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The Heart portal

I’m visualizing a stream of love pouring out from the center of my heart, encircling and infusing me until I am in a portal of love. I now look out at the world as the world itself is filled with this energy of living Oneness moving within everything. The mind is now vibrating on the energy of Love and no longer functioning as the separate ego mind. We are now of one consciousness, mind and heart. A new lighted reality is seen emerging.

Now we may live in Oneness and create the new. Now we may admit our love for one another and live in joy and peace. Now we may release fear and thoughts we had about the world and begin anew. Now ‘we’ has supplanted ‘I’, love, replaces fear and life negates death. We have merely to listen to the song in our heart and express and share it. As an artist we may create the vision that we see in the light. As a free spirit we may awaken to our true being and live without reservation or inhibition. 

Let us send out our shout of exultation and celebration. A new dawn is breaking on the world and the time of Christ, long prophesied, has begun. Now we have a direct connection and knowing. We need nothing but to be who we are and to share our consciousness together, our inspiration, our vision, our feeling, desire and ideas. Light stretches out sparkling with seeds of potentials undreamt. Let us begin to make manifest the infinite possibilities of being. Let us bring spirit into form. As a musician let us sing or manifest our song of Life and Beauty expressed.

This is real. We need not go back. We stand in the doorway on the threshold of a New Age where time is not, where who we really are is waiting to join with us as we awaken together to who we have always been. The old rules, laws, thoughts and beliefs no longer are relevant or true. A lighted reality provides an experience that supersedes the separate beliefs of old and the world built on these. We look out on a field of light, love and life that is emerging from within as our destined home. We merely need to stay open and aligned, let go and be.

The key now is expressing and sharing what we are given. We need no one’s approbation, approval or acknowledgment. We have no need to conform to any authority. We need fear no rebuke whether from anyone or from ourselves. We are now free and must rely on our own direct knowing. We no longer have to worry about making ‘mistakes’, about saying or doing the ‘wrong’ thing. We now extend the truth of our being together, interweaving the strands of light and love as a new world and new reality takes shape by our actions. 

This is a time of ‘Yes!’. A time of exploration, discovery and revelation. A portal to the infinite and timeless space of being is opening up through the heart. Multidimensional levels of Reality are now accessible. Dreams, sounds, and visions from angelic worlds imbue space. Grace, gifts and blessings sparkle in the ether as Life unfolds New in the ever-new Now.  Let us share in the joy of this time of New Creation together. We each have our part and our unique gifts to offer. Although one, we each have our singular expression which completes the whole. The time of waiting is over, if we choose this.

Life moves, flows and unfolds from within. Let us flow with it and do our part to manifest the seeds of potential carried within its energies. Let us bring these forth and so claim them and make it real to ourselves. By creating, we extend these to the world of form, transforming it. We bring Heaven to Earth, actualizing a new Oneness, creating a sacred planet. We assume our role and being as Christ in action, fulfilling the Plan for Earth. Christ is not other than us, united with our brothers, fully conscious as the Whole. Just as we are One with the Father or spirit Which directs us.