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Working with the Essence of Your Soul Project

The purpose of this meditation is bring the essence of your soul project from the world of unmanifest energy into physical form. See yourself as a co-creator who can build the lighted thoughtforms that will accomplish the tasks you set for them, because they are empowered by the purposes of the Whole.

1. Visualize a light around your head that extends all the way up to the soul planes.


2. Allow your awareness to go up the light to the level of universal light where you contact the unmanifest essence of what you want to create.


3. Focus on this essence and add light to it, making it clearer, more harmonious and powerful until it is stable and the right size for you.


4. What energies and qualities does this essence have? What is potential within it? What do you feel, sense of see? Can you get an image or symbol of it?


5. Now bring this energy down to the physical level where it coalesces to a lighted form.


6. Open your heart to this new endeavor and allow it to be incorporated into your cells and DNA. See its light blending with your own.


7. Now imagine that you have this in your life now. How does it feel to create this soul project in your life? How much of an effect does the completed soul project have in your life?


8. Give thanks for this inspiration and your willingness to act on it. As you return to your normal consciousness, feel your new connection to this potentiality you are bringing into your life.