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Characteristics of "Soul-Based" Relationships

Common soul purpose

Deep resonance or shared identity: Individuals resonate to the same "soul note" and can therefore understand, appreciate and support each other in their growth and work.

Larger vision and concern: Both individuals hold the same or complementary purposes for their lives with specific goals that reflect some intrinsic collective and evolutionary need.

Opening to the unconscious

In the moment: There is a greater appreciation of the present experiential moment and the opportunity it affords as a fluid doorway to awareness, states and potentials within.

Conscious communication: Soul based relationships share a cooperative endeavor to "bring things to light" that may be facilitated by that relationship and a willingness to explore what is there.


Trust in one's self and a supportive universe: One doesn't doubt one's worth, safety or capacities. Or that the universe has endowed one with a destiny that spirit is guiding us towards.

Fulfillment from within: What we hold in our minds determines what we create and experience in our lives. Therefore as we align our minds with our deepest self, we realize that life and all its boundless potential.

Holistic integration

Beyond roles, stereotypes and dualism: As we become more inner-focused and directed, we become free from the restrictive judgments that our minds impose. We learn to know what is right for us by an intuitive and synthetic wisdom within that we access in the moment.

Experiencing the divine in relationship: When our purpose is to become whole and see the other as an equal expression of that larger life, then relationship can become a means to experience and unite with God and our total being. Sexual attraction reflects the urge to become whole and to consciously transcend the separation that we experience as men or women. Sex can facilitate this union when the "wholeness" is focused on.

Creative life

Creative, productive contributions: Because soul relationships are so intensely alive, they are also creative. That creativity can be channeled so that the fruits or learnings of the relationship are translated to something of collective value.

Vital aliveness: We live more healthy, vital, active and inspired lives when we do not judge against the body or nature but rather appreciate it and foster its divine purposes.

Transformation and manifestation

Ongoing transformation of the past, negative and fear-based assumptions: By bringing everything to awareness in the light of our soul, false beliefs and identifications will be naturally released.

Ongoing manifestation of the world/reality of the soul: As we open to our inner life and choose to live it, we must progressively become more of what we potentially are, as souls. Then, more and more we live by the laws of the soul in a world that is a reflection of it.