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Rules for Creating the Life You Want

To create what you want you have to really believe you can and thus release beliefs that you have limited power over circumstances.

To create what you want you have to know what you really want and visualize it.

To create what you want you have to focus on the essence -- the quality or feeling -- rather than the form. Many forms will work. No one form will bring lasting joy.

What you want you already have within. Give or radiate what you want to get and you will experience it.

Before you act, take time to visualize an image of the completed act. Imagine that your desire is already fulfilled. Trust that your higher self will now bring this about as you trust it.

You are guided from within through your soul or higher self. Listen within and take action only when you have a sense of what to do that feels right and loving. Most of your problems arise when you act without first checking it out.

Creating what you want happens in the small ongoing moment to moment decisions you make. It is not created by just one big event. Where you focus your energy and attention expands in your life. Emphasize the good and more good will come to you.

Every situation is temporary. Things are always changing. Every situation offers you an opportunity to affirm and experience the highest. Painful experiences can offer you the opportunity to gain awareness and release the negative beliefs that you still hold that are creating these painful experiences.

At the soul level there is no good or bad energy. It is how you use it that determines its usefulness.

The outer mirrors the inner. People's behavior toward you mirrors something that you are doing to yourself. If you don't like something that you're experiencing, find out what you're thinking or doing within yourself that this reflects.

The images you hold mold life to fit them and therefore affect others to live them out. However, don't attempt to change others as a way to make your work. Trying to force others only strengthens their resistance and turns your power over to them.

You can only change yourself. However, as you change your response to other's conduct, your relationships will change.