is in process now and which will be a collective experience. And it is part of the Plan of God for the Earth.

To realize our intrinsic Oneness with Christ we must share and extend this conscious space to make it real and manifest both to ourselves as well as for the world. This entails speaking in a wholehearted manner from the heart and thereby not going to the ego mind, but rather using the higher mind to formulate the impressions, feelings, desires, ideas, images and intuitions that exist within the soul consciousness. This involves ongoing discovery and revelation of what is as that is experienced in the now moment. Opening to what is entails opening to Love and a unified energy that pervades all life as a Holy Presence. It has always been here now but only in this historical moment in time are we able to collectively choose this and live from this place of unified being, from Oneness. 

Choosing to consciously be our higher Self will involve living, thinking and functioning in a totally different way than how we have lived and functioned throughout recorded history. Life will no longer be based on fear, survival and separate identity, but will be based on the realization that we are all extensions of the same Self, that we each express in our own way. Living and being the Self entails living in trust, love, peace, beauty, joy and Oneness. Everything is shared for the good of all, and all have everything they need without fear or concern. The values, beliefs, practices, laws and institutions of the world must completely reflect and embody this consciousness. Daily life in the new reality of light and love will involve the collective effort to discover and manifest the divine co-creative potential that extends before us as this extends into a rapturous infinity.

So let us begin and step forward on this path that begins when we open our minds and hearts to the portal of heart space opening within the moment. Setting aside our attachment to the old, to cherished beliefs, personal habits and identity let us recognize in this embrace of Presence, an awakening to our Self and a continuation of a voyage we have chosen already. This is a joyous time of completion, celebration and of a new beginning. The long night is over and a new day has begun. The Masters and Saints are here now to greet us as brothers and coworkers. Angel song vibrates through the ethers and trumpets announcing Christ’s victory and imminent emergence thrill through space. Let us take our places and take up our roles in this procession. We won’t find our way through the brain, by thought or effort but rather through the heart and the sharing we are prompted to do by spirit. This dialogue with each other is the next step. Let us share this bread together.