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Getting the Inspiration: Meditation

Having acquainted the rational mind with the basic understanding and possibility, the next step is getting connected, aligned and centered and opening ourselves to inspiration. There is no one definitive way to do this. The following meditation is only one possibility. Each individual must find the approach that is right for him.

1. Find a comfortable quiet place where you will be undisturbed and sit upright, breathing slowly. Relax and become fully present to this process.


2. Ask that everything be for the highest good -- for realizing your spiritual good and that of the planet.


3. Imagine you are centered, feeling safe, peaceful and loving in an aura or chamber of white light, stillness and silence.


4. Visualize the entire universe as the expression of One Boundless Life.


5. Release your personal identification and focus. Open to, connect with and identify with the Whole.


6. Staying centered at this place of connection, open yourself to some good that wants to come to you. Stay with this feeling of receiving and affirm that you are ready to have this wonderful experience that wants to come into being. Fill yourself with as much energy and abundance as you can.


7. Listen to the voice within and sense some attraction. Be open to particular impressions reflecting some discrete intrinsic interest and concern.


8. Focus on your impressions of what you hear, see or sense related to your interest, your role and the context seen from perspective of the Whole. Stay in this place as long as you can, allowing these impressions to become as clear and specific as possible.


9. Ask questions to gain more information. What is it you are interested in? What quality, process or intention is it concerned with? What role or relation do you have to this area? What could be its value or usefulness in the world? What is your desire or hope? etc.


You will probably will not get everything at once. Clarification will require continued effort, reflection and thought. Often we also just get a step at a time and as we do what we are given to, further steps and aspects will reveal themselves. As we begin to take action in our lives to put our projects in effect we will also get feedback, encouragement and direction.