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Realizing our Self

Realizing the Self is the same as being the Self. It’s a progressive process although at any moment it is maximal. We become conscious or aware of what is there and share this with one another. This is not the ego but is the voice of the heart and what we feel and want. Desire is not, therefore, renounced except for ego desire for the separate self. Desire is the motive force that lifts us into unity and toward the realization of our deepest hope for life. Desire is ultimately always for love and the realization of love’s purpose. 

In expressing our Self, we use the imagination to visualize and create a bridge that connects us and that offers us a path to realize our deepest intention and desire. This is a bridge of ideas and a use of the mind for the purposes of the Self or Christ. The mind becomes the creative agent to make known the latent potentials of being. These are then extended and manifested in the world of form. The world is thereby transformed and a New World or Reality gradually takes shape. This process takes place in the living Now as we open up to it, live it and give it form and expression. 

Realizing our Self is a collective process requiring, collaborative relationship, cooperation and communication. We each have our role, our gifts and our necessary contribution to the whole that we each complete. We need only be authentically and wholeheartedly our Self as we express and share this. We need not any authority but our own truth. It is a truth that we all share and know, anyway. What we give fulfills us. What we share we make real and known. We need to release any effort to control the process and make it happen as we might think it should, but rather to just do our part to let God’s being unfold. For our will is merely to either resist or facilitate something that is destined to be. 

Humanity is the throat chakra or the active intelligence of the Planetary Logos that is meant to be the center of conscious co-creation of our God’s Plan for Earth. Humanity has been focused on a separate agenda, based on fear and survival. However, the civilization based on this is crumbling and must be replaced by a world based on the oneness of the soul within nature and the divine interrelationship of all life. This is part of the Plan that must now be fulfilled. Therefore, realizing our Self is intimately part of claiming Christ’s Life and God’s Purpose for Earth. We leave personal aims and take up our role in the collective events transforming the planet. 

Realizing the Self involves fully living and being in the moment. It involves relationship with those who have more fully realized Christ, but who are yet the same as us although they may radiate more light and love than we do as yet. These spiritually realized souls extend their hands to us inwardly as we must do to our other brothers and sisters who may look to us for example.  We serve by embracing all in a love that serves and that refuses to separate. Realizing the Self requires that we maintain a high energy and focus and not be dragged down by lower vibrational situations we are trying to help. We must stay free and not get caught up. 

Realizing the Self means being a source of leadership, knowledge, beauty, healing, compassion, intelligence, inspiration and creativity. We can’t do it all, but don’t have to. We merely have to an example of an authentic spiritual life — that in itself is a powerful service. Each one has to forge their own path. Each one has to listen within and follow the voice of their own soul. Each must determine the need of the moment and respond to it, to provide the light, love and strength that is needed. Each must find what their deepest passion and meaning is and devote themselves to it. This must unavoidably contribute to the good of all. 

Realizing the Self is ultimately shifting one’s identity to the inner Oneness of Christ. The Self is one in Being although different in expression with each. This means we come to see and experience the One Self in all regardless of whether they are conscious of it or not. And as we embrace the eternal Self, our experience also shifts to living more in the eternal and timeless. We live in the world, but are not of it. A portal opens and we experience the infinite unfolding in the finite, the One Heart beating in all creation. And we attain a deep peace, for where there is Oneness there can not be conflict.