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Formulating Your Project: Worksheet

Once you have a clear sense of the nature of the particular soul project you feel called to realize, begin to work on some of the practical specifics. We can draw out this information if we ask the right question, reflect and contemplate at length on what is contained within the inspiration. Meditate on what you want to realize and ascertain (among other things):

1. What is the essence of the soul task that you want to take on?


2. What is the purpose or intention of it?


3. What will your role be in the process?


4. What is the area of impact in the world?


5. What will it hopefully bring about that is new, useful or valuable?


6. What specific need will it address?


7. How does it fit in to other trends or movements in the world now?


8. What part of this project is the most interesting or exciting for you?


9. Why exactly?


10. What do you anticipate gaining or getting out of this project?


11. What do you need to get started?


12. What support, financial, personal or otherwise, will you need to realize it?


13. What time frame do you envision for realizing this project?


14. How will you know if you are being successful in realizing the purpose of your project?


15. What specific changes do you need to make in your life to make it happen?


16. What obstacles are likely to arise?


17. How may you overcome or resolve these?


18. Are there particular people, groups or knowledge that could facilitate?


19. What new structures will you need to create?


20. What is your greatest hope or dream relative to this project?


21. What is your greatest fear?


22. How would your life look and feel if you began today to fulfill your vision and act on your intentions?


23. What awareness or daily actions would be in line with this?


24. What immediate steps are next?


25. What specific actions are you committing yourself to in the next two weeks to begin realizing your soul project?


26. Create a schedule that you think is realistic for your progress on this project over the next year.