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Living in Love

It is possible to live in love all the time. It’s really a choice. Although it’s challenging to respond to the concerns of people in the world with an answer from what is essentially another world or level of being. The real answer is not a form of words, but rather a different approach to life that embodies living from our heart rather than our heads. Jesus has informed us in his latest teaching,  A Course of Love,  that the Second Coming of Christ is now. This means that the age of the Holy Spirit and the need for an intermediary to connect us to our Self and correct our thinking and learning is over. We now each can choose to establish a unity with our Self that is at one with Christ. We can actually open up to this and have this experience now, although we may not realize what this fully entails until we live it and share it and so make it real by expressing it in our lives. This means that the age of learning and living by our minds is over, and the age of being who we really are and living by the remembered truth of our being is now here. This is therefore an opportunity to create an entirely new civilization on Earth that is an expression of our divine nature and the divine purpose that underlies all life on Earth. 

Inwardly, eternally and in reality we are each part of Christ and must manifest this awareness, consciousness, mind, life and spirit. We no longer have to rely on any external authority, but rather can access, through our own heart centered connection to Christ, our own knowing that results from this connection. The Planetary Shift that we are in the midst of, is related to shifting the center of our identity and focus from the ego and its culture of separation to the One Consciousness within all life - Christ - and living from there. This entails living from the heart and using the mind only to express love and not the separate reality the ego mind created. Love first of all acknowledges that we all brothers and sisters in one humanity who have shared and equal rights and needs. Love would have us forgive and accept everything that has happened, let it go and move on to realizing the dream of a beautiful life and future that we all share. Love would have us trust the positive impulses that come from our own intuitive knowing, as this knowing is based on the common good of the divine life we are an expression of. As we live and express this, we will gain confidence that this is true.

At first we might feel guilty that we are choosing to live in trust, love, peace, and being rather doing all the things that we think we should do. However the choice for one’s Self is all embracing and to choose it one moment and not the next is soon realized to be dissatisfying and schizophrenic. If the truth of Christ is right, why need that be compromised? It is challenging enough just to live this in daily life. It’s also challenging to know what to say to friends and family who ask what we’re doing and why. How would a tree explain what it is about? It just is and lives it’s life, as we are choosing to live our Self, albeit we will make this a more conscious and articulate process. However the decision to be the Self naturally has collective implications, as we are all connected and part of that Self whether we consciously acknowledge this or not. So we naturally not only want to reassure others, support and encourage them, but primarily to relate to that Self in each as well as to the outer personality. As we live more in Oneness, we shall be more able to see that Oneness in the old world of separation that many will continue to be focused on. And we won’t have guilt when we experience the blessing of our life and our ability to share this with others to have a positive impact. 

A necessary step in creating the New Millennium is to share our Self with one another - our dreams, desires, hopes and ideas. As we all share the same conscious Self, we therefore support, allow and enable what we all collectively want to experience and realize. This would be a creative consciousness that is devoid of fear and that acts always for good, beauty and truth — a consciousness focused in what is, in the ever-new living moment. This is a consciousness of the whole as this space and energy pervades and interpenetrates the separate forms and lives. This is a joyful voyage and a process — a discovery and revelation as it unfolds. Our heart is the doorway and the path before us that we create together. The kingdom of the soul is now becoming manifest on Earth, and we each have a contribution that we can make just by virtue of being who we really are and doing what comes automatically from this alignment and being. We all can remember what we really want to express - the love that yearns to be released; the visions we have of a longed for future; the timeless moment we can all sense that is always there within that we want to experience; the life that calls to us from beyond this world. Now is the time we not only can make it real, but are called to do so as our God is manifesting His Divine Being through us so that it may be physically manifest. We are called to bring the Heaven of Love to Earth.