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Self Realization

We are more than the separate personalities or egos who we think ourselves to be.  We have within, a higher self or soul, which is our true immortal spiritual self that the ego is unconsciously an expression of. Psychology is nominally focused on the ego and it healthy functioning, even where an effort is made to access and realize the potential latent in the unconsciousness. 

Esoterically, the soul is said to be the middle or consciousness principle and just a stage that bridges our spiritual essence, which we share with God, with our outer temporal form as a human being. Esoterically, also, human development is also just a step in our larger evolutionary process and destiny that leads from the human to the spiritual kingdom. This path was exemplified by Jesus in the five discrete events he went through — birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion, and resurrection or ascension. These stages demonstrate that process we must all experience in we trod the path from personality to soul.

The path of self realization does not mean becoming a more successful person, but rather involves loosening our identity as a separate personal ego, and living from a place identified more with the whole and the greater good. This endeavor is the concern of an increasing number of humanity now as a result of the new spiritual energies infusing the planet that are allowing more and more people to become sensitized to the possibly of awakening to themselves as souls. Likewise, the energetic structure of the planet is changing as we move into the Aquarian New Age. These changing energies upon which our civilization will be based we require a complete change in our approach to life, our values, beliefs, attitudes, institutions and actions.

The soul by its nature is identified and concerned with the whole and has a unified holistic consciousness. Our shift to living and being souls must entail a seismic quantum shift away from our linear historic 3D world that has been based on fear and separation, to a consciousness and experience of the loving, living interconnected world of the soul. The soul naturally is one with the divinity within all life and seeks to foster that life. It is characterized by love, peace, joy, an intuitive trust, beauty and creativity that expresses the divine potential within life. It recognizes the multidimensional nature of life in a living universe filled with multifarious life. 

The path to this self realization of the soul can either emphasize the left hemisphere of the brain and higher mind or emphasize the right hemisphere and non dual consciousness. These will eventually synthesize.