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Spiritual paths for the two hemispheres of the brain - some thoughts

Science tells us that the left hemisphere of the brain, which controls the right side of the body is associated with logic, mathematics, science and analysis. The right hemisphere, which controls the left side of the body, is associated with imagination, creativity, the arts and spacial understanding. (It's no wonder that in our concrete Fifth Rootrace civilization, that most people are right handed.) I also think that the left hemisphere is associated with the Light of Mind while the right is related to Love and Consciousness itself. This correlates with the left eye which expresses manas and the right eye which expresses buddhi. 

Theosophy was given out to offset the increasing concretizing influence of materialistic science and establish a spiritual science objectively based on metaphysical research in the East. It's a spiritual path emphasizing the left side logic, science and analysis. The nondual mystics have embodied the right side tendencies through the Teaching of Love as articulated by Jesus. This approach emphasizes the living Presence of the soul that is free of any mental identification. 

Both spiritual paths need the balance provided by the other hemisphere, subsumed by an underlying spiritual will or purpose. The path of esoteric light needs the balance of heart to orient it into a proper context, so that the co-creative work resulting is for the greater whole. The loving consciousness of the right hemisphere must utilize the light of mind if it is to provide effective service of enlightenment, redemption and salvation.

Loving understanding is a quintessentially Second Ray quality perfectly embodied by Christ and Buddha. Certainly, the Second Ray of Consciousness expresses a comprehensive understanding utilizing the Rays of Manas, as epitomized in Theosophy. However, in practice, I believe the esotericists of the world have been 'mind identified' with the ideas of the Teaching. However, there are other legitimate Hierarchical Teachings that emphasize the cultivation of soul consciousness itself.  As we are fast coming under the Energy of Synthesis or Oneness, it behooves us to understand how the traditionally differing spiritual paths of the left brained occult esotericist and the right brained nondual mystic may complement each other and blend in more profound synthesis. 

We are are the personas with the structure of ego mind as well as the formless, malleable living one soul consciousness. It's been my understanding that our goal is to increasingly be able to shift out of our separative ego identities/minds and function as the group soul consciousness. The endeavor to accomplish this may be facilitated by Teachings that are focused on fostering identification with the Presence of the soul itself. Therefore I'm advocating a comprehensive and synthetic approach, for those who may benefit by it.  

My understanding is that the Monad is the Self and that this realization is progressive. From mass identification to ego, from ego to soul. Then at the Fourth Initiation we realize that we are more than soul and establish an identification with the Monad that's fully consummated at the Fifth. In this process it's interesting to reflect on the role of Manas or mind. We are so caught up in the mind, that have a hard time appreciating the mind as an agent or tool of the Self to further its ultimate purpose. Which brings us to questions about why did the Logos create this world and invest His Spirit in it?

That is a very comprehensive Second Ray perspective, that would see all beings, despite appearances to the contrary, as perfectly expressing their nature in the perfect infinite chain of being. Those individuals who have had satori experiences also remark on the profound perfection and beauty of life. 

This thought triggers another reflection on another fundamental synthesis - the union of the occult/esoteric path with the mystical/nondual path. The Wisdom is about the objectivity of subjective reality, while a nondual approach is about the subjective Oneness of objective reality as an expression of consciousness. The esoteric path, which most of our group seem to resonate with, encourages a focus in mind using concepts developed through occult analysis of spiritual reality. This focus allows the individual to become effective part in the chain of Hierarchy and the co-creative work of Planetary transformation. The mystical path would facilitate a buddhic realization of the synthetic oneness of consciousness which transcends the mind and its manifestation in the world. I believe nondual teachers such as Jesus, Ramana Maharshi, and such sources as Rasha's Oneness, lead us beyond the mind to a realization of one consciousness within all. These two paths seem related to the two evolutions mentioned above. 

I would like to think that the New Age with its etheric World of Light that will be manifested will enable us to create more of a synthesis of these two paths. The etheric level as an interpenetrating oneness, that would enable to consciousness a place to occultly be and serve. The mind then would not be the concrete mind, but the abstract mind as an agent of the one Soul. We would not be esoteric egos but co-create the soul's esoteric wisdom. 

It's quite a gift and blessing to be alive on Earth during this momentous change. We will be able to look back soon on a totally different reality than the life we will be living that will enable us to empathize with and understand other peoples and worlds in the galaxy who will be undergoing similar transformations. Because, I believe our service will extend out into the galaxy before long. Already the vibrations of the New Earth are filtering through. I can feel an increased energy and pressure and a sense of another dimension of reality faintly intruding into the present moment. My Hierarchical connection feels more definite and the Master in the heart is there. It's a joy to contemplate Christ's approach and imminent appearance and the fire of love He will light in the world. And I feel a great sense of peace, knowing that spirit is in charge and that everything will happen as it is meant to, including my individual life as well. We will know what to do and everything will unfold in divine order. The spiritual host is on the way!