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Staying Focused

Where you focus your energy and attention will expand in your life. As you continue to operate from the new images you have chosen to create, you will manifest effects from them. Stay open for coincidences, synchronicity, support and feedback in your life. Remember, when you act for the greater whole, you will be helped and empowered by spiritual power so that you can accomplish much more than you even imagined.

As you choose to perceive others as part of your vision and not opposed to it, it will be easier to stay centered in that vision and feel less vulnerable. The world will then present no obstacle but will "fall in line". And you will then experience the reality embodied by your vision, no matter what is happening. It's your choice what you give power and reality to. That doesn't mean that others will suddenly change, but your perception will and that is all important. Through the eyes of love we are all brothers and sisters sharing in a common endeavor.

Remember that stress is a signal to relax. It is feedback that you are loosing your trust and your connection and giving reality to the images around you rather than to the ones you are now choosing to embody. The key is that this is really about co-creation. That means that as egos we don't have to figure it all out, be responsible for it all and do it all. Our responsibility is merely to trust the inner knowing of the soul and rely on the intuitive guidance that comes from listening within. We don't have to worry about how everyone will be taken care of or how things will resolve themselves in the many areas of life. We just have to do our part as best as we can and know that we are contributing maximally.

It's helpful to have a daily rhythm that includes time for meditation, reflection and self-expression. When you are opening to alignment with your higher self, invoke the aid of God or whatever is your highest spiritual conception. Knowing that we may assist in realizing the evolutionary plan for the earth that is the beneficent destiny for all, gives an increased sense of safety, support and perspective. Although the essence of the goal is predetermined, how it manifests is left for us. In the age-old argument between freewill and determination, both sides, as usual, have some truth. We are free to choose to be our Self or not but not free to choose the essence of that Self or the larger reality it is contained in.

Staying centered also becomes easier when we are actively working on our project in the world. When it develops far enough along it will become increasingly involving. Staying centered will be the only way we can really survive, accomplish our purpose and stay calm and sane.

Imagining, creating and actualizing something new are helped by a number of techniques and skills that enhance creativity and innovation. These can enrich one's life and deepen one's self consciousness as well as helping develop a soul project.

Once you establish a specific soul project, you will want to get together with other like minded individuals who have similar interests and intentions.