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Nondual awareness

The essential realization:

If there was one insight, or should I say revelation, that id most important it would be that the 'I' awareness that we automatically and naturally take to be personal is not. Looking through us is 'God' or the One Consciousness. He is breathing us and giving us life. When we wake up in the morning, 'God' is always waiting for us and is there throughout the day. Of course it is easier to achieve this detachment from the ego if we can maintain a focus in the etheric cave center where the energies of the persona touch the energy of the soul. There, if we can relax and stay at-one, we can rest in Soul Consciousness and project this on to our experience in the world and see everyone and everything expressing this same 'God'. 

It's ironic that we spend a lifetime seeking something that is already there and that is giving the ego the power to seek. The ego naturally feels incomplete and lacking, but the answer is not 'out there' or any thought, feeling or circumstance, but realizing who is the 'I'. In awakening to who we really are and shifting our identity we are touching the fringe of a divine garment that is much bigger than we can conceive. I believe that beauty and true nature of this cosmic raiment we are putting on becomes slowly apparent as we express and live this being. 

The path to awakening:

There is a method to be awakened. I find the paradigm of the ego and soul useful to describe this process. We normally function as separative egos and no matter what inspired ideas or divine revelations we receive, we are still functioning as ego with its attachment to the latest most wonderful idea. And to the concrete ego mind as a whole.

The key to shifting into a soul identification is realizing that the 'I' awareness that the ego assumes is itself, is really an extension of God's awareness and consciousness, that is called soul. The ego claims this awareness as itself but it is really God in us. If we can meditate deeply on this realization, we may shift to being soul, who is free from all mental, emotional and physical ego states as the divine observer.

The nature of this life and consciousness, as we know, is love, freedom, peace, and joy, among other qualities. Through a centered inner listening we may then express the knowing of the soul which we are all learning to awaken to and remember. We stop looking for ideas that the ego can use in its hopeless endeavor to 'get it' as we stop identifying with the ego. 

When we are interacting with others, we stay in the one soul and listen to what that onesoul in the other is saying. We are really communicating to ourself through our interactions with others. Feeling and expressing the love that unites us, we are really functioning as part of the Planetary heart center. By maintaining a polarization as the One consciousness relating as and to the One consciousness in all, we are building the bridge to our Self. 

We have likewise established a bridge between the Hierarchy and humanity. Because the one consciousness is Hierarchical consciousness. Therefore, the Hierarchy is already there within us as that heart centered consciousness just beyond the ego. It's really a very small step from thinking I am my personal self, to being aware as the One Self who now looks through the ego, but doesn't identify with this program. 

This awakening is easier if we can share the process we are all engaged in with one another. We are all wanting and endeavoring to do the same thing - to break free of our confinement in the old world of separation - and awaken to our real Self and live and be from there. The energy of the soul is being quickened and it is getting easier to make the quantum jump to what is really a new world of being.