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Finding your Self 

Sit comfortably in a quiet place, relaxing, breathing slowly, connecting to the heart. Now notice the space around you and imagine that this space is filled with an energy and a consciousness. Attend to this consciousness and as you do so you will become aware that it is imbued with light, love and intention. Release your separate ego identification and merge with this conscious space. This is your Self, Who has been patiently waiting for you to notice it. It has always been the real you, the force within, the life and the power. However you have chosen to believe you were the separate ego and personality with your particular history, beliefs and circumstances. Awaken now to the real you.

As you center your awareness in this spacious Self, you will soon realize that that it also pervades your body and the physical world. It moves within all as a Presence. It therefore is also within everyone. This is your Christ Self Who connects us and is Who we essentially and eternally are. Surrender yourself to this Being and release your attachment to your separate identity with its associated ego mind and assumptions about reality. Christ is here now and we now have a direct and conscious connection with Who we really are. Be at peace. The time of our collective awakening is now.

As we move more deeply into this Self, we will notice that it’s intrinsic light, love and intention will move us to express ourself in particular ways. We will want to express our love and connection to one another of course, and to respond positively to the need of the moment in whatever circumstance we find ourself. Christ is a liberating force Who holds the answer to every problem. As these problems basically stemmed from our collective ego identification and the world created from this, these problems are quickly resolved when we shift to a culture of Oneness and sharing. The New World will be born through us as we express the seeds that are waiting to be given expression and form within the light, love and intention within. 

The first thing we will realize, is that consciously or unconsciously we all are extensions and expressions of this same Presence, space and Being. And although we can still shift back and forth between the Self and the ego, as time goes on we shall feel more comfortable with our new identity and feel less drawn to the ego. The ego is, after all, a hopeless project whose time of termination has come. We won’t, however, detail it’s limitations here, as we want to focus on the New and the positive Self. This New energy is streaming into the world now and lifting and awakening our collective consciousness to the soul level. This is allowing and empowering the kingdom of souls to consciously manifest on earth and create the New World and civilization that is intrinsic to this level of being. 

Earth will become a place where the Will of God or Logos will rule on all levels and mankind will no longer remain separate, opposed and unconscious. We each will awaken, align and become at one with Christ. We will each have the opportunity to fulfill or unique roles in establishing the New Millennium. This New Reality already exists and has been created on the inner and is just waiting for us to give expression and form to it on the outer. We do this by co-creating based on our heart’s knowing and desire. We each intuitively know what we really want, how we really want to be and live. We must trust the heart’s knowing and surrender to a life based on this love. This New World will no longer be based on fear, lack and survival, but will will be a civilization based on Light, Love, universal entitlements, peace and spiritual creativity. 

We each now can step out of the old separate world and the people we thought we were, and choose to be our Self and live out the dream of life that the heart has always held out for us. All we have to do is be open, listen, trust, and then act on what we are given. In sharing what we are given we make it real to us. In sharing the spirit’s prompting we become who we already are inwardly. A space, energy and consciousness is moving through the world. We have heard about the Second Coming of Christ. That time and opportunity is now. Realize that this new space and energy is a Presence and a Force that is quietly lifting us to a new reality. Let’s embrace this as the realization of a collective dream of homecoming and deliverance. It’s a step on a path that leads to the Infinite and that is our collective future.