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Heart Mandala meditation — 

connecting to the Self through the Heart

The Heart Portal

Get in touch with the feeling of love as you have felt it in your heart.

Feel this energy of love intensifying and visualize it swirling outward from the heart until you are entirely enclosed in a portal of love.

Notice that you are now out of your concrete mind and that your mind is now one with your heart.

Move through this portal into the sea of Love.

Looking foreword 

Now look out to an infinite field of loving energy that pervades all creation.

Focus your awareness on this space and energy and notice that it is scintillating with Light, Love, Consciousness, and Intention.

Notice that it devoid of any forms, thoughts or emotions but that as you concentrate on it, that you can intuit a knowing within it that you want to express.

Realize that this space is the formless field of the Self within all that we now live in.

Looking up

Now imagine looking up and experiencing being in a downpouring shaft of Loving Lighted Energy. 

Become aware, as a result, of an inner dimension of Being that is inhabited by realized conscious souls who live in Oneness.

Experience this as a level of soul reality that IS the conscious domain of the shared Self.

Imagine being able to live in this shaft of Light and communion with this inner Brotherhood of souls.

Sensing what is behind 

Now focus your awareness on what is behind.

Feel the Creative Word within that has brought you into Being.

Notice this Presence as the motive Force of God within you now.

Attune to its Voice in the Silence.

Looking down

Now look down toward the matter of the universe in which we are now incarnate.

Realize this matter as the energy of the Mind of God concretized.

Understand that the reality that we live in is the Mind of God that has created all that is. 

Realize that we are here to extend God’s Consciousness and Creation in this place.

The cross of incarnation

We have now visualized the cross of incarnation within the circle of the Heart that we now stand in the center of.

The horizontal arm looks forward into the Lighted Space of Love that pervades all creation and that holds our shared unknown future that we will navigate intuitively.

The horizontal arm looks back to the Creative Word which brought us into Being and is our Source that we listen to.

The vertical arm looks up into the One Conscious Self and the Hierarchy of Beings that embody it.

The vertical arm looks down into matter that is the embodiment of God’s Mind that we live within.

Turn around to observe creation while identifying with the Whole

Now, standing in the Heart portal, turn around so you can again see the forms of the world.

Only now see the energy of the One Self permeating all creation and  expressing through everyone and everything. 

Standing in the center of the Heart, identify with the Whole and the Christ Self Who embodies this Whole.

Be aware of the Knowing that is intrinsic in this moment.

Express, share and extend this Knowing that comes from Unity.

Live and fully Be as the Self that you are.